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31st August 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
Re Andy Cowan, it was me who mentioned the sheffield steelers turnaround in fortunes and can assure you the rise in crowds was solely down to effective marketing,pr and the creation of a them against us mentality at games( not just winning matches)

It strikes me that everyone is behind the liven up palmerston campaign so why has nobody at the club, perhaps our new press officer mentioned it in the slightest.

Re The campaign to bring back Neso

Last night in Raggazzis we entered a team in the quiz entitled "bring back Nezo" we didn't win, but had a few beers, something the great man would surely appreciate. Check us out at the Stranraer game with the new qos shirts bearing NAZ'S name on the back. Hopefully some of our directors heard our chants at the annan reserve games and just think instead of Weir or boyle we could have back nezo.

I agree with the comments made about our low vocal support, I went to an oxford game last season and their support was considerably smaller than queens but you would have believed there were thousands.

PS VIOLENCE is wrong but I do echo my colleague simons sentiment that nezo and igor read andy cowans comments and kick his sorry ass
31st August 2000 SEAN CRILLEY
I would just like to say that it was great to see the Queens win against Clydebank on Saturday. I was at the Riverside Stadium at the time watching my team (Middlesbrough) but my scotch team are Queens and I have a feeling this could be a successful year for us... COME ON YOU QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENS!!!
30th August 2000 ALEX BOMPHRAY
It's amazing what you do at 11.30 at night!!

After reading the report of the Clydebank game on their website I had a look at their list of all the players who have ever played for them and reckon to have found 29 who also played for QueenS. As they only started in 1966, my first year as a Queens fan, I probably haven't missed any.Has any other club had more players playing for both themselves and Queens? Any offers?
30th August 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Alex Wilson: The goal you and Colin have referred to as "goal of the season", in my opinion, was no more than a fluke. It appeared to be a hit and hope and any half decent keeper would have caught the ball no problem.

Secondly this was my first trip to a reserve match and thought the commitment and quality was appauling and shudder to think what will happen should we go through an injury crisis because very few mambers of that team are capable of stepping up to the first team.
29th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
What could have been a candidate for goal of the season was unfortunately scored in last Friday's reserve match so I presume won't be eligible, but what a goal scored by Geoff Paterson, a chip over the keeper from fully 40yards for Queens third. Everybody should try and attend some of these games, and if you do go, try and persuade somebody to go with you to build up the gate, it's great value for money and the commitment is tremendous. I hope Ray McDonald's injury is not as serious as it looks, but it does look like a bad one.
29th August 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Liven Up Palmerston Campaign - Day 16

Sorry it has been so long since the last update, but i have been on holiday.

There has been some good comments on the Liven up Palmerston Campaign since i was last on, notably those from Graeme McFadden and Andy Cowan.

Just to remind you all this is the 7 step plan to liven up palmerston:

Step 1: introduce the players individually as they come running onto the pitch (like in ice hockey) Playing specially penned songs for each of the players (i can help out with this)

Step 2: Fireworks, smoke and strobe lights. Coloured bulbs in the floodlights was another good suggestion

Step 3: Music when we score or when the game is getting a bit dull. LOUD and THREATENING

Step 4: Half time music should be livened up a bit this could be done by playing S Club 7 and making everyone do the actions

Step 5: The half time show should be livened up by mascot fights, dwarves in stranraer strips and womens football (topless) on a rotational basis

step 6: Bring home legend Neso for some quality antics and good football

step 7: Improved programme with better distribution
28th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
I see Celtic are trying to claim that Mark Burchill set a British record by scoring a hat trick in the 12th,14th, and 15th mins (which I calculate to be 4 mins) saying it's the quickest hat trick the nation has ever seen, even beating Robbie Fowler's 3 for Liverpool against Arsenal in 1994, which took 4.5 mins! As usual, the press ignore the lower leagues. Whose going to be first to tell them about Tommy Bryce's hat trick against Arbroath in the Guinness Book of Records, which they and the press obviously don't read?
28th August 2000 MURRAY SUTHERLAND
Cheers Sandy!

Your apology on this matter is just the kind of gentlemanly response I would expect from someone of such stature!

Here's hoping our vocal support from the terracing , inspires the team to winning performances on the park.
27th August 2000 GARY McEWAN
I would like to congratulate Tony Nelson on the great game he had yesterday. His dogged drive and determination exemplified the kind of commitment which I hope the manager will impress on his players is needed if we are to be successful this season.
27th August 2000 SANDY ORR
Humblest apologies indeed to Murray Sutherland aka "Marty", Murray is one of our well travelled fans, and has been known to be amongst the more vocal of supporters. So I was completely wrong to suggest that he hadn't been at an away game for a while. All the best Marty!
27th August 2000 NICK PERCIVAL
As a Gateshead fan I am gutted that Preeno has left us. However, I wish him all the luck in the world and hope that he isn't picked on by Scottish refs like he was in the Unibond! Every time he went in for a 50/50 ball he was penalised for backing-in, no matter how much the other player was pushing!

