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28th April 2001 ROB SMITH
As an exiled Queens fan I have only managed to see them 7 times this season.The outcome of these matches being 5 defeats, 1 draw & a single victory against Elgin in the cup.I know that this season has been much better than last year but perhaps I should stick to watching the scores coming in on ceefax !! Last week against Stenhousemuir was a truly awful performance by a team with a outside chance of promotion.However,I will return with optimism next season, as I have for the last 25 years, in the hope that I can support a promotion winning team for only the third time.
27th April 2001 LESLIE McIVOR
just want to say good luck and i'll b routing for u
27th April 2001 NICK CRAWFORD
All in all a good season, if you think of where we were this time last year it has been a great 12 months and this needs to be built upon so we can deliver a genuine promotion campaign next year. DOONHAMMERS for Div 1 in 2002/03...COME ON!!!
27th April 2001 KAREN WARNER
As a fairly new supporter I was absolutely appalled at how bad the home support was at the Stenhousemuir game. Admittedly Saturday's game was not the best I've seen, however the supposed "Fans" made absolutely no attempt to get behind the team & help them raise their game. The phrase "You're supposed to be at home" crossed my mind more than once!

As mentioned the performance was not outstanding but as we near the end of the season the fans do not seem to appreciate how far the team has come in a short space of time - if they do it would be nice to hear them voice this opinion at the match.
27th April 2001 ROY NICOL
Yes it was a horror show against Stenhousemuir but fans should remember that we are 12 points better off than last season , with three winnable games to play . We have just beaten the top two teams in the league , so progress HAS been made this year .It was just one of those against Stenny . Their keeper did NOT make a SINGLE serious save in the whole game . Queens did not complete a single four man passing move and there was not one direct cross from either wing , as we played without a winger all game . If Connell , Weatherson and King had been playing Queens would have won comfortably , but we haven't really got strength in depth within the squad . Campbell did OK , O'Neil battled hard ,Sunderland faded after a fair first half but Andy Aitken did stamp his usual authority on the game .Mcquilter was fair in first half . Looking to next season , with Morton and Alloa perhaps coming down and Cowdenbeath and Hamilton coming up , the division two title is THERE FOR THE TAKING QUEENS !
27th April 2001 ANNOUNCEMENT
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24th April 2001 ANNOUNCEMENT
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24th April 2001 MARTIN COPE
After the excellent results against Partick and Arbroath, I was really looking forward to a good performance against the Warriors on Saturday. In reality, last Saturday's match must have been the poorest display of the season, and ranks with some of the shockers from last year's campaign. What is particularly worrying is what Queens will do if Peter Weatherson moves on to better and higher things. Peter's influence over the season has been immense. 18 goals scored, twice as many as the 9 scored by John O'Neill. But it his other attributes which were sorely missing on Saturday, when he was out on suspension. He has the ability to take and hold up a ball, allowing time for other players to get into attacking positions. He also has the vision to get into goal scoring positions, which few others in the team are able to do. He is a predator around the box - an attribute of all natural strikers. Finally, he has become something of a talisman for the team. All this was missing on Saturday, with disastrous results. So, a word of caution for next season. Hold on to Peter at all costs. Then a promotion season could be beckoning. If he goes, and no quality replacement is brought in, it could be a long hard season, with more disappointments like last Saturday.
23rd April 2001 EWAN LITHGOW
Now that our season is effectively over, a few facts which some might find interesting :-

39 different players have played for us so far this season, as well as three unused substitutes.

Andy Aitken has started 38 of the 39 games we've played (he was suspended for the other). Peter Weatherson has played in 37 games and was suspended for the other two, but was used as a substitute three times.

We've had 17 different goalscorers (+ 4 own goals by other teams). Does anyone know if this is a record? Bruce Wright? Andy Penn?

