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30th January 2001 CRAIG CROSBIE
Andy Thompson has been the best player Queens have had in the last decade! If only he would come back but unfortunately queens wouldnt be willing to pay anything near the wages he will be on, but heres hopping Mr Connelly....
29th January 2001 RITCH PETERHEAD
Funny.......Thats what the Morton fans were also saying.

Wishing you all the best against Airdrie.I feel we will have a better chance against you lot.

Where exactly is Palmerston park located?

Follow the "Find Us" link for full directions
28th January 2001 CRAIG CROSBIE
Just saw the draw, if we can get past Airdrie I cant see u having any problems with Peterhead! 5th Round here we come! Keep up the good work on the web site! Come on Queeennnns!!!!
28th January 2001 ANDY MURRAY
It has probably all been said before but I don't mind repeating it: when are Queens going to get their scouting operation ship-shape? Personally, I'm fed up of watching likely lads from the Dumfries area being swooped away as Queens catch Zs. If Annan Athletic have the nous to sell McMennamin and McGuffie (both Dumfries boys) to the mighty Newcastle United, surely Queens (several leagues ahead of Annan in any pyramidical system you could envisage) should be wily enough to have a look at them. For Goodness' sake, if Burnley are willing to pay 300,000 for McGuffie, and Newcastle refuse, Queens could surely have used him. I understand that Mr Connolly (whom I have never spoken to, but who appears to be a decent bloke) DID have a keek at McMennamin's younger brother - by mistake. That's a bloody great black mark against the scouting system. But then, has it not always been that way? I used to blaspheme every week when I saw Jamie McAllister's name down as a sub, and then all of a sudden he's in Aberdeen.

Maybe he or some of his cohorts should take a look at ex-Morton striker Michael Hart, who is now with Largs Thistle; now there's a player who will go places. Of course, Andy Thomson is up for grabs from Gillingham. The Prodigal returns? There is also a cracking player (Ryan Errington, who plays for Gretna) being looked at by numerous clubs. Get your act together FAST, Queens.

Incidentally, one of your contributors has criticised sections of the media for getting facts wrong, in contrast to the web-site. As a member of the media, I would be the first to admit that we sometimes get things wrong (as DOES the web-site, notwithstanding its proximity to the official Palmerston line).
26th January 2001 ROY SMITH
To Paul Stock, I am also a Stockport County/QOS fan, I have a season ticket in the Cheadle End. My daughter, Hannah is a mascot for QOS v Arbroath on 14th April. If you want to get in touch let me know.
25th January 2001 ROBBIE FEENIE
Wotcha, assuming the game against Elgin goes ahead I am up for driving up from Edinburgh, if there are any QoS fans in the area then contact me at and we can fire on up !
25th January 2001 KEVIN WILSON
How did Mr Johnson from the Standard interview Mr Connolly when he has been out of the country since last week and how did Angel play 40 or 50 times for Darlington when he only joined in August and started three games. He also only appeared three times last season all as a substitute for W.B.A. Suggested songs for the "Hat" if we get through to meet Airdrie. Jet Harris/Tony Meehan - "Diamonds" / Shirley Bassey - "Diamonds" / Shirley Bassey - "Diamonds are Forever" / or "Diamonds are a girls best friend" / "Viva Espana".

Keep up the good work despite the Standard's Mr Rinaldis comments your website is excellent and usually your facts are correct unlike some other sides of the media.
24th January 2001 BRUCE WRIGHT
Re: Someone hunting football rattles - Brechin City are taking lots to Ibrox this week. Seemingly they are made in Brechin. A query to their web-site will get an address I'm sure.
24th January 2001 ERIC FISHER
Enjoyed Alec Wilsons letter in the STANDARD in response to the stupid comments made by THE BOYS FAE THE CLAYHOLE about their objection to music being played after the home team scores. Are we then to assume that the announcer at Stranraer will be playing HAIL HAIL THE CELTS ARE HERE every time Celtic score on Sunday evening. In that case the Tannoy system at STAIR PARK will be glowing red hot coming up to 8pm on Sunday evening.

Keep up the good work Alec - you are an excellent announcer and dont let a load of empty headed yobs FAE THE CLAYHOLE upset you.
24th January 2001 RUSSEL CAMPBELL
Some news on Ex-Queens Player Andy Thomson, who appears to be on the move yet again..............