Please pass on my best wishes to Steve, we have spoken many times, and he may remember me and my son Alan.

Enjoyed going to yours for the friendly. Have a good season
25th August 2000 SANDY ORR
re Murray Sutherland.

Tuesday nights travelling support was indeed deathly quiet, but I suspect from your message that it is a while since you were at an away game. Queen's fans are normally very vocal away from home. Last week at Airdrie was no exception.

Perhaps Tuesday at Brockville was the symptoms of a weary support after two fairly poor showings, and yet another disastrous start to the season. It's hard to beleive that we could make as bad a start to this season as last, but that's exactly what has happened. I think we can still turn things around, but we had better make it snappy, or it is going to be another long hard season.
25th August 2000 JOHN YOUNG
As a Gateshead Fan I am sad to see this man go but in preeny you have a very good forward who I think will do very well for you good luck for the future
25th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
I can't wait to see how Queens are going to use Peter Weatherson and Steve Preen together, I think that when Preen settles into the side which obviously may take a little while, Queens fans will have somebody that will replace Steve Mallan in their affections. I personally would like to see Warren Hawke given a run playing just behind these two because he's got the guile and experience to possibly become the new "Tommy Bryce" and set many chances up for thes two, as well as still being able to get plenty of goals for himself. It's been a hard start with so many games away from home so soon, but I feel in my bones that Queens are on the brink of a great team here, both on the field and the management team "offstage" as well! C'mon lads!
23rd August 2000 KIRK DOBIE
Living in Nottingham is not ideal for supporting Queens but I managed my first game of the season with a visit to Hampden on Saturday. I must admit that the first 30 minutes were a delight to watch and I was stunned to see us give the ball away in a dangerous area and not really challenge their striker as he went through to score. My lasting impression was that we looked like a tired team, not creative in the last third and severely lacking a "Stevie Mallan" type player who used to give us options by his jinking runs near to or into the opponents box. We also look lacking in pace and decisiveness in defence. Queens Park were a pretty average looking team who we seemed to encourage by giving the ball back too easily too often. I also felt our supporters were quick to turn on the team. Anyway enough from me I'll be back on the teletext on Saturday.
23rd August 2000 GRAEME McFADDEN
Hope everybody is well in Dumfries, glad to see the Queens are coming along nicely, and playing better lets hope the results start going our way too. I'll be up for the Clydebank home game in October! GENGI MCLEODS GINGER ARMY RETURNS!!!

Re. the liven up Palmerston campaign. I went along to the Palace v QPR game on Sunday. They had jugglers, stilt walkers and cheerleaders outside and inside the ground to entertain the kids and gee folk up. They had music blaring and fireworks when the teams came on the pitch. The best bit was when they played out 'Glad all Over' and the Palace fans went mad( before this, apart from a wee section they were as noisy as a gathering of the John Pelosi appreciation society) with the whole ground singing and clapping along, this even got the QPR supporters going. Or do Queens have that already? Oh actually the best bit was discounted beer in the social if you'd bought a ticket in advance don't know if they do this at Palmerston either but it would get a few votes.

They also had loads of old favourite players doing a guest appearance - imagine big Dougie Mills steaming up the pitch again and Barney swinging on the bar in a penalty compo- that would get the crowd going! They've put a lot of effort into pre-match and half time entertainment and it didn't half do the job.

The S Club dance is a cracking idea why not double up the ball boys as cheerleaders and give them pom poms, in moments of idleness they can start an S Club Party or do a knees up Nobby Clarke?
22nd August 2000 MURRAY SUTHERLAND
Why do Queen of the South supporters not get behind their team?

The atmosphere tonight at Brockville was nothing short of desperate.

It has been proven that the melifulous sound of song and chants serves to inspire a team on the park . Attempts to whip up any sort of enthusiasm fell completely on deaf ears and the apathy and disinterest to get behind the team was unbelievable.

On one such occasion when a supporter attempted a short burst of song he was told by a number of individual supporters to be quiet!

Now , I am not saying that tonight's performance was in any way top class but surely collective vocal support can only help.

Even Warren Hawke's verbal and physical endeavours to encourage the Queens support failed miserably.

