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27th September 2000 DAVID MAIN
Did we all see Andy Thomson banging in two goals against Man City tonight? He'd a great chance for a hat-trick in extra time but the keeper saved well.
25th September 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
It's back to the drawing board for J.C. and his Geordie coaches as Queens went from heroes to haddies in seven days. The passion, fire , commitment and will-to-win so in evidence at Berwick disappeared at Palmy on Saturday in a dire performance which saw the team booed off the park. Ian McPhee had strengthened his defence by buying the highly-experienced Dave Beaton and he and the ex-Hearts youngster Robbie Horn won every ball in the air. In fact the 'Loons' goal came from a clash in midfield where Steven preen was easily outjumped to a high ball for the umpteenth time - the ball passed forward and Bowman netted with the aid of a deflection. With all four teams below Queens winning we have slumped back to the bottom of the league but in this topsy-turvy season we are, amazingly, only six points off the top! Hopefully the team can get back on the rails against Arbroath on Saturday and then break our home duck in the two consecutive games at Palmerston versus Partick and Stenny.

Sponsors Man-of-the-Match Sandy Hodge - What game were they watching? The big man admitted himself that he hardly kicked a ball all afternoon.
24th September 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
In case anyone's getting downhearted - just look at the table. There is still only six points separating top from bottom.

I believe that we will be slow starters (again) and we can expect an exciting second half to the season.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will we be. Best of luck to John Connolly and the team.
24th September 2000 GARY McEWAN
So once again we leave Palmerston totally dispirited and bottom of the league after a truly awful lacklustre performance against an ordinary Forfar side. They say a week is a long time in politics, but in football terms there was an eternity in the difference between Berwick's brilliant performance and yesterday's absolute shocker. O.K. nobody realistically expects us to win the league this season, but surely it is not an over-ambitious expectation for us to beat Forfar at home ? Instead the side lacked movement, communication and inspiration. Why can't we win at home;indeed when did we last win a league match at home ?

It was obvious that the speculative, unimaginative high ball through the centre was getting nowhere against a well organised Forfar defence and only served to give the ball back to them - so why persist with it ? Hodge looked lost and isolated at outside left and Martin looked very uneasy without Aitken and Nixon beside him. Preen holds the ball but desperately needs someone he can lay it off to.

Bert Kontermann described Rangers lethargic performance against Motherwell as "summer evening" football and attributed their poor display to tiredness after travelling. I don't know if Queens players were suffering from similar symptoms yesterday but many of them must look at their contribution and commitment.

Mr Connolly is probably aware of all these points and hopefully he and the coaching team can instill some consistency, passion and drive into the team before the bottom falls out of our season yet again

Come on Queens, give the home fans something to cheer about! (including my dad who has supported them since 1932)
24th September 2000 JOHN COCKBURN-TURNER
second visit to palmerston this season. On both occasions I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly welcome we were given. At the moment it is honours even, but you can be sure Forfar will try to put a stop to that! Anyway, thanks for a good day, and if you drop into the Caledonian Bar in Forfar, you will be made most welcome.(no, I do not work there, its just where the Forfar boys go before the match. Oh, and finally, will you have a word with your local wasps? They were a total pain, and I do not want to report them to the league for causing crowd trouble. Thanks again for a good day. John C, Forfar Athletic FC.
24th September 2000 ALEX WILSON
What a performance! I am afraid that John Connelly's words in June may come back to haunt him when, at the time, he said that last season's team lacked commitment in the last 4 matches. In my opinion, today's "performance" was as bad as anything last season, the impression I received was that of complete malaise, the Stranraer "humping" of a fortnight ago had at least a silver lining, in that we created several chances, but today's effort was pathetic, with very little goal incidents, no wing play to speak of, but worst of all a complete lack of "desire to win" in my view. Two abysmal home performances in a row doesn't help build a home fan base.
24th September 2000 TERRY CULLEN
Having witnessed some poor displays by Queens over numerous seasons, I yet again get that feeling of deja vu. New season, new manager, new team, same consistency of being non consistent. A fortnight ago, there was a half decent home crowd to watch the Stanraer game, a chance to put bums on seats, but unfortunately we were beaten by a mediocre team. Last week a great result against Berwick, followed by yet again another nightmare home performance against a lack lustre Forfar. Fortunately we are only 6 points adrift of the top of the table, but if we put in many more performances like the last 2 home games, the gap will certainly be a lot greater and unless another Hamilton situation arises, we look like certainties for the drop. We MUST win our home games to acheive any progress this season, and we MUST start winning these games now. I hope and pray that I have to come back in a few months time onto this website and have to eat my words(and take the preverbial). UP THE QUEENS
24th September 2000 BRIAN McKIE
I think after todays shocking performance that the players we have are not good enough.I am sorry to say this but I grudged every penny of the twelve pounds it cost for my son and myself to get in to watch that dire display.We are playing 3rd division standard football trying to secure a place in the 2nd division. Unless there is a vast improvement then that is where we are heading,but lets face reality, it is where we should have been anyway.I thought at the start of the season we had the makings of a decent team but recent displays have made me think again.