As I'm part of Gillingham FC's gills-egroup I have heard today that Andy Thomson has requested a transfer from the Kent outfit and will be put on their transfer list on their return from La Manga on Friday, before their FA Cup tie with Chelsea at Priestfield. Andy reckons he's about fifth in the pecking order for the main striker position and will not sacrifice playing reserve team football. Gills boss Andy Hessenthaler says that if a fee comes between Thommo finding another club then he'll release him on a free. His name will be circulated around any interested clubs !!
23rd January 2001 BARRIE LITTLE
I have it on good authority that Montrose borrowed pitch covers from St. Johnstone so that their recent cup game could go ahead. Why couldn't have Elgin thought of this?

I think that the SFA have to change the rules so that the home team has three attempts at staging the game. Then the game should be switched to either a ground that is capable (ie with undersoil heating) or to the away team's ground.

Do all these postponements mean that QOS will be in the fourth round draw?
23rd January 2001 PAUL SIMPSON
As a Celtic Fan,I have a lower division team I like to follow and queen of the south are them they are a up and coming team with real playing qualities the player for me is Dean Muir is is quick,adgile and good on the ball,He could be a bonus to Celtic if he didn't support the other side good luck Queens and I am sure your fans will back you all the way.
22nd January 2001 ROBIN LIVINGSTONE
Living in Perth and working most Saturdays I have to follow Queens from afar - thank goodness for the web site.

I have organised my work so that I'm in Elgin this Wednesday. Here's hoping the game is on - followed closely by a victory for Queens;then a defeat of Airdrie and then a victory over St.Johnstone in the next round in Perth !!!! Now I am taking this too far.
22nd January 2001 CHARLOTTE GRACIE
In reply to david francis message, i'm sorry to tell you but my grandad John McMorine died on the 7th January, 2 days before his 93rd birthday.

He was at Queen's first game against Nithsdale Wanderers & supported them for the following 82 Years.
20th January 2001 BRIAN McKIE
Re. Alan Jardine's message.

Tommy Gemmell wasn't far wrong a few years ago about not letting Highland League clubs into the S.F.L. regarding the amount of postponements it would incur! I agreed with his comments at the time and still do,as you can see why.
19th January 2001 ALAN JARDINE
This is the Sport from the Northern Scot , Morayshires answer to the Standard,it may be of interest,

ELGIN City boss Alex Caldwell fears a lack of proper training facilities in the curent cold spell could hit his players' fitness levels And he has concerns that a glut of mid-week Games later in the season could take their toll in terms of injuries on his 16-man squad. Caldwell has no worries about his players being up for the Tennents Scottish Cup second round match against Queen of the South when it is finally played. The match was shelved on Saturday for a second time despite the Herculean efforts of around 100 fans to clear the pitch of icy snow, Unfortunately the park was just too hard underneath following a heavy frost md the game was postponed at 10am.

And the continuing freezing tempera-ures put paid to the match at third and fourth attempts on Monday and Wednesday this week. That means City will try again this Monday to stage the game. Elgin have been without the income of a home match since the end of November and the team has played just one game, away at Brechin, in the last two months. City officials will be keeping their fingers crossed for a thaw this weekend and a bumper crowd on Monday night. Queen of the South had travelled to overnight and given the go-ahead following an inspection. However, an overnight frost of mimus 10 degrees meant the supporters' efforts were always likely to be in vain, The Queens supporter's buses had reached just north of Perth before turning back. CaIdwell admits the situation has becomming increasingly frustrating for him-self and the players. Their frustration was compounded with Montrose's late equaliser in the cup match against Keith last week, which ruled out any chance of their scheduled home league clash with the Gable Endies tomorrow going ahead, regardless of the weather. "This is undoubtedly the worst spell of postponements in my time in management," said Caldwell, "and we have been limited in what we can do in training as well" "My big worry is that the lack of facilities to train could have a detrimental effect on the fitness of the players," he added.

Outdoor activity has been restricted to little more than training runs around the back of Borough Briggs and CaIdwell admitted the club has struggled to find suit-able indoor faclities, "'We did manage to get the indoor facility at Kinloss thanks to former manager Graeme Tatters but that was over the Christmas period and as soon as everbody returned to work we found that fully booked up," he said.