Perhaps Simon's "liven up Palmerston" campaign should begin with the all too obvious realities both home and in this case away!
22nd August 2000 ALEX WILSON
Is anybody going to try and put some pressure on the so-called DUMFRIES Courier to improve their coverage of the Queens? Last Friday's edition had 5 paragraphs covering two matches! I'm not forgetting the Standard on Friday as well which failed to have a comprehensive report on probably Queens best performance for ages against Airdrie, not even giving the team line-up! This is either a sad indication of the support for Queens from the local press, or an even sadder indication of the lack of lines of communication from the Club to the Press.
21st August 2000 ANDY PATERSON
Someone mentioned the Robert Duvall film last week.

I just read that its opening in Canada next month.

No doubt it will out gross the X-men on its opening weekend!
21st August 2000 ANDY PATERSON
Down to earth with a bump at Hampden on Saturday. The only good point was it only cost 7 quid to get in. I got the impression fitness was a bit of an issue, which hopefully can be improved upon.

I can't figure out Jon Sunderland at all. Against Airdrie he hardly did any defending at all, yet against a team (Queens Park) where we should be attacking more, he loses the ball practically in our own box and were 1-0 down.

The fans were way too harsh shouting for Mark Weir to come off though. He's been our best attacker so far this season (barring at Hampden)and might have been having a 'mare, but certainly isnt going to improve getting dogs abuse.

Queens fans have had more reasons than most to dish out abuse to non-triers latley but consistently abusing our more creative players isnt going to help the club hang onto them when they may have other options.
19th August 2000 SIMON - KENT
Hello and best wishes to QOS for the season from Si and all at Charlton Athletic. Hi Callum if you see this!
19th August 2000 SANDY ORR
re. Alex Wilson. Sandy Hodge, in my view, was very unlucky indeed. It is very easy to say that if a player has been booked then he should be replaced. However, going on the last two or three seasons, then the new three from five subs just wouldn't be enough for Queen's. Also why should a player (in this instance Sandy Hodge) be punished because the Referee got it wrong? Sandy was silly in the very least to make a gesture to the home fans, but they antagonised him in the first place. Also had the Referee done his job right then Sandy would not have been red carded for two yellows, therefore he would not have recieved the second red card. Also,is he really disappointed in misssing out on next year's Challenge Cup?
19th August 2000 ANDY COWAN

If that is your opinion of me then fair enough. I probably am quick to judge, maybe I let my emotions rule my head a little too often. When Queens play badly it upsets me, and so I say so. When they play well, I enjoy it and I like to say so then as well. If, sometimes, I get a little carried away and give a misleading impression, then I dont mean to.

I hope we can put this little debate to bed now, ok?

RE the liven up Palmerston campaign.

Right behind this one and I have a few suggestions of my own.

The one thing guaranteed to work is to put a winning team on the field. Someone mentioned the turn around of the Sheffield Steelers, I can tell you that the main factor in increasing their crowds so dramatically was that their team was winning. Unfortunately we dont have the kind of money to pour into the squad as they did, so lets look for some short term answers.

Having the players come out to their own theme tune is a great idea, accompanied by an over the top announcer, WWF style, and we could really have something.

Borrowing another WWF trend, we could have the players accompanied onto the field by an attractive lady friend. Who could then patrol the touchline during the game and give the linesman a good kick in when the refs back is turned, or trip up the winger as he runs by. Come on, who wouldnt pay good money to see 11 sexy ladies beat up a linesman?

Now that we have 5 subs, how about a five-a-side game between them at half time. No-holds barred, playground rules. Rush goalie, jumpers for goalposts and best of all, no referee! With Tony Nelson on the bench and no referee, we would win for sure AND he wouldnt get sent off!! Relegate Sandy Hodge to the bench and we could kick lumps out of everyone. Great!

S-club 7 songs at half time with everyone doing the actions, also great, on one condition ...Dougie the Doonhamer has to lead everyone from the pitch.

PS Violence is wrong.
18th August 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Day 5 Liven Up Palmertson Campaign

Re: Andy Cowan

I think poeple have this opinion of you because you are so quick to judge, and let everbody know your exaggerated views of things.

Neso would kick your ass bring back neso
18th August 2000 IAIN HILL
Re Alex Wilson's suggestion on early substitution of booked players.

Now that is an idea worth a try- anything to keep eleven players on the park.

Referees are supposed to administer the laws in a fair and unbiassed way, alas this is not always the case and to focus on a player with a "history" is certainly less than ideal match control.

Referees, like players, are not perfect (I am a former referee) so give this suggestion a try. It does have merit.

Onward and Upwards Queens.
18th August 2000 STUART CARROLL
Re : Music @ Palmerston

Alex - Keep up the good work, but how about making our resident Geordies feel welcome and play some Lindesfarne, without Gazza. And play some local bands like Brodie at halftime announcing to the crowd who they are.