Phil Nixon has also scored this season but at the wrong end! Other current first team squad absentees from the list are Des Mckeown, Ronnie McQuilter, Dennis Boyle, Steven Pickering, Danny Paterson and Steven Walklate. Another who, perhaps surprisingly, didn't score in his time with us was Paul Kinnaird despite hitting the bar with a long range effort against Stranraer at Palmerston and missing a penalty in the same game.

Jon Sunderland scored our very first goal of the season at Stenhousemuir and, despite playing almost every game since in an advanced position, hasn't added to his total!

We've scored in 27 of the last 28 games, failing only in the recent Stranraer game, and have gone 36 games in all competitions since we last saw a 0-0 draw.

Queens have had six red cards, five on the pitch and one for Sandy Hodge after the Airdrie game for his reaction to their fans. The other five were : Tony Nelson at Stenhousemuir, Hodge in that Airdrie game, Andy Aitken at Berwick, Peter Weatherson at home to Queen's Park and Ronnie McQuilter in the Airdrie Scottish Cup tie. Only McQuilter's was in 2001 and it for a last minute handball so discipline is definitely improving.

Our opponents have also seen red six times, three of which, of course, were in the recent win at Firhill. The other three were Stirling's Gordon Hunter in the 1-0 away win, Arbroath's Kevin Steele in the 1-1 draw and Stranraer's Mark McGeown in the 3-2 home defeat.

Queens have been awarded nine penalties so far this season and have scored directly from seven of them, and indirectly from another one. Weatherson scored at Clydebank in August and at home to Berwick in November. Paul Kinnaird had one saved against Stranraer at New Year but Paddy Atkinson (eventually) put the rebound in. Weatherson then had one saved against Airdrie in the cup. Since then John O'Neill has been on duty and has scored five out of five already; at Clydebank and at home to Forfar and Berwick in March and at Partick and home to Stenhousemuir in April. Every penalty this season has been on target!

We've given away just six penalties. Colin McGlashan scored for Arbroath at Palmerston in December; David Mathieson saved Colin Milne's effort for Elgin City in the Cup; Jesus Sanjuan scored one and had one saved by Colin Scott in the Airdrie cup tie which saw three penalties in the one game; Eric Paton scored at Clydebank following Atkinson's foul in March and Marc Anthony scored at Berwick following Aitken's handball in the same month.
18th April 2001 ANDY PENN
re David Main

No one by the name of Ian Gibson ever played for the Queens first team in the 60's as far as I can see but an Alistair Gibson played 38 times between Feb 1955 and Dec 1956. You know how economical MPs can be with the truth sometimes so that might be him or else Ian Gibson is just trying to add some glamour to his CV !
18th April 2001 IAIN CROSBIE
As to the "famous and infamous" mentioned by David Main, is he referring to Billy Faulds,one of Her Majesty's more gifted young offenders across Terregles Road who played at centre forward for Queens, and was, as far as I can recall quite useful? Whether Billy played in away games I don't know! It was around 1970, I think.
18th April 2001 LES COLTART
My 800mile round trip to Maryhill was really great.The atmosphere in the Queens section was fantastic.Roll on next season and go for Division One.
17th April 2001 RAB McNEILL
Just a quick thanks to the lads at Palmerston on Saturday there. Dean Muir's end of the match strike put us on a high at Station Park. The Red n Yellar army got the party into full swing and thanks to some help from the dumfries boys. After watching my beloved Thistle lose for the first time in the league at home, I knew QOS would go on to beat the second team team. Best of luck for next season in the second division and through what Ive sen this season, Queens are by far one of the better teams in the league. Cheers people.
16th April 2001 DAVID MAIN
Two wins and two clean sheets, very encouraging.

I suspect promotion is still beyond us, but it would be nice to finish well up the league, and keep things interesting to the very end.

In last week's Observer magazine there was a section on sporting politicians (Henry McLeish etc), but an Ian Gibson (MP for Norwich North) was quoted as having played for QOS in the early sixties. I could find no mention of him in the 75 year book, so it may have been a very brief career at Queens.

