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29th November 2000 SCOT CARRICK
we should give away more tickets to schools and charities to get more people in the ground. How about some sexy cheerleaders to get the crowd going!!!.
28th November 2000 ANDY COWAN
Eric Fisher

As one of the muppets who sit in the main stand, I find your comments a little insulting.

Have you ever sat in the main stand. I have never been ridiculed or told to shut up, or sit down, by any fans or stewards. Its not as if Im the quitest, either, as anyone who has sat near me will Im sure know.

The home crowd is quiet, compared to the very vocal support of the away fans, but I think the whole crowd is to blame, not just one section. From the main stand, it is difficult to hear any noise coming from the terracing or the new stand, and Im sure it is the same there too. This doesnt mean there not making any noise at all.

There are still a few fair-weather fans in the main stand, and a few older fans who like nothing better than to moan, but the majority are loyal, vocal fans who make plenty of noise.

Comments like yours dont help the cause one little bit, we should all be getting together not trying to start a futile "We shout louder than you" argument.
28th November 2000 DAVID MAIN
I thought the team played better against Thistle than they did against Berwick, they played some good football and kept their shape better (with some lapses!).

I'm not so sure about Kinnaird, great with the ball at his feet but I like players that run about a bit more than he does.
28th November 2000 GARY McEWAN
I would have thought that Mathieson's exceptional save from Hardie in the second half on Saturday alone merited him a much better MoM rating than the 5.75 given.
27th November 2000 KIRK DOBIE
As self-appointed President of the Queens fanclub in Nottingham, my duties unfortuanately include the conscientious watching of Sky/Teletext etc to see how the boys are getting on - I have read with interest that TV Cameras were on site and wondered if any videos are available (could someone let me know) Much obliged...........

Ps QOS,(as they should be described, not Queen of South etc), are 25-1 down here for the title and 1/4 odds for 2nd place... For those of you lucky enough to watch Queens should I invest? RSVP
26th November 2000 ALEX WILSON
Were Queens Reserves two goals against Threave last weekend not scored by Skinner?

They may have been recorded incorrectly Alex, we will check it out.
26th November 2000 ERIC FISHER
During the shareholders meeting on Thursday night there were complaints from JC the chairman that the the Palmerston crowd were too quiet and not getting behind the team. Those complaints were I suspect directed mainly at the MUPPETS in the main stand where if you stand up and make a noise you are ridiculed or told to shut up or leave by pompus stewards. The chairman will be having a word with the stewards to wind their knecks in. Lets all ensure that during the next home game there is plenty of vocal support for the team.
22nd November 2000 IAIN HENDERSON
Re Bob Drennan's trek to Firhill. I would have thought it easier (& quicker) to catch the train from Waverley to Queen Street, then the Underground to Maryhill. The ground's about 5-10 minutes walk from there.
22nd November 2000 JOHN McBURNIE
Bob, it is pretty easy to get to Firhill from Auld Reekie. Just get the Bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow. Then at Buchanan Street get the tube to Kelvin bridge. When you come out just cross the road and head straight up the hill. It is a bit of a maze in that wee estate, but as long as you meet a student, academic or beeb worker, and not a jags fan they will point you in the right direction. I would give yourself about two, two and a half hours. Just lay off the cheap drinks in teviot and you will be fine.

Best of luck on saturday Queens, these arrogant jags fans deserve a beating, and three points would be magic.
22nd November 2000 ERIC FISHER
Reference Mr Mains enquiry about camerman at Palmerston. Normally if their is a video camera at Palmerston it is BORDER Television and the highlights are normally screened on BORDER TV in the early evening on the following Monday.
22nd November 2000 IAIN HENRY
Re: Bob Drennan

The bus should take 1hour 10mins - 1hour 30min (depending on traffic in Princes St), and will cost 3.50 for a student (you'll need a card for the citylink, but the motorvator is ok). To find Firhill, take the underground to St Georges Cross, and then walk up Maryhill Road. You'll find better instructions and maps at
22nd November 2000 COLIN FAULDS
I would just like to congradulate John Connelly at this point of the season! I was'nt sure of him when he first took over but he has won me over now and the purchase of weatherston is a touch of class! Hope this Gerry Creaney deal goes through i would love to see him up front with weatherston and it would make a dynamite attack!