PS - I think we can now boast a good management team having listened to them coaching during games and with a bit of luck in front of goal Queen's could make their domination pay and win more league games than we lose.
17th August 2000 ANDY COWAN
RE Simon

Maybe Im being overly paranoid, I think we all are after the Airdrie game, but I think youre being a little unfair. Why do you say Ive "changed my tune"? Because I praised the team after one of the best Queens performances for years? Or because I had previously critised them when they didnt play well?

I havent changed my opinion, the team has changed their performances. They defended badly against Stenny, and second half against Stirling but were outstandnig at Airdrie. I merely pointed out that promotion talk after a 0-0 draw and a 2-1 win against what Im sure will prove to be the weakest team in the league was perhaps premature.

Now I have praised them after a great performance I am suddenly changing my tune? I'd love you to explain how.

Perhaps it was something else I said that I dont remember, but as far as Im aware Ive only ever, both here and on my site, given my opinion of the performances, good or bad. If you go back and read them, I think you'll find my tune began to change after the Gateshead game and then a bit more after we beat Forfar.

I'd love to know your reasons behind this statement, as it is the second time in under a week I've had someone put words into my mouth on this message board, and as Im sure you're all aware, Im more than capable of speaking for myself.

PS I thouht We'd got over this "Bring back Nesovic" nonsense. LET IT GO!!!
17th August 2000 JOHN CRAWFORD
For all members of the blue army going to glasgow on saturday, the game is at big hampden. They only open the left hand side of the lower main stand (south side of the ground). Everybody goes in the same bit - no segregation but apparently our friends from Rocksteady may decide to put us all together due to our reputation for being one of the few visiting fans to arrive in numbers. Where are people meeting for a drink before ?
17th August 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Day 4 Liven Up Palmerston

Tranmere V's Gillingham this weekend i might go to the game (Andy was playing last week)

I will get big Thomo to pledge his support to my cause.
17th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
I would like to express the opinion that now that 5 subs are allowed on the bench, I think that if a player is booked early in a match, say Sandy Hodge after 30 mins, serious consideration should be made to substitute the booked player. The ref is always going to be looking for the booked player, and it only takes a slight mistimed tackle, or a ref being conned by a cynical opponent, to end up with a banned player and 10 men on the park. If Sandy had been subbed earlier he would have escaped 2 red cards, and I reckon that Queens with 11 on the park have a better chance of winning than with 10!
17th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
Re Neil Creighton, the thing that puts me off playing the "Carnival de Paris' music, especially after a goal, is the fact that too many clubs do that already, particularly Rangers last season, I don't know what they play this season yet. I would prefer to play sommething no one else does, at the moment I use the Brazilian commentator shouting GOAL! to try and generate more noise when we score. I thought Queens team and supporters were brilliant on Tuesday against Archibald's Spanish Olympic DIVING Team and the ref was well conned.
17th August 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
I trust that after all the Calamity Janes' concern during the mid season break, about the Geordies being brought in to the team, that the wisdom of a manager using players he has seen first hand and admired is paying dividends and is recognised. The North East IS football mad and retains a rich seam of talent if you know where to look.

The north east imports have been immense and there is better to follow I'm sure.

All the best to the coaching staff and here's to a growing support.

Finally, well done for getting last night's report up on the website so quickly.
16th August 2000 SANDY ORR
re: Scott Carrick. I think you'll find that most, if not all, Queen's fans go to the games with a smile on their faces. One of the best things about being a Queens fan is the fact that wherever we go, no matter the score, we always enjoy ourselves. I think we once again proved that last night, though one of the biggest laughs raised was when one wag shouted "and Celtic think their picked on"!
16th August 2000 FRASER SKIMMING
Due to work etc and living in London I rarely get the chance to visit Palmerston.

However I was there on saturday for the 1st time in a long while and thought the music was brilliant !! Nevermind ACDC I could not believe I was listening to A Forest by The Cure before kick-off. Fantastic.

And ACDC at half time was superb and had me running off to tell my pals when I left. Also I was sitting near the Stirling fans and thet were well amused.

So well done Alex and I will post a request on here for my next visit. Quick question who wrote and plays on the QOS song ( I have my suspcions)

On the football front I saw lots of commitment but they need to put the foot on the ball more often and I think that the sweeper is playing very very deep. ( Anyway I am not going to harp on. It was ok)

Final question. I noticed that when a Queens player was subbed they had to fill in some sort of quetionnaire in the dug out woth the coach. Any idea what this is?

C'mon the Queens
16th August 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Liven Up Palmerston (Day 3)

Good comments from Scotty Boy (The Baby Faced Assassin) and Robbie "Fireball" Feenie.

