2005/06 Season Review
A serialised account of our season by our man who has been at every match home and away - Ewan Lithgow
Part Twelve - Facts & Figures

1.Eric Paton35540
2.Jim Thomson34438
3.Paul Burns32436
3.Willie Gibson32436
5.Steve Bowey29534
6.Derek Lyle28533
7.Gary Wood27532
8.Stuart Lovell26531
9.John O'Neill27330
10.Richie Barnard17522
11.Colin Scott20020
12.Tommy English16420
13.David McNiven16319
14.Brian McLaughlin14418
15.Brian Reid12416
16.Graham Weir15015
17.Ryan McStay14014
18.Chris Carr11314
19.Andy Aitken13013
19.Andy Thomson13013
21.Brian McColligan11112
22.Stephen Payne9211
23.Michael Mullen10010
24.Scott Robertson729
25.Stuart Hill808
26.Shaun Dillon707
27.Sean O'Connor404
28.Dimitri Pronovych (T)202
29.Tope Arojogun (T)101

1.John O'Neill10010
2.Paul Burns415
3.Derek Lyle224
4.Andy Thomson303
5.David McNiven123
6.Graham Weir202
6.Gary Wood202
8.Stuart Lovell112
8.Brian McLaughlin112
10.Steve Bowey101
10.Michael Mullen101
10.Sean O'Connor101
13.Steven Hamilton (OG)101
13.Kevin James (OG)101

Red Cards

1. Gary Wood at St Johnstone, 06/08/05 2 bookings
2. Derek Lyle at Dundee, 20/08/05 Head-butt on Tom Hutchinson
3. Gary Wood at Ross County, 01/10/05 2 bookings
4. Steve Bowey at Ross County, 01/10/05 Kick at John Rankin
5. Brian McColligan at Hamilton Acad, 19/11/05 2 bookings
6. Gary Wood v St Mirren, 26/12/05 Head-butt on Andy Millen

1. Alan McManus v Airdrie Utd, 15/10/05 Last man foul on McLaughlin
2. John Sutton v St Mirren, 26/12/05 Head butt on Jim Thomson
(Note - Sutton's red card was rescinded on appeal by St Mirren)
3. Martin Hardie v St Johnstone, 15/04/06 Kick at Gary Wood


1. David McNiven v Albion Rovers, 30/07/05 Scored Foul on Lyle
2. John O'Neill v Hamilton Acad, 24/09/05 Scored Foul on McNiven
3. John O'Neill at Hamilton Acad, 19/11/05 Scored Foul on Paton
4. John O'Neill v Airdrie Utd, 28/01/06 Scored Foul on Weir
5. John O'Neill v Clyde, 04/03/06 Scored Handball by Harris
6. John O'Neill v St Johnstone, 15/04/06 Scored Foul on Weir

1. Paul Sheerin v St Johnstone, 22/10/05 Scored Foul by McLaughlin
2. Derek Fleming at Hamilton Acad, 19/11/05 Scored Foul by Burns

Ewan Lithgow
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