2007/08 Season Review
A serialised account of our season by our man who has been at almost every match home and away - Ewan Lithgow
Part Eleven - May 5th July 2008
Whilst cup final opponents Rangers were moaning about having too many games to play, Gordon Chisholm's problem was Queens had no games to play for four weeks leading to the cup final. Very difficult then obviously to keep the players sharp.

The early part of the month was all about ticket sales as an army of volunteers set about contriving to get almost 15,500 tickets distributed as fairly as possible to a clamouring Doonhamer public. Gordon Chisholm meantime was named as Manager of the Month for April to add to his January and February titles.

Yes it really happened!
In the fortnight before the big day Queens clinched the signing of St Mirren forward Stewart Kean from under the noses of Dundee and managed to win closed-door friendlies against St Mirren and Hearts 4-0 and 1-0 respectively as they tried to maintain sharpness.

On May 24th a sea of Doonhamers made their way to Hampden Park for the biggest game in any of our lives. Over 15,000 were there, almost all early in order to take everything in. Unlike Rangers this isn't something that happens every other year for us! Surely we couldn't overcome the mighty Glasgow Rangers though, UEFA Cup runners up just a week earlier. It didn't look much like it in the first half as Queens saw out the first half hour relatively comfortably but then conceded an unstoppable free kick to Kris Boyd and an easily preventable second to DaMarcus Beasley right on half time. There was never going to be a way back from that sort of deficit. You don't give two goal leads to the Old Firm at Hampden and expect to figure in a contest?

Dobbs celebrates Toshers goal.

JT scores a captains goal
Well, this team Chisholm has built does! Just like against Aberdeen in the semi final Queens came out and began the second half like a team possessed. Eight minutes was all it took for the match to be levelled up again. Hope was restored when Tosh ran home O'Connor's cut back from close range and the roof nearly came off at the Queens end when talismanic captain Jim Thomson powered in a header from a Harris free kick in the 53rd minute. Incredible stuff. For the next ten minutes it really looked like we could win the cup. Rangers were on the rack and taking blows like a punch-drunk fighter gone one round too far. They picked themselves up though, re-grouped and, as Queens began to run out of steam, the consummate goal poacher Boyd was there to head home his second and winning goal on 74 minutes. In the final seconds Bob Harris struck a free kick that may well have been netbound but for Kris Boyd sticking out a foot to block it but the third goal was one too far for a comeback this time.

Jim Thomson led his side up for runners up medals in the sun and Rangers witnessed a degree of sportsmanship they probably never see in the SPL when the vast majority of Doonhamers stayed to applaud them lifting the cup. For their part, the Rangers fans knew they'd been run very close by a side from out of nowhere and were generous with their own applause.

The day wasn't over though. The players and staff returned to Dumfries for a private function to unwind with their families before a Civic Reception on Sunday saw an estimated 12,000 - 15,000 fans bedecked in blue and white line the streets and Palmerston Park for an open topped bus tour to thank their heroes.

Heroes, idols, legends. Thank you Queens for the season and day of our lives. I would say there's no way of topping this but it's football and we have Europe to look forward to next season!

(Post Script - Just before the end of the month Gordon Chisholm announced that Jim Lauchlan, Robert Campbell and Brian Gilmour would not be offered new deals for next season. He also confirmed the departure of John O'Neill, which had been widely expected.)

Part Twelve - Honours

SFL First Division - 4th

Scottish Cup - Runners Up

CIS Cup - 1st Round

SFL Challenge Cup - 1st Round

SFL First Division Manager of the Month for January - Gordon Chisholm
SFL First Division Manager of the Month for February - Gordon Chisholm (jointly)
SFL First Division Manager of the Month for April - Gordon Chisholm
SFL First Division Player of the Year Nominee - Stephen Dobbie

Doonhamers Travel Club Awards
Player of the Year - Stephen Dobbie
Young Player of the Year - Robert Harris
Away Day Player of the Year - Sean O'Connor
Junior Members Player of the Year - Stephen Dobbie
Goal of the Season - Ryan McCann

New Bazaar Supporters
Player of the Year - Stephen Dobbie

Sanquhar Supporters
Player of the Year - Stephen Dobbie
Young Player of the Year - Robert Harris