How quickly queens supporters change their tune as demonstrated by andy cowan. This optimism that is inspired by a good performance could be shared with the masses by wider coverage through the methods Scott mentioned, and with my proposals it would be more appealing to the press.

I am adding Scotts new programme proposals to my plan, and i would be quite happy to write a column.

Join the fight for the "7 Step Plan".
16th August 2000 ANDY COWAN
RE Scott Carrick

I'll keep this short, but where on earth did you get the ides that I pine for the return of Rowe and CO. I was merely pointing out that promotion talk after one league and one cup game was a bit premature.

That aside on to the main reason for my message. Ive just got back from Airdrie and I'd just like to say how proud I am tonight to be a Queens fan. The large travelling support out-sang and out-shouted the home fans for 120 minutes, completely behind the team. Lets have more of the same on Saturday at Hampden.

The only thing to top the fans was the performance of the players, full of determination, commitment and most of all skill. Queens more than matched, and at times outplayed, their 1st division opponents and were incredibly unlucky not to get anything out of the game.

John Connolly, his management team and most of all the players should be very proud of themselves tonight, I know we (the fans) are very proud of them.

Oh, and Scott, on this form promotion looks a real possibility and if we keep playing like this EVERYONE will be going to the games with a smile on their face!! (although I already do:)
16th August 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
If Alex Wilson is looking for new songs to liven up Palmerston then he could go far worse than take an example from Airdrie this evening, and we should definately make Carnival de Paris the song we play over the tannoy when Queens score.
16th August 2000 IAIN HILL
Here we go again!

Is it a pre-requisite that Queens captains have a poor disciplinary record. We had enough trouble last season and it looks like we might go down the same road again.

John Connolly should live up to his pre-season promise to clean up the situation and show persistent offenders the door before the total assets of the club are paid over in end of season fines.

Give the captaincy to Davie Mathieson, for his loyalty he deserves it.
15th August 2000 SCOT CARRICK
RE. Andy Cowan, I was only stating that I thought qos were absolutely superb in comparison to the yardstick of last season, however I do believe promotion can be achieved this season as the new players are settling in well, no doubt you pine for the return of rowe and co, but credit to the manager when its due, our proffesionalism on and off the pitch has improved no end.

I must be one of the few folk who actually go the games with a smile on my face, and challenge you to a half-time keepie uppy and 10 second shootout at the Stranraer game.

Re Simon Millage, I totally back your sugestions, they all worked in Ice Hockey where Sheffields team got 400 fans to turn into 16,000, however you forgot to mention cheerleaders, the shootout should be scrapped unless there is some sort of Qos interest in it, and why has dougie got so boring nowadays, get wolfie up here.

Once again Neso shows the way to goal, him and weatherson would score a hatful together, I am personally considering starting a petition to bring him back to the club, a team he genuinely wants to play for and should NEVER have been booted out of.

On a serious note, we are looking better by the game although we still need more firepower and creativity but stirling were one of the best last season and we did well, although our wingbacks could do with better service.

On the commercial side of things, why don't we liven the programme up, by including messages and letters from this page, and contact some of these people to write regular columns, if there was more quality articles we could sell the programme in local newsagents and pubs, lapsed qos fans might pick one up and decide to start supporting us again, also why don't queens have a dedeicated page in the standard and courier with player profiles, pictures, games for kids and special offers.

considering we attract huge crowds in comparison to annan and gretna, they get almost equal coverage.

Yeah and on saturday peter weatherson and his dad officially endorsed the peter weatherson song, so lets ditch the "come on queens" chant and liven up palmerston.
15th August 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Liven Up Palmerston (Day 2)

Some Good Support from the queens faithful, but keep those messages coming. WE can make as much of a difference to QOS as the players and the manager.
15th August 2000 ROBBIE FEENIE
RE: Simon Millage I think tropix disco have a few cheap odds n sods going, traffic light disco bulbs and some of those flahing garden hose things not seen since St Joe's D.I.S.C.O. Personally I would situate these at the back of the terrace around the pie stand, enhancing the Palmerston Feed Effect ( P.F.E.). I'm off to Broomfield ( old new borrowed soon to be blue), so come on the south lets rip the gringoes to shreds !!
14th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
Sorry Andy, but you've got the wrong impression from my reply to Brian Mckie, I was not taking the criticism personally about the music, I was trying to put the point that suggestions for requests are welcome and I will try to play them. The AC/DC song was a request from Tuesday night, as was the track called Sandstorm played before the game, I'm trying to vary the music as much as possible, after all " The Only Team In the Bible" was critical a couple of seasons ago that there wasn't enough variation! Just let me know some of your "undodgy" music and I'll try to get it!
14th August 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Liven up Palmerston Campaign (Day 1)

I have formulated a 6 step plan which will both liven up palmerston and bring in more money through increasing the crowd.

