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30th May 2002 Craig Grierson
Message for Les and Peter Coupland Looking forward to coming out with Clingan and Beanie to see you both again Mid July time for much drink etc. Hope that you get your English barman told that the pub will be staying open late this year to accomodate our drinking exploits. See you July 18th if Clingan gets his finger out and books the flights.
29th May 2002 David Main
To Lez Coupland - I hear my in-laws were visiting your pub last week, it must be getting a good name in that part of the world. Haven't heard from you since you moved from Mexico.
28th May 2002 Scot Carrick
yeah the float is a must do, and why not have someone present the team with the trophy again at the midsteeple on the guid neighbour stage after the queen has been crowned, or even better get JT and jon o'neill and crown them instead.

Also i'd like to wish all the business' who entered the shirt sponsor draw, the best of luck, The dynamo are in the draw as well so if following my inspirational appearances in the papers and on the radio recently you fancy sponsoring the dynamo world net cup assault please feel free to get in touch.
26th May 2002 Josie Stuart
Think the Guid Nychburris float idea is excellent - everyone was really excited by the bus idea and this would be great opportunity for all those who can't make the games to join in the teams success - let's make the most of it while we can!
25th May 2002 Thomas McIlroy
From everyone at We would like to wish QOTS all the best on their up comming assault on the 1st Division. Good Luck

Visit and sign the guestbook.

Site run by twelve year old Thomas McIlroy
25th May 2002 JAGSFAN
23rd May 2002 Scott Kelly
After only our second trophy in 83 years existence wouldn't it be nice if Queens put a float or even an open-topped car in the local Guid Nychburris festival. This years parade is being held in the afternoon and is sure to attract big crowds. It is on the 14th June when, I believe, Queens commence training so some of the Forfar heroes could attend, failing that maybe the Fan Club and the Junior Blues could decorate a lorry/car and display the cup. To miss this opportunity would be sad and it would be great publicity as there is a feel-good atmosphere about Queen of the South in Dumfries and the whole South-West at this moment in time and we have got to keep the public's interest alive.
23rd May 2002 Jack Logan
Good on you Queens love you to pieces,pray and hope all goes well next season Will follow you allways
23rd May 2002 Graeme Pirie
Hi, I am currently in the process of creating ground guides for my ICT website and was wondering if you would be kind enough to help. I would require information on nearest pubs, places to eat etc. as well as directions from the north and admission prices.

Thanks in advance,

Feel free to use the information in the 'Visiting Fans' section, you'll find it on the second navigation menu, the admission prices are incorrect and will have to be updated for next season.
22nd May 2002 Dougie Traill
Scouse, one of my mates at work, just told me that his home team - Everton - will be playing Queens at Palmerston as one of three matches in Scotland.

Is there any truth in this ???
22nd May 2002 David Martin
To All Concerned,

As an expatriate "Doonhamer" living here in Ottawa, Ontario, I'd just like to congratulate the team and all conncted with Queens on their success in gaining promotion and in fact winning the championship after a long, lean spell.

I keep a close check on the goings on each week through the pages of the "Standard" on the "net," which I'm fortunate enough to access as each issue comes out and, of course, to check the scores each week as they happen to occur during the course of the matches themselves. The "net" has been a real boon and no mistake! It's great to get updated scores and scorers every 2 or 3 minutes.

Once again my congrats. to one and all, and we hope for continued progress next season, though realising that it will be a tougher haul then.

All The Best,

David W. S. Martin.
20th May 2002 Lez Coupland
Congratulations Queens for puting Dumfries back on the map.

The Queen of the South Bar in Fuengirola, Spain is creating a lot of interest among football fans from all over the world. Although the bar is known as "The Scotsman", there are well in excess of 100,000 visitors per year looking at the Queens items on show. If any football fan wishes to call in while on holiday, we will give you a very warm welcome.