22nd November 2000 WILLIAM PHILPOTT
Having followed Queens from a distance for some time, I finally completed a 520 mile round trip over the weekend to attend my first match and witness the victory over Berwick. The result was well earned but the defence shaky at times when Berwick managed to open up 'the South. Well done the 'keeper - he kept us in the game more than once. My six year daughter thinks her Dougie present is terrific - and now she wants the kit!
21st November 2000 BOB DRENNAN
Hello,i've just moved up 2 edinburgh uni and going over 2 the partick game on sat. could anyone please tell me how to get to firhill and how long it should take from edinburgh bus station? thanx alot.
20th November 2000 DAVID MAIN
I couldn't help but notice that there was a cameraman in the stand on Saturday. Is the game to be shown anywhere? I would like to see Weatherstone's second goal again.

Enjoyed the game and the result on Saturday. I thought the match report on this site was a bit too kind to Queens, who certainly played well and gave their all, but maybe being of a somewhat pessimistic nature I found the last twenty minutes or so a bit nerve-wracking amd I was pleased to hear the final whistle.
20th November 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
Another three points and Queens are slowly heading in the right direction ten points better off than this time last season, however there is still lots of room for improvement as Berwick ruled the second half for long periods. Personally I think we still need another striker to help Peter Weatherson who ran himself into the ground. Don't know if thirty year old Gerard Creaney is the answer though. It is hard to believe that a professional player can put on so much weight in a few years as the 1994 Scottish League Review has him weighed in at ten stone seven pounds while at Celtic Park. Surely there are younger, fitter, faster strikers in the first, second or third divisions or in Premier sides reserves who could do a job for Queens. Now it's off to Maryhill where hopefully we can spoil the Jags unbeaten record.

Up the Queens.
20th November 2000 RYAN SCOTT (10)
queens form has been great recently. if they keep this up we will not be in danger of relegation this season. the purchases are quite good that John Connolly has bought.

19th November 2000 ROSS CORBETT
congragulations on an excellent site also well done to john connely on orchestrating another fighting victory against the borderers yesterday.i still feel steven pickering is not the answer at right back.also nice to see two fans who both said they would not be back at palmerston returning.keep up the good work with the site.
19th November 2000 EWAN McNAUGHT
John Connolly is proving to be an excellent manager in my opinion. After some shaky early season performances he has trimmed away the new recruits who weren't up to the task and strengthened the team well. Weatherson is an inspired signing and his youth and inexperience suggest he can only get better. Paul Kinnaird has brought some much needed creativity and flair to the team and Ronnie McQuilter has strengthened a shaky rearguard. The old guard like Mathieson and Aitken are playing better too now after a nervous start to the season adapting to their new team-mates. That save in the first half by Mathieson yesterday was incredible and if he still looks a little vulnerable at corners etc. his confidence seems to be returning. The team has a shape and purpose to it now which it has been lacking for years. If we continue to progress at this rate promotion might not be so far away this year after all, although I expect next year to be the time when we really see the fruits of Connolly's hard work
19th November 2000 ALEX WILSON
Could I pass a message on to whoever is doing the player stats on the inside back page of the program? It seems that R.Atkinson has been playing the last few matches instead of P.Atkinson. Is this correct?
19th November 2000 KEN GRIER
Great result yesterday , Jc seems to be really getting the Team to play to a pattern now and is showing good ambition in the quality of his recruits . I couldn't make yesterdays game ( I was on Famous Grouse oval ball sponsorship duty in Edinburgh ) but in my humble opinion , now that we are sorting out the left side of our play could it be that we could do even better on the right . I feel that Kevin Robison ( strong in the tackle and good distribution ) may link up well with Dean Muir ( probably the best trapper of a ball that I have ever seen at Palmerston and inventive and probing going forward ) . My view is that we have been susceptible to wingers getting to the deadball line on that side and also now have the ability to injection more penetration on the right flank by playing this combo, giving us powerful options to switch play between either flank and give even more ammo to our eager forwards . Suddenly it looks like we are considering how we can build on good performances to advance up the table instead of flirting with the bottom and so the current situation is a big improvement on last season !! Does anyone else have a view on this Far Right issue ?
19th November 2000 ERIC FISHER
A well deserved and hard fought victory on Saturday against a competent Berwick outfit. There are signs we are getting it together at last. Our defence is much tighter although PICKERING is vulnerable at times due to his lack of pace. The WEATHERSON and (TRIALIST) combination promises to be a lethal partbership although the TRIALIST seems to be carrying some extra baggage.