CaIdwell admitted that training facilities with Inverness Caley Thistle were not a problem and that has added to his frustration.

"The lack of facilities is certainly something I have noted and l am sure other people at the club will have noticed it as well We wlll have to take steps to have something else other than what we have at present for next season."

However, despite the problems Caldwell said he could only "applaud" his players for their commitment during this difficult period and their ability to keep working hard "This is another part of the learning process for the club and everything that could happen this season seems to have happened," CaIdwell said. His immediate concern going into the cup match is obviously the lack of match fitness and Caldwell was trying to set up a friendly with a Highland League club this weekend, if a pitch can be found. Looking further ahead, Caldwell is anxious to add to his squad before they run into a Series of Saturday games followed by midweek matches. To go from frozen grounds onto muddy quagmires is the next step and that is when boys start pulling hamstrings. We have got everybody Back fit at the moment but working with a small pool." City has exhausted their lone deals for the season, so CaIdwell will have to hunt hard for new additions to the squad.

At the time of doing this piece it is minus 1.5deg
21.00 ,19.01.01
19th January 2001 PAUL STOCK
Supporting Stockport County Im aware of the little club syndrome. Just made a new friend in our town, Middlewich, who is a QOS supporter but doesn't get the opportunity to return back to Palmerston Park these days, but hopefully we are going to plan a trip up next season. What aould be the best encounter to come up and see?
19th January 2001 ROBBIE FEENIE
RE:Paul Pearson.

Paul you said big names do you mean Jockie Flunkiwotchadigkok or Sammi Rammamdammadingdong ?

or am i getting mixed up ?
19th January 2001 DAVID FRANCIS
There's an old fellow called John McMorran, who reckons he was Queens' oldest living supporter. If he wasn't at that first game, he certainly started watching the team in 1919. Does anyone know if he is still alive? I understand he was going to games until quite recently.

That result, QOS 2 Nithsdale Wanderers 2, goes to show - unconvincing results against beatable opponents are nothing new....
18th January 2001 PAUL PEARSON
To Bruce and Kevin,

Thanks for the information much appreciatted on Queen of the South name origin.

Have now invested in the books mentioned.

Heard some rumours today the Queens are talking so some big names - but I dont know the names. Anyone have any info?
17th January 2001 GRAHAM McGOWAN
This Elgin match is turning into an absolute farce, how a situation like this can be allowed to continue is beyond me.

I agree that early rounds of the cup should perhaps be regionalised but if the SFA will not undertake this option then something else must be done.

In my opinion if a match has to be called off twice the team involved should then be forced to change the venue to a ground where maybe the match will be played at some point before cup final day.
17th January 2001 BRUCE WRIGHT
Re: Paul Pearson

The town of Dumfries got its name Queen of the South from David Dunbar a local poet who back in 1857 stood for the General Election. In one of his addresses he called Dumfries "Queen of the South" and it became synonymous with the town. The local team Wanderers took up the name but they went defunct around 1900. The present Queens were formed, as Eric Fisher says, in 1919 and after a vote Queen of the South was picked from amongst others:-

Dumfries United, Southern Wanderers, Vale of Nith etc.

This info is in the great wee book available at Thins, Smiths, Palmerston and the Ewart Library - QOS - "through the lens" - price only 2.50.

B L Wright
(Editor Q.O.S. Programme)
17th January 2001 KEVIN WILSON
One of your visitors recently enquired about Queens - here is the answer:- I believe there is a pictorial history of Queens by B Wright and I Black published by Dumfries Library ISBN 094628027-4 and sells at 2.50.It is available from the on-line Club Shop amongst others

A few months after the end of World War I a meeting was arranged by several local enthusiasts who wanted to form a professional football club in Dumfries. It took place on 21st March 1919 in Dumfries Town Hall and it was suggested that three clubs - army side 5th KOSB, car factory team Arrol Johnston and Dumfries should combine. Names put forward for the new club included Dumfries United, Vale of Nith, Southern Wanderers and Queen of the South. The latter name had first been used by local poet David Dunbar in an 1857 election address to describe the town of Dumfries. Around that time it was adopted by a team called Queen of the South Wanderers but this club folded in the early part of the 20th century. After a vote Queen of the South was chosen by a large majority and Palmerston Park, already an established football venue was chosen as their home. After an initial trial match the scene was set for Queen of the South's first ever game, which took place on 16th August, 1919. The opposition was Sanquhar side Nithsdale Wanderers and the match ended all square at 2-2.