Good luck next term.
20th May 2002 Callum Watson
For attn: Gavin Rennie / Stephen Taylor: I definitely plan to be at the first home game next season. Drop me a mail at to discuss and make arrangements. Any other Queens fans in the South East of England or on route up the M6/M1 interested in travelling? Perhaps we can fill a minibus and make regular trips!!
20th May 2002 T Grant
Can anyone tell me what times and day`s the club shop is open.I would also like to agree with the people making suggestions about money making schemes,such as the videos and photos with the cup.It`s not to often we get the chance to make extra cash for the club,so get something done about it!!!!

Open 24 hours a day seven days a week online, business hours every day at Palmerston via the office, at the Tourist Information Office in the Midsteeple and at the Standard Office in the Loreburn Centre.
20th May 2002 Archie Coulter
What age is the junior blue season ticket for. Is it 16 and under. Could someone give me some information on this please.

Yes it is for ages 16 and under and is valid for the Galloway News stand only.
19th May 2002 Gavin Rennie
Re Callum Watson and Aldershot Queens fan

I live in Winchester and would be interested in joining any car share for next season. The season's opener would be my first choice. Fleet services would be a top meeting place.
18th May 2002 Stuart McKie
What is the situation on nexy years strips. I have heard that we are keeping Fila, can anybody confirm this for me and will Queens have a new kit for division 1. If they do I think that there should be championship shirts made for supporters to purchase.

Still being made by Fila and will be different to this past seasons strip, photos on the site as soon as they are available.
17th May 2002 Sikke Visser
It may be a late reaction, but my computer was out of order the last 3 weeks but now it's back I finaly can give a reaction of happyness to you.

It must be a great feeling !

Congrets to all of you, club, players and last but not least supporters.

I hope next season will be great to.

Greetz from Holland.
17th May 2002 Callum Watson
Just noticed the posting from the Aldershot Queens fan who drove up to Morton game. Having also driven up from Basingstoke for the same match, was wondering if you would be interested in sharing car for a couple of games next season?
17th May 2002 Stuart Rae
Plenty of talk about most of the players re-signing for the new season which is great. However no mention recently about Derek Lyle. Does anyone know if he's returned to Partick Thistle or whether negotiations are ongoing to keep him ? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see him staying on.
16th May 2002 Stephen Taylor
Is there any chance of the final game against Morton being released on video / DVD.

I noticed that there were camera's recording the game as well as after match scenes and chats with the manager and players ? Having driven up through the night [I live in Aldershot] to watch the game and then afterwards drive back home again, it would be nice to have this as a lasting memory. I'm sure it would prove very popular with the supporters present as well as those who could not make it on the day. Many thanks Steve.
15th May 2002 Roger Wignall
Good to see Queens have a great season. Have been travelling the world this year so have not been but will be there next season as much as i can. Finally credit to the fans,players and staff who make my trip up to Dumfries everytime i visit.
14th May 2002 Colin Johnstone
Re: 70's classic matches below

From my scrapbook Allan Ball played versus the 'Gers after having missed out against Ayr in the replay at Palmerston, he was deputised by Graham McLean, same one who was assistant manager in the 90's.

The teams in the Dundee game, again from the Standard report in my scrapbook, were:

Queens: - Ball, McChesney, O'Hara, McLaren, Clark, Boyd, Dempster, P Dickson, Hood, Reid, G Dickson, Subs - Balderstone and Bryce

Dundee: - Allan, McKinnon, Johnston, McDougall, McPhail, McGeachie, Strachan, Hutchison, Pirie, Williamson, Redford, Subs - Cord and Simpson.


Goal No. 1 came just eight minutes into the game when McLaren crossed to Reid whose header sailed high over 'keeper Allan into the net.

Goal No. 2, 13 minutes later, was slotted in by George Dickson nearly on the line from Hood's pinpoint cross.

Goal No. 3, was started by O'Hara who collected the ball in his own half, took it down the middle, squared to Dempster who switched to his left foot to round it past Allan in the 37th minute.

Goal No. 4, in the 40th minute was rammed home by Peter Dickson who used the space to run on with a McLaren pass.