p.s. I'll probably be back with my twelve pounds next home game
21st September 2000 GORDON ORR
I found it disturbing in the Press today to read that Carlisle United have upped their offer for Andy Aitken from 5,000 to 20,000. This is outrageous and insulting to a player of Aitkens quality. Only 18 months ago Queens got 200,000 for Jamie McAllister and David Lilley (although in two seperate deals), neither player in my opinion is of Aitkens quality. Andy Aitken is quick, strong, good in both the air and on the ground, and should command at the very least a basic six figure transfer fee. I know that Queens have invested in our north east contingent and if we are to make progress then we simply cannot sell a player of Aitkens quality for a paltry 20 grand. This is not good business, and although I'm aware that money at this level is few and far between, we shouldn't sell out at this fee. For any fans argument sake, I know Carlisle United is full time football, but Andy Aitken can surely get a better club than one constantly at the pit of the English league, and one that is more financially rewarding for Queens. We need players of Aitkens quality to climb the league.
21st September 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
Jimmy Duff has a fair point. John Connolly deserves space and time to build a successful team. I remain confident.
21st September 2000 MURRAY SUTHERLAND
May i just say how absoluteley delighted i am to learn that Phil nixon's injury is not as bad as was first thought.

It has got to be said that , along with Peter Weatherson , Phil , is most certainly , Mr. Connoly's finest signing and I hope that he continues to exhibit great performances for the remainder of the season.
19th September 2000 EWAN McNAUGHT
Well done Queens for an excellent result on Saturday at Berwick after very disappointing performance last week against Stranraer. Good to see the teams got enough character to bounce back. John Connolly must be a pretty good motivator. Looks like a rollercoaster season in store!
19th September 2000 JIMMY DUFF
I am disapointed to see so many people complaining about the teams performance against Stranraer and then hardly anybody complamenting the teams performance against Berwick. I wasn't at the game myself but the ratings are very high. Phil Nixon gets a right slaging last week (I admit, he played rubish) but seems to have played well this week. Any complaments from any of the fans. Yes there was 1. I thinks the fans should give JC time to turn the team around. they are all new lads and should be givin time. We can't expect promotion every year. So we should be happy with a top4 finish. The form we need for this has been shown (forfar,Ardrie,Falkirk 2nd half and now Berwick). The boys dun good on Saturday, give them praise!

Come on Queens!
19th September 2000 ALEX WILSON
If the rumours are true about Queens swopping Andy Aitken for another striker, then I must congratulate John Connelly on his positive attitude to winning games, hopefully John will have the defensive situation well under control if this happens.
19th September 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
Congratulations to the Queens and especially John Connolly who got his team selection and tactics spot on. Not only did the defence which, until Saturday, had been losing an average of two goals a game, put up the shutters, but the strikers who had been firing blanks recently all netted one apiece. The atmosphere was great and the wee 'Gers fans also lost the battle of the terracing chants where they were comprehensively out-sung by an ecstatic Doonhamer travelling support. The only downside was Andy Aitken's red card (the second booking was soft to say the least) and a bad injury to Phil Nixon which saw him carried off to hospital by ambulance, thus robbing us of two central defenders come Saturday against the "Loons".

