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26th December 2000 STEPHEN IRVING
Home for Xmas I decided to take a look at the "Queens" as my usual Saturday game and was I SEVERELY disappointed with the quality of the football in the match against Queens Park. Neither side seemed able to retain possession, maintain a shape or put the other to the sword. I would fear for the club's ability maintain their status if they played in my local London based RYMAN league
26th December 2000 GORDON ORR
About two weeks ago I recommended to Queens, a local boy Colin McMenamin of Annan Athletic. A few days later in the Dumfries and Galloway Standard there was a report stating that Colin McMenamin was interesting a few clubs including St Johnstone and Newcastle United to name but a few. There was also the question of why Queen of the South failed to show any interest in McMenamin, and our Manager John Connelly stated that he watched him in a BP Cup match and didn't think that "He was any better than what we had." Mr Connelly, Colin McMenamin is too old for a BP Cup match. The player that you watched was his younger brother, Gary McMenamin who also plays for Annan Athletic as a striker. It is maybe time that you sent scout to Galabank.
26th December 2000 BEN BRYDEN
I thought the referee at the Queens Park game today was awful. The Queens Park defence was all over Peter Weatherson and Steven Skinner, continually holding them and taking lumps out of the backs of their legs. Only one player was booked and that was for dissent. Then when Weatherson is brought down in the box this madman gives Weatherson the yellow card.Then Weatherson makes a comment which was undoubtedly justified and hegets sent off. A ref that is sensetive to commemts made about him should not take to the field as it is inevitable that he will be "bullied" by the players, as all refs are.

Hopefully Weatherson will appeal as Fernando Ricksen did recently, as it seems there may be a chance of his suspension bieng oveturned. Or is it just that Rangers can buy thier way out of trouble
20th December 2000 ALEX WILSON
A great performance from the boys, especially the first half, so well done, but did anybody else think that the white line pitch markings were very faint? I could hardly tell from my position where the penalty box margins were. It must have been ok for the ref. or he presumably would have had them remarked, but they were very faint from my viewpoint.
20th December 2000 MARTIN COPE
Travelled up from Cumbria for the Cup game on Monday night and was delighted with the all round polished performance by Queens. Certainly the best I have seen Queens play this season in my four visits so far. What particularly impressed me was the way that the team passed the ball and attempted to play fast flowing football all night. Hopefully, Queens will continue to develop this trend and rise up the League in the second half of the season. Hope to be at the Queens Park game on Saturday. More of the same, please!
19th December 2000 ERIC FISHER
The cup victory against Clydebank was by far Queens best performance of the season. We are giving nothing away at the back and our midfield is providing plenty of chances for the ELEPHANT MAN who seems to be on fire at the moment. If we can pick up maximum points against Queens Park and Stranraer over the festive season then we will be well placed for the run in to the promotion stakes. May I also say what a wonderful turnout by the fans on a horrible night on Monday evening. We have a magnificent fan base here and the team seems to be responding. A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
19th December 2000 JOHN McWHIRTER
I have been reading about players Queens should be thinking of signing. One boy for the future is Michael Hart, whom Ian McCall had been grooming for Morton before he left. Hart is now playing for Largs Thistle, but he is capable of far greater things. Maybe JC should have a look at him.
17th December 2000 BARRIE LITTLE
Sorry to read of the death of Des McKeown's father in todays Sun. I'm sure all QOS fans thoughts are with Des and his family at this difficult time.
16th December 2000 BRIAN MURPHY (QOS Fan Club)
Glad to see that some folk enjoyed the Xmas dance, (Pamela Magee/Hazel Hume) pity about the numbers who did attend,

However both the QoS fAN club & Travel club hold regular events.
14th December 2000 ALASDAIR DARRANT
I thank you all for your kind recommendations of me. I have never thought about this kind of carreer until now. But let's not forget my good friend Michael "Maximum" Power. He may be small but playing against him is my worst nightmare.
13th December 2000 CHRIS CLAPHAM
Pity you didn't bring the Queens Park game forward earlier.I could have made it.Looking forward to next May.Up the Spiders.Chris.


Visit when you can.
11th December 2000 GORDON ORR
I hear through the grapevine, that Colin McMenamin of Annan Athletic is about to leave Galabank for the dizzy heights of either the Scottish First Division or a SPL team. It makes me despair to watch local guys sign elsewhere when we could offer him Scottish League Football without venturing too far. Although I personally have only watched him once (and I was impressed) I do have a friend who raves on about him, and I do trust his football knowledge and opinion. As I have stated on many occasions before, Queens could have signed Ryan McGuffie of Newcatle United, when he was playing for Annan Athletic only a few months back. I do know this for first hand fact. Please Mr Connelly take a look at Colin McMenamin of Annan Athletic ASAP, and If you don't fancy him then fair dos. Don't make the same mistake twice, we can't afford to.
11th December 2000 SCOT CARRICK
Any chance queens could revert to 3 at the back that way nixon could get a game and we could compensate for the lack of options on the right flank. Simon the panther millage would be a great signing i would pay good money to see the ginger prince ply his trade at queens.
11th December 2000 ALEX BOMPHRAY
When was the cup tie called off? I saw the message regarding the pitch inspection on Friday night and duly phoned on Saturday morning to hear the faint recorded message that the game was off.