Globe Inn Doonhamers
Player of the Year - Stevie Tosh

QoS Fan Club Awards
Player of the Year - Stephen Dobbie
Young Player of the Year - Robert Harris

Junior Blues Award
Player of the Year -

QoS Internet Award
Player of the Year - Sean O'Connor

Part Thirteen - Facts and Figures

Player League Cup Total
1. Stephen Dobbie 36 8 44
2. Jamie MacDonald 34 6 40
3. Sean O'Connor 32 8 40
4. Jamie McQuilken 32 6 38
5. Jim Thomson 30 6 36
6. Stevie Tosh 28 8 36
7. Neil MacFarlane 28 7 35
8. Paul Burns 28 6 34
9. Andy Aitken 26 8 34
10. Robert Harris 26 7 33
11. Brian Gilmour 24 4 28
12. John O'Neill 23 5 28
13. Eric Paton 20 5 25
14. John Stewart 16 5 21
15. Neil Scally 17 2 19
16. Ryan McCann 14 5 19
17. David Bingham 16 2 18
18. Scott Robertson 14 2 16
19. Jamie Mole 8 2 10
20. Craig Reid 8 0 8
21. Jim Lauchlan 6 2 8
22. Robert Campbell 4 0 4
23. Neil McGowan 3 1 4
24. Stephen Grindlay 2 2 4
25. Liam Atkin (Trialist) 2 0 2
25. David Nixon 2 0 2
27. Jamie Adams 1 0 1
In addition Stevie Morrison (twice) and Darren Martin both sat on the bench as unused trialist goalkeepers.
Player League Cup Total
1. Stephen Dobbie 16 4 20
2. Sean O'Connor 8 5 13
3. Paul Burns 5 2 7
4. Stevie Tosh 4 2 6
5. John Stewart 1 2 3
5. Jim Thomson 1 2 3
7. Brian Gilmour 2 0 2
7. Robert Harris 2 0 2
7. John O'Neill 2 0 2
10. Neil MacFarlane 1 0 1
10. Jamie McQuilken 1 0 1
10. Neil Scally 1 0 1
13. Ryan McCann 0 1 1
14. Dusan Bestvina (OG) 1 0 1
14. Mark McLaughlin (OG) 1 0 1
14. David Worrell (OG) 1 0 1
17. Stuart McArthur (OG) 0 1 1
Total 47 19 66

Red Cards

1. Robert Harris at East Fife, 08/08/07 Two footed tackle on Paul Walker
2. Jim Thomson at Partick Thistle, 23/02/08 Tackle from behind on Mark Roberts
3. Stevie Tosh v Hamilton, 01/03/08 2 bookings, second for dissent
4. Paul Burns at Livingston, 01/04/08 Kick at Robert Snodgrass
1. Derek Lyle v Dundee, 26/12/07 Kick at Jim Thomson


1. Stephen Dobbie v St Johnstone, 04/08/07 Saved Foul on Dobbie
2. Stephen Dobbie v Clyde, 15/09/07 Scored Foul on MacFarlane
3. Stephen Dobbie v Dunfermline, 06/10/07 Saved Foul on Gilmour
4. John O'Neill at Stirling Albion, 15/12/07 Scored Foul on Bingham
5. John O'Neill v Livingston, 29/12/07 Scored Foul on Tosh
6. Stevie Tosh v Clyde, 05/01/08 Scored Foul on Burns
7. Stevie Tosh at Clyde, 22/03/08 Scored Foul on Burns
1. Paul Sheerin v St Johnstone, 04/08/07 Scored Foul by McQuilken
2. Paul Sheerin v St Johnstone, 04/08/07 Scored Foul by Robertson
3. Bob Davidson at Dundee, 11/08/07 Scored Foul by Aitken
4. Dougie Imrie v Clyde, 15/09/07 Missed Foul by Burns
5. Ian Russell v Morton, 10/11/07 Scored Handball by Scally
6. Konrad Kozminski at Peterhead, 24/11/07 Missed Foul by Thomson
7. Michael McGowan Clyde, 05/01/08 Scored Foul by Thomson
8. Steven Masterton at Clyde, 22/03/08 Scored Foul by MacFarlane

Ewan Lithgow
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