I know Berwick are based in England but they have played in the Scottish League since 1951 so surely they know Queens are the "DOONHAMERS" (DOWN-HOME - SINGLE "M") not DOONHAMMERS as if we were a Scots West Ham Utd. Three times this appeared in the QOS statistics in their programme.
18th September 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
Well done team for Saturday. Delighted to hear that Phil Nixon is okay for Saturday.

Here's to two in a row and then we're on a roll.
18th September 2000 MURRAY SUTHERLAND
If all the rumours flying about today are true then we desperately need to sign a defender!

Firstly , I hear that Andy Aitken may well be on his way to Carlisle Utd. , and to deplete our team more , Phil Nixon will have lengthy time out with suffering from a punctured lung.

I feel that part of the problem can be solved by spending a little money in bringing back big J.T.

Things are obviously not well in Arbroath with today's resignation of Dave Baikie. Perhaps this is the time to pounce?

Fortunately Phil's injury was nowhere near as serious as we first thought and he should be back for Saturday
18th September 2000 RUSSEL CAMPBELL
What a funny old game football is. Within a fortnight Queens go from 6th to 10th then back up to 6th again !!

How refreshing to read Ceefax Page 311 on Saturday afternoon and see all the goal updates, especially at the end of the match.

A quick change of system and personnel and the league campaign gets back on track.

I hope we can sustain this by defeating The Loons at Palmerston on Saturday. Well done boys !!
15th September 2000 RUSSEL CAMPBELL
Can I just post Gillingham FC's Official Web Site onto the Message Board for those fans looking for Andy Thomson News...fairly straightforward. It's at....
15th September 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
It is valuable to hear that Phil Nixon and Andy Martin were suffering from flu and had to go to bed on Saturday night. This places things in context a bit and explains why Phil Nixon had a disappointing game on Saturday - I wouldn't want to be playing nimble forwards if I had the flu coming on...

I remain optimistic and believe that our season will revive. Here's to a second half turnaround in our season and something to build on for the future. Anyway a couple of wins could very quickly tun things around in what is a very small division.

Get better soon Andy and Phil. Caldwell's celebration cheered me up on Saturday! Yes it would be nice to see Suddick getting a run out, we do have options. Preen's hold up play looked good (as has Weatherson's consistently) careful study of our strengths (we have a number of strengths) and playing to those strengths should mean that we can turn things to our advantage. That does mean that the management team need to work hard on their game plan to ensure that the team has a clear view of what they are aiming to achieve. Team spirit will be key to this and there is certainly some signs that the players are getting to know one another better - I look forward to signs of trust and understanding beginning to emerge.

Anyway enough sports psychology .. get intae them Queens.

Go Queens
13th September 2000 IAIN HENDERSON
FAO John Connolly: Doncaster Rovers have withdrawn their bid (20,000) for Southport's central defender STEVE GUYETT due to sgning Michael Stone from Rangers. I know 20 grand's not cheap, but Guyett is worth it. He was man of the match again on Saturday in the 3-0 home win over Telford.

He's got to be worth a look!

Southport are away to Kettering on Saturday, then at home to Woking on the 23rd, and home to Boston on the 26th.
13th September 2000 ANTONIO LITI
Guys,good luck for the season from a Perugia fan (italian serie A).That's our great unoficcial site:

Don't worry if you are bottom of the table, you will come up soon!

Greetings to all and to my dear friend Graeme.

Come on Queen's-Forza Grifo
13th September 2000 NIGEL WOOD
I have wanted so much to see my home team do so well this season,but alas I see only dooomhamers!! Cant we get the same enthusiasim as Cowdenbeath have

My Fifer wife is laughing doon her socks at the way our team are playing, can we no pinch a couple of there players.

my last game at home was against Berwick and we stuffed them. stuffed them 5-2 Them was the glory days.

Border Raiders we were Border Raiders we ARE.

13th September 2000 JOHN YOUNG
Hows steve preen doing I've looked at the match reports but it dose'nt seem to have much info#

Any comments
12th September 2000 ANDY COWAN
RE David Morrison

I meant no offence to Irish football when I described it as lower league.