When I came home from Dalbeattie and watched Friday Sportscene which I had taped the previous night, ot said there that the game was off!!

Just curious.
10th December 2000 ANDY MURRAY
My big pal, myself and most folk we come across feel that Dean Muir is NOT getting the chance he deserves in the first team, while the questionable Pickering seems to feature quite often. Why? And how come Dean was man of the match (or thereabouts) up at Firhill before being taken off and used on the bench the following week? On the up side, long may Paul Kinnaird appear for us. Rowan Alexander should have bought him a few years back when the chance was there.

Anybody interested in buying approximately 800 Queens programmes from recent years (both home and away) can have them cheap. I no longer need them for research. But I DO need the space they occupy. How cheap? Dunno! Make me a decent offer - around the 99 mark would probably do, although I paid 150 for half of them a couple of years ago. No offence, big fella!
9th December 2000 IAN RAFFEL
Good luck to everyone for the cup match v Clydebank tomorrow. I miss the games, being down here in Northampton, but especially the cup ones!
9th December 2000 JIMMY DUFF
Yes i aggree that David "the Rock" Templeman Is strong at the back (ahem)......and should be considered to john connoly as a regular first team starter.........." up the Queens" if david templeman has anythin to do wwith it :)
8th December 2000 PAMELA MAGEE
I would just like to thank all the people at the Queens Christmas party for a wonderful evening, it was most memorable and I would like to say thanx to the players for entertaining us with their company because me and my wee cousin Hazel felt a bit lonely at the start until the boyz came over to talk to us i.e Peter Weatherston. Cheers again for the wicked night. CHEERS GUYS!!!! luv'n'hugz Pam xx
8th December 2000 JIMMY DUFF
Talking of Janefield Rovers players, have you seen Euan Dickson play? WHAT A STRIKER! Honestly, he is one of the most prmising up and coming players in Dumfries,and definately one for JC to look out for!

another player is David "the rock" Templeman. He is strong at the back and could give Aitken a challenge. He is definately one to give Queens the defensive rowess they need, if they are likely to repel the advances of quality teams like Ranger's Reserves an Hearts!

Thats all for now. If we see anyone else, we will give you a shout.
8th December 2000 ROBBIE FEENIE
Dear JC, Can i recommend a goalie to you as well, his name is simon 'the panther' milage at 6' 1" and 11stone he is agile and supple around his turf ( 18 yard box). he currently plies his trade up in Glasgow so an imminent trial needs to be set up b4 he signs for Pollock Juniors. I'm moving to Edinburgh so work commitments keep me out from signing, this said i will try and make a few appearances in various away enclosures.

Up the Queens !
8th December 2000 JIMMY DUFF
Yes I agree with about the comments made about Young Ally "The Teminator" Darrant. I think that he would be an excellent addition to the team and certainly puts shame to David Mathieson...I Aalso belive that David Templeman Of Lauriknowe Former Pupils Should be given a trial as i feel that this players talents are going to waste.....heheh
7th December 2000 GAVIN HUNTER
I agree with simon ward's comment about ally darrant. He is a great keeper and one to look at for the future. I'd say that in a couple of years he would be playing for a 1st or even premier division club. He is good in the air and some of the reaction saves he makes are brilliant. Why someone hasn't snapped him up already I don't know. I noticed he is a member of the qos website so the website bloke should have his personal details. Give him a phone john. he is an exelent player
5th December 2000 ALEX WILSON
I'm so glad Stuart Davidson has finally won a Man of the Match session, he does an incredible amount of work in midfield, always up and down the pitch, and since the manager was saying how tiring the heavy grounds were, what a performance on Saturday! Here's hoping we can keep him as long as possible in the team, he's a great example of a player on-loan who gives his all to his present team-mates.
5th December 2000 SIMON WARD
have you had alisdair darrant on trial. I have seen him play for Janefeild rovers he is really good and VERY reliable get him on trial JC he could give smiler a challenge.
5th December 2000 ANDREW KILPATRIK
I agree with Craig McNeillie's comment about Pickering. He is not strong enough at the back and someone should replace him at the back. I don not agree with his comment about Nixon. He is a bit of a donkey and wasn't president Nixon slightly unreliable. Kevin Robison had a great season last year and I think he should be in the team infront of both of them. Keep Aitken at full back. He is having a good season so keep him their.
4th December 2000 HAZEL HUME
I would like to comment upon how much I enjoyed the christmas dance,that was held in the lounge bar on december 2.I really,really enjoyed myself. It was also very nice of Peter Weatherson to come & speak to me & my cousin, so peter,if u read this thank you very much lots of love hazel
4th December 2000 SCOTT DUFFY
A great improvement in the defence at Q.O.S since the start of the season, At the start of the season some games the defence was a shambles. The game on saturday was an average game but in the second half was alot better than the first. Queens should have had at least 2 penalties I was standing behind him and I could see Pete Weatherson was pulled down inside the box.
1st December 2000 CRAIG McNEILLIE
Message for John Connelly

We can now see a vast improvement from the start of the season - the defence is certainly looking a lot better since Ronnie McQuilter joined but Steven Pickering at right back? - surely we must play Andy Aitken there so we can find a place in the side for Phil "The President" Nixon.

Keep up the good work!

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