Step 1: introduce the players individually as they come running onto the pitch (like in ice hockey) Playing specially penned songs for each of the players (i can help out with this)

Step 2: Fireworks, smoke and strobe lights. Coloured bulbs in the floodlights was another good suggestion

Step 3: Music when we score or when the game is getting a bit dull. LOUD and THREATENING

Step 4: Half time music should be livened up a bit this could be done by playing S Club 7 and making everyone do the actions

Step 5: The half time show should be livened up by mascot fights, dwarves in stranraer strips and womens football (topless) on a rotational basis

step 6: Bring home legend Neso for some quality antics and good football

Please let us all pledge our support to this cause and really make a change for the better at palmerston.

Note to the editor: I think that you should add a section for QOS songs, it is obvious that most of the people at palmerston only know "come on queens, come on quuens"

It would also be a good medium to teach people new songs like:

i dont care with the weatherson says if the weatherson says he's playing, you'll never hear me complaining ..etc..etc

Simon, We will have a multimedia section soon with things like the various QOS songs, some Poems, QOS windows Wallpaper, Screensavers etc
14th August 2000 IAN BELL
alex re tunes at half time how about something from that groovy combo, iron claw?
14th August 2000 ANDY COWAN
Without wishing to start another feude on the message board, I found it highly amusing that Alex Wilson took criticism of the half-time music at Palmerston so personally.

Not nice to be criticised is it Alex? Perhaps this will make other think the next time thy feel like shooting there mouths off.

Just for the record, I think the music played at Palmerston is a bit dodgy too, but it always has been.

But at the end of the day, who cares, as long as the team is doing well.
13th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
To Brian McKie, there was only time for ONE track after the half time shoot out and the half time scores, and that was a song by AC/DC, the first time a track by that band has been played. They are a multi million selling band, and a lot of people like them, so I think it's a bit much to complain about one song in 5 years. Of course if Brian could come up with some suggestions for songs to play then I would be willing to consider them
13th August 2000 COOTER
i am sure john connolly knows his job but what is the score leaving warren hawke on the bench and letting caldwell play up front experience is the only thing that will get us out of division two and warren has plenty of that(old git)
13th August 2000 BRIAN McKIE
I had my first look at the "New Queens" today and was more than impressed by what I saw.Apart from Boyle (o.k.he only had a few minutes but still managed to get booked)everyone looked determined and committed.I would hope that a top half of the table finish is on the cards at the end of the season instead of the dogfight at the bottom that we have become used to in the past.I have just two gripes about today,1.Can no one think of anything other than the now boring "10 second shootout" at half-time, and 2.How about some decent music over the public address system,the heavy rock that was played after the half-time scores were read out was a wee bit OTT.We are not all wrinkly rockers.
13th August 2000 DAVID MORRISON
Finn Harps lost 5-2 away to Galway on friday night. Scorer of both Harps goals a certain Alex Nesovic. (Some start he's having & before you say it's easy Aberdeen 1 V's Bohemians 2).
11th August 2000 CHRIS K
If anyone is interested 'Scotlands No 1' David Mathieson is no longer full time with queens. He used to train every day with Kilmarnock but he's now working as a postman in Kirkcudbright.
10th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
I'm sure John Connelly says in his first editorial in the Forfar program that he was disappointed with two yellow cards and a red card at the Stenny game, but I don't remember any yellow cards being shown during the game, and I'm wondering if anybody was booked after the match?

Alex, John Sunderland was booked and Sandy Hodge at the final whistle
10th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
I was pleased with Tuesday night, especially the change to a 3-5-2 formation which I believe is the best line-up for the players at our disposal, the extra man in midfield made a great difference, so it will be interesting to see the result against Stirling on Saturday, I think they will be a better guage of how we are improving. I thought Dean Muir made a great claim to be a regular in the team, and it will be interesting in midfield when Tony Nelson gets back! I was glad that at the end of the game we kept possession and didn't give the ball away, keeping the ball back in Forfar's corner post to play out time. If only we had done that at Stenny on Saturday instead of trying to get a winner with only 10 men, and just settled for the point from a great fightback from 3 goals down! Anyway here's to the improvements continually building!
10th August 2000 GORDON ORR
Well done to Queens last night on a good performance, a job well done. I wouldn't get overly excited as a lot of people are, saying that the team is great, super or whatever, yes an improvement on last year and as long as we can consolidate this year then I for one would be happy. I don't think Forfar are a good team though, they must be relegation certanties, they are full of has beens ie Ferguson and Bowman and youngsters who don't look up to it, with the exception of their Goalkeeper whom I couldn't fault. After 45 minutes on Saturday at Stenny I was devasted, our Defence looked shocking, but I'm gradually becoming happier, Weatherson looks a REAL find (Andy T mkII). One final point and sorry to end on a sour note is that a local boy whom I've touted to Queens for months, Ryan McGuffie is tommorow signing a 3 year full time contract with Newcastle United, he was exceptional at Annan last year, why was he note signed up weeks ago when Queens had the chance, We simply cannot afford to let local talent like McGuffie pass up. Good luck Ryan!
9th August 2000 ANDY COWAN
I dont know what Scott Carrick is on, but I'd sure like some!!