As we seem to have exhausted the Queens internationals list, I wondered if anyone knew of Queens players who became famous (or infamous). I recall a forward in the 70s who dropped out the team as he was being entertained by Her Majesty etc (for housebreaking), but there must be a few more prominent ex-Queens players out there.

We also seem to be short of 'celebrity' fans ( even Clydebank have got Wet Wet Wet), does anyone know of any prominent supporters out there.
16th April 2001 TONY COOK
I have posted here before as a Portsmouth fan with an affection for the Queens (my Scottish side). Just thought you might like to know that Andy Thomson is still looking good. He played for QPR against Portsmouth on Saturday and scored their equaliser, and had another goal dubiously disallowed. We all know Thommo's scoring record, I just wish Portsmouth could have stepped in and snapped him up when QPR did, because our strike force is pretty dire. He also kept up his record of always scoring against Portsmouth which he had previously done for Southend and Gillingham.

I've enjoyed seeing some great results for the Queens lately, good luck for the rest of the season.
16th April 2001 ANDY MURRAY
I can't find the site Nightmare on Tereggles Street Ross mentioned. I was referring to the fanzine that attacked the late Mr Harkness. Or did he have nothing to do with it? If not, sorry mate. If yes, congratulations.
15th April 2001 GORDON STEVENSON
Re "Missing Millions" it appears that Queens did not sell the land to Tesco but leased it to them instead. I think it was let out to Fine Fare, who were subsequently taken over by Tesco. Rental income appears in the accounts each year and I think this is from Tesco. As far as the land on the other side is concerned (Ice Bowl) I am not sure whether Queens ever owned this, maybe someone could clear this up.

I also think Queens used a lot of the Andy Thomson transfer money to pay for the new stand, although they did also receive a grant for that. The extent of the club's running expenses means that they really need a big transfer (or a big cup-tie - remember them?!)to keep going. The directors, especially Norman Blount from his time, have "invested" a lot of their own cash to help Queens out.

On the playing side, the last two games in particular have been quite encouraging.

The lack of atmosphere at Palmerston is still a problem. I think some of the fans who just go to home games care just as much as the others, but they are too embarrassed to shout about it. They sit there silently willing Queens on and only pipe up at a goal or at the end of the game when Queens have won. I don't think it will ever change, but maybe it would help if Queens only opened the two stands. Maybe if everybody was congregated in a smaller space more noise would be generated. In other words, if we put all the nutters (like me!) in one place, everybody else will feel free to join in! Incidently, the website is brilliant, especially for us exiles!
15th April 2001 ROY NICOL
Congratulations to the team on two superb wins of late and a top four position is possible although some fans are talking silly about promotion . Arbroath are not going to slip up twice against Berwick are they.........! I have always thought Paddy Atkinson makes a good left sided player . It will be tough against Stenny , without Weatherson and Connell , but the team should start with some confidence and maybe a third win on the trot is possible . If there are any other long distance fans like myself , I will be coming to Saturday's game so if you want a drink and a chat in the bar before the game send us a line -
14th April 2001 ANDY PATERSON
Todays last minute winner made up for missing my 'local' away match at Thistle last week. Its a credit to the 2nd division that we can still apparently be relegated or promoted with 4 games left.I notice that we play the bottom 4 clubs in our last 4 games. Is this good or bad though? Arbroath still have to play Berwick twice and Thistle, so it's not over yet.
14th April 2001 RUSSEL CAMPBELL
I am a shareholder myself and I have copies of the accounts that Eric Fisher has mentioned. I will agree with him on the point with Tesco's / Ice Bowl.

Queens received 250,000 for Andy Thomson in 1994. Where did this money go ?