My point was simply that Nesovic couldn't find a club in Scotland, so had to go to Ireland to play. As, I'm sure, this wasn't his first choice I used the term "lower league".

I apologise if I offended anyone, that was not my intention.

At the end of the day, I couldn't care less where he plays, or the standard of his team, or of Irish football in general. I'm far more concerned by the form, or lack of it, of Queens.
12th September 2000 JOHN CRAWFORD
what annoys me about saturday is that a reasonable crowd at palmerston is once again let down. it only takes a couple of good results and a wee bit of a buzz about the town to make a few of our "nearly regulars" pitch up on a saturday, only to leave at 4.45 with that "seen it all before" expression on their faces. the 4,000 who turned up at the drop of a hat last year aganist hearts and the 5,000 souls who made their way to motherwell a few years ago are still there, waiting for a semi-decent team who can show a bit of skill and consistency.
11th September 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
Early days yet but Queens simply cannot be too complacent as already we are in a worse league position than at this time exactly one year ago and we all know what happened then!

I spoke to Stranraer captain Keith Knox after the game and he revealed Billy McLaren's instructions were not to play high balls as Aitken, Nixon and Martin would easily cope but to run at them and keep the ball on the deck which certainly paid off big style.

Although Queens have at times played some nice football and can't be faulted for lack of effort what is really worrying is the number of goals conceded - 17 in eight games. A quick glance at the lower league tables will reveal that the leaders, Livvy, Queen's Park and Cowdenbeath have only lost 4 goals between them. Our attack on Saturday also seemed unbalanced with three centre-forwards Hawke, Preen and Weatherson getting in each others way when we put pressure on the 'Cley-holers' at the start of the second period. John revealed in his programme notes that he is still looking for players although wage demands are way over the top but hopefully he is successful soon and signs up a couple as the team needs strengthened for the long league campaign ahead.

P.S. - Berwick Rangers Marc Antony is exactly the same type of tricky winger as the wee man from Stranraer who ran our defence ragged on Saturday - Paul Walker.

11/09/99 - 7th in table
P-5, W-1, D-2, L-2, F-7, A-7, Pts-5

Queens fans have only seen their team win 12 of the last 50 games.
11th September 2000 PAUL PEARSON
I think people are over reacting to our defeat. We are creating chances and I firmly believe that when a wee bit of luck comes our way we will start to climb the league.

We had atleast 4 excellent chances and one off the bar and a couple of good savesby their keeper. We do look like scoring but as I said we just need luck.

If we had scored these then the mood would have been so much different.

Get behind the team and look at the positive side of things as I dont think we are too far away from a decent run in this league.

There are rumours abound at the moment that JC has released 5 players. Can anyone confirm ?
11th September 2000 EWAN McNAUGHT
A severe case of deja vu as once again we were thouroughly outplayed at Palmerston by a fairly ordinary Stranraer side. Why is it that Stranraer (with a population less than a third of Dumfries and followed by average crowds less than a third the size of our own) can consistently put a far superior team on the park than we can? They clearly have inferior resources too, so why for the last ten years has their playing record put ours to shame? (twice in the first division in that period and I suspect in contention for promotion again this season - we've never even had a sniff of getting promoted). I know we have to give the new players time to settle in and John Connoly time to build a decent team but the early signs suggest another long hard season in store. I think we're probably a bit more competitive than last years ineffectual shambles of a team but maybe we've gone for too much brawn and too little skill. The defence was made to look lumbering and clumsy by the nimble Stranraer forward line. The whole team lacks pace, particularly at the back but the strikers too look a yard too slow to cause the opposition any undue concern. The pace of teams like Stenhousemuir and Stranraer up front has made our team look like they are playing in slow motion. With the possible exception of the inconsistent Sunderland there appears to be no creativity in midfield and the tactic seems to be simply to get the ball forward as quickly as possible by-passing midfield completely. Once again Billy McLaren's Stranraer outpassed us and outplayed us on our own patch and made us look, ironically, rather like the desperately unsophisticated Stranraer of old. I think some of the new players have potential (Martin looks solid if a little slow, Nelson is industrious, Weatherson has promise) but some don't look good enough and what has happened to David Mathieson? I know this might be an unpoular view but he has looked very poor this season. Maybe we should have kept Hillcoat after all. I don't agree with the campaign to bring back Nesovic (maybe we had two Nesovic's playing for us because the one I remember was hopeless) but as has been suggested on another Queens site recently I think we should break the bank to get back the unsettled Derek Townsley, even if my dream resigning (Andy Thomson) is probably no more than a dream.
11th September 2000 GORDON ORR
Whilst everyone must give the new regime time, I like every other success starved Queens fan must be tearing their hair out at another devastating home defeat against our Galloway neighbours. Queens defence were at sixes and sevens against Paul Walker and Michael Geraghty, we simply couldn't cope. Without going into personal insults and confidence deflating slaggings, lets just say some of the defence are ordinary in our division, and Warren Hawke looked our most potent threat and he was playing in midfield. Another point, did any of the Queens fans appreciate Bryan Caldwells over elaborate celebration to put us back to 1-3 with ten minutes left? I always find that he isn't taking the cause seriously enough, and treats it as a laugh. Anyway if I learned one thing from Saturday, it's the old Football cliche that a team MUST take there chances, Queens will never do anything missing continual sitters like Saturday.
11th September 2000 ROBERT DALGLIESH
Just a few words from Belgium to wish you all the best for this season. The first ever football game I attented was in the late fifties at Palmerston!!! QOS lost at home to Kilmarnock !!! Every saturday afternoon,( we get the BBC in Belgium) my highest priority is still to the check how QOS has been performing.