With all due respect Scott, the performance against Forfar, while good, was hardly promotion winning stuff. The defence looked shaky and we only beat the worst team in the league by one goal.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Queens do well, and I think that the future looks good, but its too early to be talkling about promotion. Hopefully, the players can make me eat my words and stuff Stirling on Saturday, maybe then we can start promotion talk.

On another point, maybe it's just me but I didn't think Sandy Hodge played all that well on Tuesday and certainly wouldnt have been my choice for m-o-m. As Ed Wilson commented, his defending isn't great and he wins nothing in the air, both of which he showed us on against Forfar and Stenny. Yes, he gets forward really well, but he doesn't do it often enough. Maybe I'm just being picky, as usual.

To end on a positive note, and to prove that I can praise as well as criticise, Peter Weatherson was outstanding on Tuesday, he looks like being one of the best players Queens have had in many a year.
9th August 2000 GARY McEWAN
I wasn't at last night's game,but after Saturday's great but eventually futile comeback would like to congratulate Queens on their first competitive win of the season.

Although The Sun erroneously thought that Sandy Hodge was making his home debut, it did report that Forfar's goal came after "a mix up in the Queen's defence". Ever had a feeling of deja vu ? I was at the Stenhousemuir game and a couple of goals conceded there should have been avoided. I hope ,therefore,that the defence will be an area of the team which the manager will be looking at closely with a view to tightening it up and, in particular, improving communication between players.Defensive blunders/misunderstandings cost us dearly last season so hopefully management will be addressing this concern as a priority.
9th August 2000 SCOT CARRICK
I was well impressed with the commitment, tactics, skill and proffesional attitude shown last night.

Hodge was absolutely superb, and Deano and Super pete also looked like tremendous players, I was also impressed talking to the some of the geordie lads later on with their attitude(they were only drinking soft drinks)

On this showing we can be promoted this season, even though Forfar were poor. My only complaints were the attitude of a few guys in the social club afterwards who actually help out at qos and said they would be happy with a midtable position!!

The growing army of younger fans support queens because they know this club should be playing at a higher level and this negative attitude shown by the polo-shirt brigade should be shaken up. Overall though Connolly looks like the man for the job and Captain Igor will win us the cis cup.
7th August 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
With reference to the young lady who was enquiring about John McCaig last week I see in the "Stenny" programme the "Warriors" played Sunderland in a pre-season friendly and there is a McCaig listed in their line-up!

My thoughts on Saturday's game was Queens new lads seemed rather shell-shocked at the pace the game was played at and it took them about an hour to acclimatise. Great support up at Ochilview though I just wish the "Old Standites" (at Palmerston) would get behind the team like the travelling fans do.
7th August 2000 ED WILSON
I suspect that this view is not popular, but to my mind Sandy Hodge is our main weak link in defence. It`s all very well steaming forward all game but he never wins a tackle and for such a giant he wins precious few high balls. Sure he has plenty of potential but if you play left back then your first duty is to defend. I thought his defensive play at Stenny was dire.
Congratulations to Ian Black et al. I had the pleasure of a guided tour of the Queens museum on Sunday at the Open Day and how surprised I was. A tour of the Queens museum needs a good couple of hours if you really want to soak up the huge amount of memorabilia. For Queens fans young and old its a great trip back down the years and I recommend it as a must.

It more than made up for that stinker at Stenny !
6th August 2000 ANDY COWAN
Very disapointing result yesterday and even more disapointing performance.

Queen showed pre-season that they could play good football, but there was little on show yesterday, maybe the conditions had something to do with it.

Lets hope the players pick themselves up and put on a show for the home fans on Tuesday night. If we can combine the spirit shown on Saturday with some better football things have got to improve.

We need the fans behind the team on Tuesday, as they were at Stenhousemuir.

I'm not sure I can cope with too many games like yesterdays!!
6th August 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
I missed the first goal but arrived just before Stenny buried no 2 (trying to be a smart Alec and avoiding traffic jams by finding another route on to the M73 is not recommended).