I have discovered that QUEENS souvenirs are now on sale at the INFORMATION SHOP at the Midsteeple High Street Dumfries.
15th November 2000 ROBBIE FEENIE
RE:'queen of the south' song. I think you can download it illegally and royalty free from Napster. Quality's a bit shaky but that adds to the real feel, makes it sound like it's coming through Palmerston's Tin-Tin Speakers
15th November 2000 GARY McEWAN
A news item on today's Radio Scotland Drive Time concerned Sir Alex Ferguson having to miss the next Manchester derby as he has to attend his son's wedding in South Africa. On the general question of weddings vs football, Sandra Brown, secretary of the Fan Club, was also interviewed as someone who had the terrible dilemma of choosing between her sister's wedding or going to watch Queen's in a friendly. I'm sure the wedding was a great success but, more importantly, did Queen's win ?
15th November 2000 ALEX WILSON
To Paul Weir, let me know in which format you require a copy, eg. cassette, minidisc,etc, and I'll arrange to meet you with a copy. Phone Dumfries 255984.
14th November 2000 PAUL WEIR
Where can I get a copy of the theme song 'Queen of the South'(played before the team runs out on the pitch) ?
14th November 2000 IAN OSBORNE
i am in total agreement with eric fisher jc has brought stability and discipline to the club something that has been missing in previous years mid table this year then and all out push for promotion next

all the best for the rest of the season
13th November 2000 ERIC FISHER
I have every confidence in our manager John Connolly. He has brought stability to the club and you will notice we are starting to grind out away results. I dont expect promotion this season but we will finish pretty high up. A word of praise for our magnificanet away support. No other club apart from PERTICK THISTLE enjoys such a wonderful support away from home. KEEP IT UP LADS
10th November 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
HELP!!!!!!! I can't get the supporters bus to the game tommorrow because I am playing football in Beattock and will not finish until 12.30. If there is anybody driving to tommorrows game and don't think they will be leaving Dumfries until till approx 12 so that they will be passing Beattock at 12.30 or later and would be willing to give me a lift to the game PLEASE phone me on 01683 220063. I will be at home from 9pm onwards tonight but it is ok to leave a message and I will get back to you. Thank you.
6th November 2000 BRUCE WRIGHT
Much as it sticks in my throat, I've got to admit that the best team, (especially in the second half), won on Saturday. The "Cleyholers" were bigger, stronger and faster than Queen's lightweights on the heavy pitch (which could be the norm for a few months). Personally I thought our defence had an off-day. Our full-backs are good players coming forward but cannot seem to get the vital tackles in. We backed off fatally at the first goal and allowed the guy to cross the ball and no-one could catch Walker for the winner despite the fact he had to run from the half-way line with the ball. Three points at Forfar is vital if we are not to be sucked back into a bottom equal spot in this topsy-turvy season.
3rd November 2000 JOHN CRAWFORD
taken from the pollock web site;

"Pollok went down 2-0 to an average Queens side at Newlandsfield on Monday night in a game which saw Gary McGregor pick up an injury in the second half. The only point of note in a dreadful first half was Drew McWilliams hitting the crossbar with a well placed chip from around 22 yards distance. In the second half, Queens scored twice, one being a soft penalty. Pollok boss Ronnie Lowrie used the exercise to play three trialists in the latter 45 minutes.

Final score: Pollok 0 Queen of the South 2"

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