All the best
11th September 2000 GRAEME CLIVE
yet again we get walloped by stranraer of all people. lets change it round and start becoming more direct. look i work beside a six foot 5 inch german and he is always scoring for his local pub team
- name kennet lockenhausen phone number
- agent g clive -07946261***

i am fed up of getting gubbed every week so i think now is the time to revert to the long ball game and become scotlands answer to the crazy gang
11th September 2000 DAVID MORRISON
F.A.O. Andy Cowan.

You say that Nesovic is playing in "lower league Irish Football". Can I point out that the second best team in this supposed lower league (Bohemians)were good enough to dispose of (a very poor - admittedly)Aberdeen team from Europe this year. Also Shelbourne drew 1-1 away to Rosenberg this season and were good enought to be 3-0 up on Rangers (and bad enough to loose 5-3) in Europe. So Andy can you explain why it is a lower league? Shels have also beaten Aberdeen 4-2 and Brondby 3-0 and have drew 1-1 with Man U (full team, more or less) in friendlies in the past two years.

I do not make a case for Nesovic's return or vice versa, but I can tell you that he gave our defence their hardest work-out this season so far. As for the lower league comment, well all I can say is grow up and face the facts.

Someone else said that there isvery little difference in the teams in this league. From what little I've seen I agree, there is still everything to play for. SO COME ON QUEENS.
10th September 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
Now, we could look for all sort of excuses for yesterday's performance but let's not bother.

I only hope that it's the last time that so many players have an off day. Surely we are unlikely to see Peter Weatherson and Phil Nixon play so out of sorts in the same game again this season.

Please John Connolly start working on the set plays as we should be able to pick up some goals with the combined power in the air that we can summon up.

There was absolutely no movement yesterday ... we did look like a team of players in the first half who didn't really want the ball. Even Tony Nelson seemed downhearted and I don't think that is in his nature.

I'm sure what we need is a bit of confidence and the ability to build up a bit of momentum.

Given that we are playing in the Geordie lads' back yard next week I hope that they can rise to the occasion and sort out Berwick.

Stranraer's fast and fairly mobile front line did us over.