On the basis of yesterday's match this is likely to be an up and down season.

The team needs to hold its shape more and I believe that the defence will improve when they have a better understanding with one another. Nixon's arrival made a big difference (why was he missing at the beginning?). It would also help if the team could begin communicating with one another - there was nobody calling the odds at the back and organising things.

Tony Nelson showed some good touches but obviously needs to attach a large pack of ice to his forehead to remain cool at all times. However, he clearly has the necessary competitive edge and was communicating with the rest of the team.

Weatherson continues to impress but it will be nice when he can rely on others to provide necessary width rather than drifting to the right although I was impressed bu his touch.

Nice to see Sandy Hodge bursting through and running at the defence.

Here we go - at least we have evidence to talk about rather than conjecture. Here's to a late challenge with things gradually improving in the next few weeks.
6th August 2000 ALEX WILSON
Who else but the Queens could snatch defeat from the jaws of a draw? We lost the first half 3-0, and won the second half 3-1, so I hope some lessons have been learnt, I don't think Dennis Boyle contributes enough to warrant a first team start to a game, Martin looks to be too one paced i.e. slow, Nelson will have to be told to cut out the sly fouls, he won't get away with them in Scotland, but at least we had some fighting spirit to come back, although how much of that was down to Stenny taking their foot off the gas because they thought they had already won the match by half time remains to be seen. Here's hoping lessons get learned quickly.
6th August 2000 THOMAS MOORE
Yes, Not a bad start at all... Had to have been an entertaining match by the score line alone... Wish I could have been there...Hope to make a home game this season. GO DOONHAMERS
5th August 2000 RUSSEL CAMPBELL
An encouraging start to the season inspite of the narrowest of defeats.

As said in the report, last season's team would have folded at half time and given up. Even when going a goal down each time in the first half the team attempted to get back into the game and this perseverence paid off when we eventually levelled with 5 minutes left.

How unfortunate to lose a goal in the final minute with a goalkeeping error, although by all accounts Mathieson played well in the match apart from losing 4 goals !!

Let's see how we play against Forfar. If Stranraer can beat them ?? Well ??
5th August 2000 DAVID MORISON
Saturday 14:28, Just to say good luck lads.

By the way Nes scored last night in Finn Harps 1-1 friendly draw with Limavady.
5th August 2000 IAN RAFFEL
Here we go again then. I want to wish the management, players and supporters all the very best for the new campaign.

Still stuck down in darkest Northants and I'm going even further South for the next two weeks, so hopefully I'll be reading reports of at least a solid start to the season. I hope to get up for a game within the first couple of months of the season, so look forward to seeing some old friends then.

Even with an untried and untested squad, I reckon that it's more than strong enough to hold it's own in the Division, so I don't want us to suffer any of the worries we had last year!

I agree with Sandy on the new kit - never liked the all blue thing, and welcome the traditional white shorts back again. Message for Fiona Allen - before she goes plunging into any rivers fish-hunting in frustration, that John McCaig is not mentioned on the Sunderland website, so not sure about that one.

Good luck folks!
So, well, what can I say ?

Here we go.

New manager, new coach, new director, new team, new sponsor, new strips, new floodlights, new supporters..... but will it be old scores ?

I observe the cautious approach of many fans to the new set up. Give John Connolly the time and opportunity to mould a side. Two seasons I have seen mentioned.

Well, let me tell you and I know what I am talking about, there is not one outstanding club in the second division that will take this season by storm. So, no excuses for Queens this season. We have to be pushing for promotion at Stenhousemuir on Saturday. This division is there for the taking and if the Queens boiler is well stoked up at Stenny then it has to be 3 points in the pot especially against a jammy lot that get away with murder every time we play them. The smart money has to be on the clubs who grab this mediocre division by the scruff of the neck.

Sorry John, no caution, no bedding in. Its results we want and we want one on Saturday.

2nd August 2000 FIONA ALLAN
I wrote in asking about the situation with John McCaig and the Sunderland trial.....ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING????

email me at
2nd August 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
Really looking forward to the Challenge Cup clash with Airdrie and the recently re-named "New Bloomfield" to watch two of the world's finest finest midfielders in opposition, Hristo Stoichov, (See Wednesday's Record) versus Alston's finest Tony Nelson. I'm taking the wee man to sort the brooding Bulgar out!

PS. Did Queens fans on the bus last Saturday - Alex "the hat" Wilson and Colin "Sooty" Galloway really see a cow standing in the river Esk with a fish in its mouth as claimed?
2nd August 2000 DAVID MAIN
Just to let everyone know that after announcing to the world in general on this website that the best odds o