Goal No. 5, five minutes into the second half, again was a Hood-Dickson effort. Hood swung a free-kick to George Dickson who was right on the line to head down.

Goal No. 6, was snatched by Reid who got a foot to the ball as he fell after clashing with Allan to put it just inside the left post.

Crowd - 3300
14th May 2002 Stephen Redpath
Re ; Alex Bomphray Vs Rangers - I remember the night vividly - even though I was only 8 years old! The Rangers equaliser was scored by Alex MacDonald, as I remember it he scored from just outside the box and the shot went in off the post. I was standing with my dad, soaked to the pelt, at the white wall next to the Portland Road end. On another famous game, does Alex or anyone else remember the scorers when we hammered Dundee 6-0 at Palmerston in the League Cup, and the crowd that night?
14th May 2002 Stuart King
Alex Bomphray

Your memory is certainly better than mine was at the wee small hours of some alcohol inflenced evening! Of course it was 2-1 and although I got the Alex bit correct, I am certain that it was McDonald.

Still seem to recall losing the Glasgow Street end! Maybe that was just me and my cronies though.

Even so, fantastic night which only served to make the thrashing handed out to us by the same opposition in the quarters of the Scottish Cup, so much harder to take

I remeber being at the ABC Minors that Saturday morning(happy, carefree, innocent days!)and have a vague memory of some of the players, including Alan Ball being there for a trully bizarre morning. Is this possible? I do recall that the great man kept us in the cup with a penalty save at Ayr despite having a broken ankle so he may well not have been playing that day. I shall check my programme
13th May 2002 Philip Jackson
Well done Queens. I visited Palmerston to watch you against Morton and I have to say I enjoyed every minute. Big thanks to Bruce, Kate and Joanna.

The Big Jambo !!!!!
13th May 2002 David McHenry
Good luck Queens next season

PS nice message chris richards
13th May 2002 Paul Lennon
Great to see QOS finally have a successful season. However it is a huge concern to see that the squad has only one player born in Dumfries. Are there no football players at all in the town? Surely now that some success has arrived it is time to really invest in the future with a proper youth system.

The Under 18 side played in the final of the Scottish League Cup a week ago and those lads mostly came through the U13's U14 and U16 sides operated by Queens, a pretty good youth system by anybody's standards.
13th May 2002 Scot Byers
It great to see that only one player is leaving us. And if it is true about JC trying to sign Owen Coyle I would like to wish him luck in making him the highest paid playerin Queen's history
13th May 2002 Stuart McKie
If the club shop needs updated why don't Queens arrange a day to raise money for it. As Kevin Doonelly said we could charge people money to have their photot taken with the trophy and any profit made from making the CD/video review could go to the upgrade on the club shop. If anyone else has any other ways to make money send them to the message board.
13th May 2002 Alex Bomphray
Stuart King

Going back to the Queens v Rangers League Cup game, Jocky Dempster put Queens ahead in 37 mins from(what else) a penalty, but Johnstone(probably Derek) equalised in 44. Queens took the game to extra time with Tommy Bryce(Mark 1) scoring in 89 mins. McDonald(Alex or John-I don't know) got the equaliser in 114 mins. I don't recall 'losing' the Glasgow Street end as I recall changing ends 3 times(Bryce's 'winner' was at the Glasgow Street end).

I must have got a soaking though.
That was Rangers first defeat over 90 mins that season, although Ayr Utd beat them 3-2- at Somerset in the league the following Saturday.

Eric Little(Eck Little from Dalbeattie?)

Sorry Eric, haven't a clue-I only know the football.
13th May 2002 Scott Kelly
Entirely agree with Kevin Donnelly that Queens shop must have a walk-in facility next season as sales could be well up now we are back in Div One. Although Queens don't benefit, their success has seen even more memorabilia spring up - in the Dumfries Town Centre market on Saturday there was a stall selling new QOS souvenirs - 2 Key Rings, 2 Coasters and 3 different fridge magnets. On the Internet (E-bay) there is a guy selling QOS 2nd Division Championship stained glass window ornaments.