On the point about "A Shot At Glory" . The film premiered in Toronto last autumn and should be going out this summer/autumn as far as I know.
14th April 2001 IAIN CROSBIE
Dr Watson says,"My dear Holmes,you say that the mystery of Lord Palmerston's treasure has been solved. There was no mystery at all! Forgive my elementary curiosity but there must have been some coins of the realm exchanged for the sale of the noble lord's estates. Are you saying that finances were already in such a bad way that the coins were swallowed up by Lord Palmerston's creditors ? It would not be the first time that Scottish aristocracy had had to sell family silver. I mean no disrespect to his lordship's stewards past or present. I simply wish to solve this devilish problem. P.S. Have there ever been any whispers about moving out of the ancestral pile to a soulless modern Wimpey home ?
13th April 2001 ERIC FISHER
In reply to recent messages concerning the missing millions in regard to the Queens involvement with Tesco and the Ice Bowl, I have a copy of the Directors report and accounts dated 31st May 2000, which is available to all share holders. Having examined the accounts,Queens fans can rest assured that there are no missing millions. Queens are just about breaking even at the moment and stories them having loads of dosh are absolute rubbish. In fact Norman Blount,Keith Houliston and Ronnie Bradford have had to lend Queens money to keep them going. The only way Queens are going to buy expensive players is to borrow the money which would be suicide. Look what happened to Airdrie.
I know this has been mentioned before.

Has that film with McCoist etc ever made it to video? Was it called "A Shot at Glory"

Going to make the Arbroath game tomorrow - lets have a victory over this bunch !!
12th April 2001 IAIN CROSBIE
Like Russell James Campbell (Apr. 8th.), I too would like to know what happened to the Tesco/Ice rink millions. When is Henrik Larsen's signing being announced ? I remember some years ago QOS being quoted as the richest team in Scottish football. Having lulled the rest into a false sense of security - losing 4 times to Stranraer must rate as a masterstroke-, time to pounce!
10th April 2001 K McP WILSON
Well done Queens - the move of bringing Nixon in worked a treat after losing a barrow load of goals recently. Hopefully we will be fired up for the Arbroath game as I'd love to scud them, but no doubt they will be going all out after dropping points last week at home to allow the wee Gers an opportunity - Up the Queens.
9th April 2001 ROSS CORBETT
All Queens fans please note I have nothing at all to do with the site "A nightmare on terregles street"
9th April 2001 ANDY MURRAY
For Roy Nichol - lose "a few". Phew!
An excellent performance by QOS resulting a richly deserved 2-0 win against the Maryhill Magyars. Without doubt, slotting Phil "El Presidente" Nixon alongside Aitken and McQuilter into defence as well as the competent passing display from Hawke, O'Neill and Sunderland ensured victory!!

Roll-on next season........with further quality additions to playing pool, and perhaps a new Bukta strip - Queens will be serious promotion challengers for the first time since 1985/86!!

I'm definately turning up for Queens' pre-season training with my boots and tracksuit!!
8th April 2001 ROY NICOL
I agree with the comments from Chick Young regarding Scotland's most loyal football supporters . It is far too easy just to support Celtic and Rangers because they win all the time . The 'Real' fans are those Queens supporters who stick by the team through thick and thin . We have had little success for nearly fifteen years so when we turn over a class side like Partick , its so sweet isn't it !! Would it be as much fun if Queens won ALL their games ALL the time . We would get bored with it , so it is quite okay too lose a few sometimes .
8th April 2001 ROY NICOL
Congratulations to John Connelly and the boys for what must have been a fantastic performance at Partick . Queens have now reached the crucial 42 point mark and avoided relegation . Now the team are safe hopefully they can turn it on for the loyal fans and win their lst three home games . I am convinced Queens will finish in fifth place on 48 points which is a good basis for promotion next season . Two or three quality signings could see the club at last make progress after many recent poor seasons .
8th April 2001 JOHN CRAWFORD
yesterday's result and performance is up there on my slim memory file of great queens days to remember. thistle were crap from the off and only have themselves to blame. god, my head hurts this morning though and i've lost my voice. i haven't had so much fun in ages. spent the evening slagging sulking thistle fans in the pub. a unique double would be getting one right up timmy mallot and the ginger whinger next week.

ps can we get that referee every week
8th April 2001 ANDY MURRAY
Back from me hols, I'm catching up. I agree with Ross Corbett. The fact that we would be in Div 3 but for Hamilton's Bolshevism should not make us complacent about reaching Div One. As Ross says, that's in the past.