From "Through the Lens, No.6, Glimpses of Old Queen of the South.
16th January 2001 SANDY ORR
With the news this evening that as expected the Elgin game has once again been called off, I believe that the officials of Queens should now press, if not insist, the SFA to rearrange the game for the 27th of January, which is the scheduled date for the next round. The SFA should also be pressed to change the format for the early rounds of the Scottish Cup. Either change the time of year these games are scheduled for, or regionalise the early rounds.

It is very difficult for fans (and no doubt players) to arrange time off from work and travelling plans if they cannot be sure the game will go ahead. This tie has already left both the club and many fans out of pocket.

The SFA, in my view, appear to be treating Queen of the South FC, and it's fans with utter contempt. While the SPL enjoys the winter shutdown, the SFA seem to think it is reasonable for clubs and their fans to travel from one end of the country to the other in weather which the Police and driving organisations advise not travelling in unless absolutely necessary.
16th January 2001 DOUGIE GRAHAM
The fans who travelled up to Elgin on the Saturday have my complete sympathy. Clubs really need to cancel games early whenever there is any doubt whatsoever. As a Queens fan (from CD) now living in Moray, I was absolutely astounded when the game was given the go ahead on the Friday afternoon as the weather in the area has been freezing for several weeks now, and it was forecast to be several degrees below on the Friday night so there was absolutely no chance of the game going ahead. Even at this early stage the game next week must already be in some doubt as I saw the pitch on Sunday and it was pure white and the temperature the last few days has been well below freezing, so if anyone is intending to make the journey make absolutely sure the game is on. Elgin have there own website at There will be at least two Queens fans there when the game is finally played as myself and ex-Dumfries man Al Jardine will be there.
15th January 2001 IAN A L WALKER
Like other messages gone before, congratulations on your web site. I have been exiled from Dumfries since the mid sixties but am as keen a supporter now as I was back in the days of Roy Henderson and co.

Please keep up the good work - it is pleasant to have links with home when you are so far away from home. Incidentally, I used to live in New Abbey Road - just a ten minute stroll from Palmerston. Any old friends seeing this, please get in touch.
14th January 2001 IAIN CROSBIE
Congrats on the site ! A real godsend for this exile who has been cheeesed off for decades with the miniscule coverage in the central belt press of anything which is not Premier League football. I was hoping to see the lads at Berwick but the cup tie from hell is no doubt going to play havoc with this away-fan's plans. At least pitches in hell don't get frozen off.
14th January 2001 GORDON ORR
I am writing to express my disgust at the absolute debacle of the Elgin City game being called of at an unexcusable late hour. I personally left Dumfries on the Friday evening, stayed in Glasgow, left on the saturday morning at the crack of dawn with two friends to drive up to Elgin and hear via a mobile telephone that the game had been called off. This is a complete waste of Supporters time and hard earned money, and the money of the club to be told the game had been postponed. IF there was any real doubt on the Friday, the game should have been called off. I contacted Elgin City direct on Friday lunch time and was told that it was probably "50 50" that the match would go ahead. I phoned again at 1-30 pm and was told "yes the game is definetly on." I then took a day off work, and organised plans with two friends. I'm probably 50 out of pocket at least, and although I don't expect any reimbursement it is sickening for me and other supporters that this shambles should occur.
14th January 2001 DAVID MAIN
I see the pools panel had us losing at Berwick, despite our two victories already over Berwick. Just as well it wasn't for real!

Good luck at Elgin, whenever its played.
14th January 2001 ALEX BOMPHRAY
Scandalous it may be but with a temparature of minus 8 last night what could Elgin do.

I set off from Edinburgh on the 0810 train and it was a beautiful day, but as Elgin got closer things were getting whiter.