On a different subject - are the Commercial Team going to take up Mr Donnelly's idea of letting Fans be photographed with the Div II Championship Cup? Also why don't the Junior Blues have a Queens float in the annual Guid Nychburris parade - I'm sure this would go down very well with the local townspeople as the open-top bus suggestion was never an option.
11th May 2002 Chris Richards
Lets hope that all the plans of the manager go well and we can look forward to a good forthcoming season in the !st Division.

Lets all get out in support and cheer on the Queen's in their bid to stay up.
11th May 2002 David Gow
FAO Russel Campbell

I had thought of putting together a video or a CD of the season's highlights as captured on my little video. The file size would be too large to mail so a CD or vid would be the best option. If you send me a contact e-mail or address I'll send you something when it's edited. Take a few weeks till I get the time but definately before new season. If any one else is interested let me know.Colin has my contact details.
11th May 2002 Eric Little
While idling away a few spare minutes browsing through the Internet Fan Club membership I counted no fewer than 54 countries of residence ( not origin as many are ex-pats ).

This is remarkable for a club the size of Queens and demonstrates the high esteem in which the club is held both near and far as well as the affection still held by those departed to distant shores.

Maybe Bomph, or, another 'Statto' can comment on whether this is some kind of record for a lower league club ?
10th May 2002 Sandy Barclay
I was pretty disappointed to see that Car Wash had decided to leave, was he perhaps worried about being 'found out' at a higher level? A solid Div 2 player, but maybe not for Div 1. Was glad to see Barry Donald sign up again, as with Davidson also gone, we'll need a steely midfielder with a bit of pace for next season. Hope Fila are making the kits again, a blatant copy of the new Scotland kit wouldn't go amiss! Thinking of the shop, I totally agree with those who suggest it needs expanding (trying on replica tops in the car park a bit on the scruffy side!), what about using some of the dead-space at the Terregles Road end? And thinking of the Terregles Road end, will it be re-opened for Div 1?

It is a Fila kit this season coming
10th May 2002 Stuart King
Couple of points to make regarding recent messages:

Disagree with those who lament the passing of George O' well as one or two others. They were brought in to do a short term job with one singular purpose in mind. That has been achieved and it is time to improve. Anyone who thinks that we have no need to improve our squad and our quality is niaive to say the least. George, Allan Moore et al, thanks but au revoir.

QOS vs Rangers, League Cup QF, 1975. Let us not forget (I certainly don't, I was there), Queens only narrowly lost the first leg at Ibrox, 1-0

The second leg was played on a very wet and very windy Wednesday night at Palmerston, obviously without any hint of a Queens result. A pipe band played up and down the park before the match and I recall the bass drummer fighting to keep any resemblance of a straight line as he valiantly struggled to follow his pipers!

The home crowd started off with passion and with enthusiasm before succumbimg to sheer numbers and retiring to the "Cow Shed". Honour was restored, the Glasgow Street End was lost.

The game was fought bravely with neither side dominating...apart of course from the QOS opener...1-1 with the Mighty Gers on aggregate. The rain continued to pelt down, the wind continued to blast. 90 minutes came and went and it seemed like the entire game had been played in one half - the half dominated by the prevailing wind!

Eventually full-time arrived. For extra time, the teams changed ends, the action didn't. The weather dictated and Rangers scrabbled a ball over the line from approximately 3 yards. Memory fails...was it Alex O'Hara?

It was our Dunkirk, valour in the face of defeat, pride to all those outwith the monied few. It served only to fuel the hopes and the ambitions of those of us who then trapsed to Palmerston on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon for the QF of the Scottish Cup only a couple of months later...but that is another story entirely
9th May 2002 Eric Little
Anyone know why Graham Connell doesn't want to stay next season ? Not the classiest I know, but, his work rate could still have been a benefit to the squad.
9th May 2002 Scott Kelly
Anyone know if Queens are going to have a new shirt design next season. I know they are expensive to buy but my feeling is the majority of our supporters like the yearly change. Why not send in your idea for a new kit to the web-site.