Come on lads, get to know one another, ask for the ball, hold your shape and let's get some teamwork going.
10th September 2000 SANDY ORR
I was very disappointed to hear the score tonight, that is now twice in two seasons we have been humiliated by Stranraer at Palmerston. Fortunately I'm on holiday in Corfu and had the opportunity to see a couple of village teams play in a cup game. The standard of play was surprisingly good, probably could be compared to Junior football in Scotland. The commitment shown was something we still seem to be lacking at Palmerston. See you all too soon!!
10th September 2000 KEN GRIER
Bitterly , Bitterly , Bitterly disappointing . What else can one say about today . Whilst still hugely supportive of JC and his North East players I do feel that we should also take a reality check before we see the relegation trapdoor looming once again :

1)We have a real issue with scoring goals . I counted 9 chances today that were either clear cut or 1 on 1 ( for goodness sake we even failed to score from 3 feet out at one point ) . Solutions are to find someone to give us width and provide quality balls in for front men and to question whether we have a scorer capable of netting at this level on the staff ( is Suddick worth a go , I have'nt seen him yet but at least he is scoring in the stiffs ) or do we go into the market again . Hawke , Preen and Weatherson all look good at holding play up but none looks as if they are a lightening quick penalty box player who will score at this level ( okay I'm not talking Michael Owen but at least a young Colin McGlashan type ) . We need to sort this quickly .

2. We do have some real assets in Dean Muir ( play him every week , look at his one touch magic ) , Phil Nixon (superb marker ) and Sandy Hodge ,

3. Despite the number of midfielders we have signed we still need a ball winner and a playmaker to both take the pressure off what is basically a sound defence and feed some kind of wide man .

4. Lets get behind the team and definately not resort to some of the anti-english remarks I have heard over the last couple of weeks .

5. can we plaese stop all this Nesovic nonsense . His contribution was patchy , temperament suspect and he seemed to conspire against a happy dressing room .. bring back Andy Thomson !

Ah ! well if nothing else sit back , hold tight ( with a large dram of The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky in your mitt )and enjoy (!!? ! ) what promises to be a roller coaster of a season .
10th September 2000 ANDY COWAN

I dont really care if your interested or agree with my opinions, but I do object to personal insults.

You neither know who I am, or the depths of my passion or loyalty to Queens. Quite what your implying by "true and honest fans" I'm not sure, but if your trying to say that I am neither, then I'd love to know what your basing this on.

This message board is about peoples opinions. I voice mine and, likewise, you voice yours. At the end of the day, I doubt if anyone particularly cares what either of us think. One things for sure, no-one wants to read purile innuendos about fellow fans who spend a great deal of time (and money) following the club they love.

Just because I don't agree with you, doesn't give you the right to resort to personal slander. Other people with different opinions manage to have debates on this message board without resorting to this kind of behaviour, why can't you?

We've been down this "personal insult" road before on the message board and it bored everyone...including me.
8th September 2000 WACEK KACZMARCZYK
HEY ! Alex, Neil, Scott. What is going on ?

Here we are hours away from the biggest game of the season so far and instead of sounding out the demise of "wor billy's lads" from the other side of Gallowa' you are all having a wee dig at each other. Now, come on chaps, lets get back on the terracing and talk tactics for the match to end all matches.

Whoever the ref is on Saturday I have a feeling we are all going to be talking about him after the game. Now that most of the new boys have found out what the hustle and bustle of the second division is really like I hope they are up for this one. I still maintain my pre season opinion, and I know what I am talking about, there is not one outstanding team in this division and Queens still have to grab the initiative.

Billy McL. will no doubt get his traditional Dumfries welcome from the punters in the main stand and if there is one game he loves to win its this one.

So, John, this is a major motivational challenge for yourself and the lads. By gosh they have to be up for it.

As for all this nonsense about Alex Nesovic coming back I am not impressed. If it was Ernie Hannigan, now we are talking !!

Howay the Queens !!
8th September 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Andy Cowan: Your points are both widely known but nobody cares. It is widely believed by the true, honest and loyal supporters of QOS that he is both talented enough and his merits on the pitch far out weigh his allleged demerits off the pitch. It is also widely debated that these alleged demerits were a acts of conspiracy to remove Nesovic from the club by Rowe and his crew.

As for Neso playing for Harrogate Town (a club with ambition and a quality setup). What is the difference with playing for them and playing for Gateshead and Ashington.
8th September 2000 JOHN KEMPSELL



8th September 2000 ALEX WILSON
Dear Neil, to quote from your letter of the 30th August, Jeff Paterson's goal was a "hit and hope fluke" and the "committment and quality was appalling" of the other players. If that doesn't pass as a slagging of the players, what does? I'm afraid if you didn't get any enjoyment from Jeff's goal then that ,in my view, qualifies you as a miserable person.
7th September 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Alex Wilson: I've been thinking of a reply for your comments about for the last couple days and I'm gonna leave it short.