Ross mildly slagged me for calling upon fans to follow Davie Hewitt's lead in rocking the rafters of the old stand at Palmy. Davie, recalls Ross, handed in his season ticket and said he'd never be back at Palmy. Fans shouldn't take THAT lead, he says. But Ross, that's in the past, TOO. I'm NOT Davie's mouthpiece (he's big enough and loud enough to stick up for himself), but I have to inform Ross that Davie didn't say he wouldn't be back. He took a very principled stance and absented himself temporarily.

By the way was it really Ross who penned Nightmare on Terregles Street or is THAT in the past as well?

Well done against the Jags, Queens.
8th April 2001 ALEX WILSON
Marvellous result from Queens, sure makes up for the Stranraer result, and also a magnificent away support for the Queens!!! Well done everybody!!!




8th April 2001 ANDY PATERSON
Regarding Ken Grier's appeal for a central defeder and a strike partner for Peter Weatherson, how about young Jim Thomson of Arbroath and their on form striker Steve Mallan. I've heard they're not doing too bad.
6th April 2001 EWAN LITHGOW
Just a couple of points in response to Russel James Campbell's posting.

The last time Queens were promoted to Division One was 1986. In fact, we stayed there for three seasons, the third of which was the one referred to as the worst in our history and we were relegated to Divison Two in 1989. There we have stayed since.

Also, Inverness with their well publicised seven figure debt are hardly a shining example of how to take the club forward!
6th April 2001 HELP
I know this has been asked before, but could someone please tell me where i can get hold of the Queens song-played before games,it would be a great help.


You can download it from this site via the Multimedia link
As Bruce Wright pointed out...Queens have now now been in the Second Division for TWELVE YEARS !!

I believe there's not any team that's stayed in the Second Division for so many seasons in a row. There have obviously been teams for longer periods in the Third Division but this proves that Queens have failed to get a good management team over these 12 years. John Connelly will hopefully merit the squad to push for promotion into Division One next season. If Arbroath go up this season I bet they come straight back down again. Will Queens consolidate and stay in Division they failed to stay up the last time in that Division and had there worst season in the club's history.

Look at how Inverness & Ross County have climbed the leagues and sustained themselves in Division One !!

Queens really need to get into Division One and go full-time...I rest my case !!!
5th April 2001 LES COLTART
I am travelling up from Suffolk on saturday for the game. My each way bet is down the pan after the last five games !!!!.Hope to hear the fans in good voice against the huge Jags choir. All the best for the rest of the season, From a doonhamer in Suffolk.
5th April 2001 KEN GRIER
Iv've got to agree with the 2 previous correspondents regarding their comments on the Stranraer game It was hugely disappointing to lose to the Clayholers 4 times this year given their paltry crowds and limited potential in the Scottish game . Although John Connolly has had an excellent first season there is still considerable surgery to be undertaken on the team if we are to be in contention for promotion next session. Weatherson , O'Neil and potentially Campbell are superb signings and should be retained at all cost . However , we still lack a strike partner for "The Elephant Man" , we need effective wide men that can deliver a telling cross , a ball winner in midfield is a must as many of the poor defensive displays have been a result of failure to cut out through balls and lying too deep ... finally , a couple of effective full backs and a cultured central defender . Quite a shopping list ! I would also have to be convinced about shopping in the NE leagues unless its the upper echelons as the Tow Law , Ashington standard by and large hasn't been good enough . Still at least the team has spirit, discipline and looks managed which is the first time in a long while , so well done JC and lets look forward to a great season and promotion next term . Come on you Queeeeeens .
5th April 2001 ERIC FISHER
A bit harsh Mr Johnstone.