I would think that it would be a bit late now for suggested designs for the new shirt, the draw for the sponsors is in three weeks time and I would imagine that the design is already finalised.
9th May 2002 Kevin Donnelly
having just received some Standard clippings of the big day when Queens were presented with the Championship, two things struck me

1. What a cracking trophy
2. As a fund raising idea could Queens not arrange for fans to pay a fee ie 5-10 to get their photo taken with the trophy. This might raise some funds to boost the Premiership promotion challenge if nothing else.

I also agree with Bruce Wright that the shop could do with an enlargement
8th May 2002 Paul Pearson
Message for Neil Bell (Brussels Barmy army),

Neil, could you get in touch with me.

My email address is

8th May 2002 Bruce Wright
After the great success and excellent "takings" at the club shop at the Morton game surely it is now time to expand the shop so as fans can actually walk in and have a look at what is on offer. I'm sure there were plans last season to knock through the wall towards the ancient (1930's - style) toilets but it seems to have been put on the back burner. As we enter the higher league with potentially more customers are there any plans to upgrade the shop?
8th May 2002 Russel Campbell

Would it be at all possible to publish a tape of all your season's goal highlights or send me a copy ? I appear to have a Media Player error when I'm trying to play some of the highlights. There may well be a market for this considering that it was a Championship winning season !!
7th May 2002 Alex Bomphray
David Gow

Sorry for delay David-problems with e-mail.

Crowd for the Rangers League Cup game was 5646-it was a miserable night. The figure I have for the cup tie is 18700, although I remember the papers also quoting 19000 at th time. As someone else has pointed out, it was, of course, 5-0.

The League Cup game was one of only two games I can remember when the opposition fans had a special train, the other being a league game v Falkirk in February 1970. The train was late and the kick off held up while 4 double decker buses ferried the fans from the station. Falkirk won 2-0 in a top of the table clash.

Good to see the 'back room staff' getting a mention, but you should have put your own picture in as well Colin.

Keep up the good work.
7th May 2002 Dave Low
As Many would agree the departure of George O'Boyle will be a big lose.Any way well done to all of the Queens Players for the promotion.And if anybody has a clip of the feature by bbc scotland could you please get in touch with me at
7th May 2002 Bino Boy
Just like to say well done to the QotS youth team for their performance at Forthbank on Monday. Although they were outclassed by Stirling 5-2 tey deserve a lot of credit for battling right to the end.

Don't know how good they are compaired to other youth teams but Stirling have a very experienced team most having played 30+ first team games. Alex Williams, who got a hat trick, set up one and hit the post, has been on trial with a couple of English Premiership clubs such as Charlton and has attracted intrest from the Old Firm but it seems he has sensibly chosen to move to Aberdeen.

Anyway, good luck in the First Division, I think you can stay up and don't be daunted, it's just a little bit better than the crap in the 2nd Division, which is no better than the 3rd. Oh well...
6th May 2002 Andrew Ross
I was dissapointed to hear that Stuart Davidson had been released, although he was not a regular, I felt Queens should have kept a hold of him. As he experience playing for Airdrie and Kilmarnock where he played against Celtic. Finally I would like to say good luck to Annan and Gretna in their aplications to join the third division.
5th May 2002 Clark Reid
As an Annan Athletic fan, up until this week anyway, I would just like to go on record congratulating Queens on the magnificent season that they have just enjoyed and the foresight with which the people running the club have been blessed with, it is in stark contrast to the side that up until now I have supported, i.e. Annan Athletic. A place has become available in the Scottish League and it should be a straight choice between ourselves and Gala Fairedean for the vacant slot, however our club committee, (a real Wheel-tappers and Shunters throwback), have decided that we do not want to apply, some talk of the 'new' requirements that the Scottish League have.