Why am I a miserable person?

Scott Carrick: If I am the person you are referring to slagging off the players you mentioned in your message please tell me when I did this.
7th September 2000 ANDY COWAN
On the subject of Nesovic, I have two points to make.

Firstly, if he is so great, why could he not get a game for Partick thistle? Why has he then ended up in lower league Irish football, via some Yorkshire "Sunday pub" team? Rather strange that such a "talanted" player, who came back to Dumfries in the summer, couldn't find a club in Scotland to give him a game, isn't it? Even Gretna didn't want him!

Secondly (and hopefully finally), Nesovic HAS been back to Queens this season. He approached the club on his return to Dumfries and was told, politely I'm sure, where to go. Who made the decision within the club, the manager or directors, I don't know, but either he wasn't considered good enough for Queens or his "influence" wasn't welcome. Either way, there is no chance he will coming back.

I know this wont have any affect on your campaign, but at least now everybody knows.
6th September 2000 IAN HARKNESS

Also added to the Sales and Wants section
6th September 2000 ALEX WILSON
I've just seen a Queens team win a game 23-0! The Queens under 18's beat Newton Stewart in the first round of the BP Cup, it was 7-0 at half time, 15-0 before one of their players was sent off, and the Newton Stewart goalie had a heroic performance to keep the score down with at least 10 good saves. We have some really good young prospects which I look forward to seeing again, and I thought Newton Stewart deserve a bit of credit for their sportsmanship in what must have been a very disheartening experience for them. Roll on the next round!
6th September 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
I am well impressed by some of the support I have heard amongst both supporters on this site and at games and elsewhere in Dumfries for the "Bring Back Nesovic"TM campaign, with even staunch supporters of the previous regime admitting we need the great mans creativity in the team.

Tonight we are entering in another pub quiz representing the great man, whilst on saturday expect to see a large banner supporting the campaign.

On saturday I was at the reserve game(I am not sad but you get in free, and it was better than the Scotland game) I thimk guys like armstrong, moffat and paterson show great potential and the guy who was slagging them off is a bit harsh.

For the stranraer game, lets all bring toilet rolls, ticker-tape, rattles and airhorns, drums etc and really liven up palmerston (or get sclub7 down).

As for bringing peter dickson back, yeh why not, he will probably contribute more than weir to the team.
6th September 2000 RONALD POWER
I have heard that Queens are about to sign a new forward called Euan Dickson. Could this be THE great Ean Dicksn who once played for Laurieknowe and Troqueer in the Janefield League. I certainly hope so!

Bring back Chico
6th September 2000 GORDON ORR
I checked into the Nottingham Forest web site, and read all the reports on Forests games this season, and every game a certain ex Queens player Chris Doig is getting rave reviews. It is quite remarkable that that a 19 year old can hold down a first team game every week at that level ahead of millions of pounds worth of talent. Chris must now be in the 3 million price bracket with his age and potential, I believe Queens have a 15% sell on clause and also more money for full International caps which must only be a year or two away. Good to see yet another ex Queens boy doing the bizz.
3rd September 2000 DAVID MORRISON
F.A.O. David Main. By sheer chance R.T.E. was at the Bohs V's Shels game in Dalymount in November 1967.

By an even stranger twist of fate still have complete un-edited footage of Jimmy's hat-trick. Early 1999 it was shown on the Soccer Show on Network 2, Shels Supporters Club Chairman at the time had videoed the programme and when viewing the tape thought that'sbloody quick, so he timed it, and went in search of the Guinness Book Of Records. On repeated viewing we actually make it 2 mins 12 sec. There are unconfirmed reports of a South American scoring three in under two minutes. So the record was found by chance R.T.E. didn't even click on it, so I guess they're as on the ball as Radio Scotland. B.T.W. the original referee was traced and he still had his notebook with the times of the goals in it. Obviously bookings didn't fill notebooks up in those days.
3rd September 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
What is it with all this bring back Neso stuff?