As I arrived at 1pm I went straight to Borough Briggs and I got worried when I saw the gates were open.I went in and an Elgin officila told me the game was off and we went on to the pitch to have a look.It was certainly icy in the goalmouth and although I've probably seen games played in worse conditions in the dim and distant past, these things don't happen now.The chap told me that Queens had been brilliant about it and said I should go into the social club for a drink and a sandwich. So he took me in, the drink was on the house as were as many sandwiches as I wanted and pies. They were all really friendly there and apologetic that I had come so far in vain. Another 2 Queens fans who live in Morayshire were also there and they got the same treatment so 'Well done Elgin-goood luck to them for the rest of the season-except against us'.
13th January 2001 JON GALLAGHER
scandolous thats all i can say, how are people meant to travel to the game on monday and what about the players that will be more expenses paid out it should really be played next saturday
11th January 2001 ERIC FISHER

11th January 2001 ERIC FISHER

11th January 2001 PHILLIP SAUNDERS
Due to work I have been unable to attend any matches since the first couple at the start of the season. I managed to make it to the Big Derby game though and I was dissapointed at what I saw except for one player. We don't seem to have a creative player in the middle of the park, and this looks like a problem we have to deal with if we want to make the top half of the league this season. Our keeper saved us from gettin a right thumping again from a team who can only muster a few hundred each week.

I hope to make a few more games this season, hope they are better than the last game .

11th January 2001 ALAN JARDINE
As a Doonhamer now working up in Morayshire, i am looking forward to the Elgin game. Unfortunatly the weather may be a problem ,right now there is a covering of snow but it is begining to thaw slowly If the temperature drops tonight and thursday the pitch will be hard. At the moment the grass is softish underneath. I suspect Elgin will decide again on Friday morning if it is on. If it is on, anybody driving should take some water in their car to wash the windscreen ,because on the high ground on the A9 your washer will freeze up . Also allow 5 hours driving either to Inverness then to Elgin or taking the A95 from Grantown on spey to Elgin, if you take that route check the road conditions, it can be icy ! . Hope it is on see you all there with my wee pal Dougie Graham orig from CD.
11th January 2001 ROY NICOL
In response to Bruce Wright regarding the number of players John Connolly has used in his squad so far . Yes , 32 does seem a lot , but the whole club needs a massive amount of surgery following last season's disaster , and that's exactly what is happening . The whole playing staff needed gutting out completely and JC is gradually sorting this out . I can see us moving up a few places in the league but it will take time .
9th January 2001 WILLIE POOL
RE: Can anyone tell me where to purchase a football supporter's rattle.

I am pretty sure although not 100% certain that they are ooutlawed and not allowed to be used at football matches. However if you still wish to purchase one, the best bet would be an antique shop.

Looking through the archive, people were asking about good pubs in and around hte town for pre and post match drinking. I would recommend the pub formerly named as Symbols which i believe is changing its name shortly to 'The Doonhamer Bar'. The landlord is a Queens fanatic. There is even pivtures of Andy Thomson and old team photo's up around the pub. The landlords wife will even run you to the match to make kick-off if you fancy another pint if she is around.

Good Beer, Real ale too, not too expensive, however no pub grub.
9th January 2001 JON GALLAGHER
ha ha , i always thought there was something far wrong with people in carlisle, but this proves a point, they still cant make up there minds if they are scottish or english GET REAL
9th January 2001 WILLIAM ARMSTRONG
Stella, Shambellie House museum were selling them just before Christmas. They may be able to help. I have a 60's vintage one. It's enscibed with names like Jackie Law, Alan Ball Billy Collings etc. But it's not for sale.Willie.
8th January 2001 STELLA FRANCES
Can anyone tell me where to purchase a football supporter's rattle.


7th January 2001 ROY NICOL
How do Queens fans feel about the possibility of Carlisle United joining the Scottish League .They may also have to ground share with a club . Would a local derby against Carlisle mean as much as say against Stranraer or Ayr ? I think it would be good to have them on board
7th January 2001 PAUL PEARSON
Does anyone know the origin of the name Queen of the South or what it means?

I believe we are going to be ok this season. Stranraer and Partick have been the two teams better than us but the rest dont look any big shakes.

I am impressed with John Connelly. I like the way he is constantly reviewing the squa