My point is that Airdrie/Morton/Clydebank/Falkirk, etc etc have been in this position for years and in this time no one at Galabank has even thought that it would be prudent to put a plan into place to be ready for when the opportunity arose, as surely it was always going to. The resultant failure, to me, means that Annan will now be a club never to be taken seriously again as a league contender and one who will rely upon Qualifying Cup success for a brief moment of TV glory on, "The Road to Hampden".

Good luck to Annan, it will soon be back to one man and a dog as the more ambitious supporters take the high road, like me, to Dumfries every second Saturday to watch a team with ambition.

Up the Queens!!
5th May 2002 Colin Dickson
Congratulations to the pride of the south of Scotland.As a Doonhamer it has made me very proud to see the Queens at last get some silverware.Well done John Connolly and the rest of the team
5th May 2002 Gary McEwan
Could anybody PLEASE provide me with a copy of the item on Queens that was on BBC 1 Scotland News and Sport on the Friday evening before the Morton match. I will pay any costs involved and can be contacted at
5th May 2002 Kerry Johnstone
Well it looks like I am going to get my QOS fix this week, even if it is old footage. Shot at Glory has finally been given national release over here in the US and is playing just doon the road from my work. I will be taking a couple of workmates along, so I wont be the only person in the cinema!!!!!
4th May 2002 John McDowell
It was posted in a previous message about the PA speaker in the home enclosure. Would just like to say that i also have noticed that it sometimes cuts off over the past few games. Seems to be towards the right hand side of the stand. It can be annoying when you are listening to the half time scores.

On other matters, brilliant season Queens, and good luck for next season in Div. 1.

Would also like to say thanks to the good people who run this website - keep up the good work!
4th May 2002 Stuart Mckie
I am very sad to see george O'Boyle leave, I thought he should have been a first team regular does anyone agree?
3rd May 2002 Bruce Wright
Delighted that the "Brick in the Wall" idea has been taken up by Queens and I'm sure it will be very popular as I know of quite a few fans who will participate in this. Full marks to Queens fanatic big Ian Black for coming up with this excellent idea!
3rd May 2002 Mark Pearson
I hope the football up there is worth watching! It looks like us Carlisle United fans could be making the short trip over the border to come see anything even resembling football, 'cause God knows we're not gonna get it down here! C u all at Palmerston Park next season.

Carlisle 'til I die!
3rd May 2002 Sharon and Hazel
We would just like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alan Gray yesterday!! Since no one else remembered! xXx
3rd May 2002 Stuart Rae
Message to Alex Wilson :- The PA has been crackling in and out in the Glasgow Street enclosure for weeks , like the wiring or connections are loose. It's a bit of a pity as I felt it flattened the atmosphere a bit after the main celebrations (not everyone there was an old rocker like us, and we're not used to singing 'We are The Champions', so the momentum was broken up a bit. Still not to worry , nothing could prevent the last 3 weeks being the highlight of most peoples years supporting Queens (27 years - Bohemeian Rhapsody had just been released when I started going and 'We Are The Champions' was 2 years down the line (St Mirren went on to win the league then).

Re the Rangers Scottish Cup match in match in 1976 (following the greatest match in my time 5-4 vs Ayr aet. The scoreline was actually 5-0 not 5-1 (and I was gutted as I thought they would win - it could have been worse as Rangers had a couple chalked off for offside and at the end of the game I was convinced it was seven). I beleive that it was an 18,500 all ticket crowd (though some papers at the time quoted the attendance as 20,000 (biggest home attendance in my time)! (previous largest league crowd before Saturday was the 4800+ who attended the Dunfermline 3-1 victory on 5/4/86, which more or less guarantted us promotion (the best day and night of my life up to that point).

I was so proud to see so many people turning out at the weekend, and hope that most return regularly next season and in the future. It shows the potential we could have (and taking travelling distances into account we must have one of the best away supports outside the premier league.

Well done Queens . This means more to most of us than 20 trophies ever could to an Old Firm fan. (Lets hope that any old firm fans who have been to our recent games realise what football really means again. We and all other smaller teams need your support, otherwise Airdrie won't be the last go under).
3rd May 2002 Graeme Clive
Congratulations on winning the league!