He's gone so let him go. A large part of our recent problems have been related in many ways to poor discipline. There's no way that Neso would improve things in that area.

The present team have the makings of coming together well - it will just take time.

Neso at Queens RIP.

While we're on the subject why not bring Peter Dickson back from the 70s perhaps he could help up front as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st September 2000 CRAIG DAY
Just looking about really when I came about this site. I've always had a soft spot for QoS, don't know why and I was impressed with what I saw when you played us a couple of weeks back.

You kept Calderon at bay, something First Division teams haven't done yet, worked hard and were unlucky not to win.

Also, your support was tremendous and things bode well for the future, I hope.

Feel free to check out Diamonds Online at and you can participate in our competitions.

More importantly, good luck in the future.
1st September 2000 RUSSEL CAMPBELL
I've just read today's Sun which claims that 19 year old Chris Doig of Nottingham Forest (ex-Queens)will play tonight in Riga for the Under 21's and Alex Smith is tipping him for full international honours in the future. Good to see a former Queens player tipped for international glory !!
1st September 2000 ALEX WILSON
Re Neil Creighton, Ifeel you are doing a diservice to a young Queens player and also totally misjudging the event at last Friday's reserve match. You say it was a hit and hope. What striker doesn't hit a ball and hope it goes in? At least he had the vision to see the keeper off his line, the confidence to attempt it, and the ability to hit the target from 50yards or so. If it had been David Beckham, we would have been having it stuffed down our throats for the next 6 months on t.v. You can say the keeper could have saved it if he had been in the right position, but he wasn't, so you can hardly blame the Queens player for that!Of course you're right that some of the Queens reserves won't make it to the first team, but they still deserve my support, and your support if your a real Queens supporter, till the day they leave the club. What a miserable person you are!
1st September 2000 IAN OSBORNE
i agree with previous messages

1st September 2000 DAVID MAIN
Re fastest hat-tricks, according to my latest Guiness Book of Records, 2000 edition, Tommy Bryce has lost his place to a Jimmy O'Connor for Shelbourne against Bohemians in November 1967 (Bohemians obviously didn't have as good a team then as they have now).

2 mins 13 secs allegedly, though frankly how anybody was timing it who knows.

Radio Scotland had a pathetic attempt at trying to work out if Burchill's was the fastest, after about ten minutes Gordon Smith finally remembered Bryce, although not that he was playing for Queens.

A Celtic fan phoned in and suggested Jimmy McGrory.

Did anyone else hear the Chiswick Doonhamer on 'Off The Ball' also on Radio Scotland at 5.30, Saturday ?

He was on immediately after the item on Alex Miller's balls (too long a story to explain, but very amusing)
1st September 2000 ANDY COWAN
RE Scott

I don't remember ever challenging Naz to a fight, so why you continue to try and set one up is beyond me.

On the point of the Sheffield Steelers, I was in Sheffield at the time of their rise, and went to a few games and while I never deniend that the PR helped the crowd sizes, I still say the main factor was a winning team.

I would also bet that a winning Queens team would do far more to increase the crowds than fireworks and cheerleaders, or even the return of your over hyped "hero", would achieve.
1st September 2000 DAVID MORRISON
Hi, I said I'd send a report of Nes's current form when I saw him live here in Dublin. Well the match (Shelbourne V's Finn Harps) was last Friday. I've got to say he looked a lot stronger and fitter than I remember him. On the night he was up against arguably the best defencive pairing in Ireland in Scully and McCarthy. Harps are playing him as an out and out centre forward for the most part and he never stopped working. For the most part he made little impression as for the most part Harps hoofed the ball anywhere out of defence. However when he did get a chance 12 minutes from the end he beat off McCarthy midway inside Shels half took the ball on and rifled the ball past Williams into the roof of the net. To my dismay a beautiful goal, well worth the three points it won. With 5 minutes Harps substituted him with another to ensure the win. I had the chance to say hi to him after the game and he asked me to pass on his best wishes to all at Palmerston. To sum up I'd say he looks a better, stronger player now than the guy I saw at Queens. Finally hi to Alex Wilson it was nice talking to you in the Tam a few weeks back. Go Queens.

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