There were many plus points from Tuesday and even the Cleyholers admit we are a vastly improved outfit from earlier in the season. I thought Harty was the differnce between the teams and he has the ability to perform at a higher level. JC has brought stability to the club and I look forward to further progress in the future.
4th April 2001 DAVID JOHNSTONE
Your contributor K McP Wilson was spot on when he said Connolly needs more than 3 or 4 new players next season after another useless performance at the Clayhole who fully warranted their victory. We could have played until the midnight ferry from Larne came in but still would not have as Peter W. ran about on his own up front with little support. As for the defence - over 50 goals now lost is proof that they are not up to the level required and most must be moved on. In closing I would like to praise the wonderful turnout of Queens fans who more than doubled the Clayhole's crowd.
4th April 2001 BRUCE WRIGHT
Another very disappointing display at Stair Park despite plenty of effort by the players and terrific encouragement from a very good away support Stranraer were faster on the ball, first to the ball and looked fitter all round. "Merrick" is not the fastest in the world and there was no way he was going to trouble the Stair Park defence on his own while Queens defence has lost far too many goals this season for my liking. I'm afraid its back to the drawing board as we come to the end of season 12 in the Second Division. The only way is up!
3rd April 2001 SIMON MILLAGE
What is the story with David Mathieson, this new keeper was only signed on Friday and to put him straight into the first team without even a training session is very odd. David was not injured so what is the story.
2nd April 2001 PAUL PEARSON
Definately not. Yourself and DSavie get full marks and I only wish there were another 20like you's. Its the flat cap brigade that need to wake up and forget the idea its not a libarary.
2nd April 2001 STUART McLAREN
As I have reported on my site, it was widely circulated round the ground on Saturday that David Mathieson has been released. I haven't seen anything here yet through, so is it definately true?

David Mathieson remains a registered Queen of the South player.
Many thanks to Danny,Ian and Margeret and John,for the hospitality shown to the boy's from Manchester.Appologies to Beryl for arriving late,the Buffet was most welcome,and enjoyed by all.Thorougholy enjoyed the game,3-3 possibly being a fair result,although Queens defence on occasions needed to move out quicker{only criticism}. Hope to be back soon to enjoy another game.Terence
2nd April 2001 EWAN LITHGOW
re Ross Fielding's enquiry about Paul Ronald.

Billy McLaren signed Paul Ronald for Queens from Clyde on transfer deadline day in March 1995 (at the same time as signing Neil Orr and Stephen Cody). According to my records though, he never actually played for the first team and was released at the end of that season, joining East Stirling before the following season started.
2nd April 2001 ERIC FISHER
I hope your comments Mr. Pearson are not directed at myself or Davie Hewitt as we shouted our lungs off during most of the match. We also joined in for the brief rendition of BLUE ARMY. We have problems in the stand with raisng the temperature and creating an atmosphere but I also dont hear much support from the terracing either. I wonder if they put something in the pies at Palmerston to stop you from getting too excited. One thing is for certain the Palmerston choir will be in full voice at STAIR PARK on tuesday evening.
1st April 2001 PAUL PEARSON
Where are all the people who copmp[lain about the lack of backing at Palmy. We all need to stick together to make a difference. I counted 56 Berwick fans and where they all sung they made enough noise to make a difference to the team. The official attendance was 985.

We only need a hardcore of 30 people who are really up for it. Come on get beghind the team and make a real difference.

I am very sure that we could help change our poor form at Palmerston.

Lets try again at the next home game.

An exciting game on Saturday but really should have rapped up the game. We then defended far too deep and paid the price. W e looked so much better coming forward rather than sitting in defending a lead.
1st April 2001 ROSS FIELDING
Reading Saturday's programme, one of the articles stated that Berwick striker Paul Ronald had played previously for Queen's, I cannot remember him playing for us, can anyone shed any light on this.

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