My grandfather who lives in Kirkpatrick Durham started taking me to games in late 70's. I have been a fan since then and seen QOS promoted twice in years gone by but this has been terrific.

My grandfather attended the game on Aug12 1933 when QOS beat Celtic 3-2 in their first game in Div 1.

He has been to loads of matches and has many stories which are amazing to listen to.

I am in the process of arranging 2 entries to the QOS shirt sponsorship draw. I am going to enter and

to the draw. At present you can pledge on the tartan army board for a scotland world champions tshirt - proceeds from this will be used to put their entry in the draw. Also 50 pence from this shirt will go to the TAMB Sunshine appeal which is to help underpriveleged kids in foreign countries where Scotland will play etc

More details from the TAMB (Tartan Army Members Board)

Good luck next season
3rd May 2002 Bino Boy
Any Queen's fans coming up to Forthbank for the Youth League Cup Final on Monday? Stirling .v. QOtS and for a change Stirling must be favourites as the teams basically our first team! 10 of the starting 11 in the last match were regulars in the squad and another 1 on the bench has played a few times. Albion to win!!!
3rd May 2002 Michael McKinnell
Sad too see a player of George O'Boyle quality leave. He will probably now move on to bigger things. Was he out of contract or did he want to high wages. Anyway lets keep Joe and Peter as I believe we can stay up next year. Goal of the season to George O'Boyle, I couldn't agree more, what a cracker it was.
2nd May 2002 Les Coltart
Well done to the Queens the trip from Suffolk was really enjoyable.Went to the club shop on Monday but everything was sold out,has anybody got a 2201/2002,flag spare they could sell me.Looking forward to next season and lets hope for crowds like lastsaturday. .Many thanks to Gordon Hood for mentioning me and my pal on the P.A. A SUFFOLK DOONHAMER.
2nd May 2002 Bryan Dryburgh
Just like to post my congratulations. I remember our old rivalry of 84/85 or thereabouts. Whatever it is I can't believe it's nearly 20 years. Fond memories of visits to Palmerston. Glad to see there's still a few of you willing to turn out to see your team. Oh aye - and Graeme Robertson was not a bad player for us too. Anyway - all the best. Maybe one daye we'll see you in the SPL !!
2nd May 2002 Andy Cowan
RE Andy Paterson

Does it really matter what was said in November?? Football is all about opinions, you gave yours, I gave mine, I dont see any point in raking over it again now!

We've won the league and frankly that is all I care about! I cant describe the feeling at Forfar when we finally clinched the title :)

All I wanna do now is look forward to seeing Queens in the first division.
2nd May 2002 David Gow
To Alex Wilson and Jim O'Fee

PA at Glasgow Street end.....keeps going dead in left hand speaker (facing pitch) and then coming back again. To Jim about the Rangers matches...wet September 1975 in the league cup 2-1 after 90 minutes....2-2 after extra time..around 8,500 in the ground... magic stuff. left us with a guid conceit of ourselves. Stuffed in the '76 match 5-1 still got to watch it in the stand beside Lex Law (thought the crowd was 18,500 or so? Bomphs/Lithgow are u listening..what was the true figure?) Simple personal memory..first match at Palmy versus Hamilton was October 1968 lost 2-1 to a Matt Watson og....won promotion April 2001 versus Hamilton thanks to an og....the cycle of life...thanks to my dad for starting the love affair with Queens and taking me to the games... sorry you aren't around to see it..but glad I am!!

PS Bomphray and Jim Harkness keep off the pitch!
1st May 2002 Andy Paterson
Congratulations to John O'Neill for a well deserved accolade from the 2nd division players. Also to Andy Aitken for his recognition from that most critical of groups, the Internet Fan Club. If Andy Cowan is reading, I refer him to our message board conversation of 4th November and say Ahahaha! Also I dont know if this is already common knowledge but there was an article in the Paisley daily express today about Jose Quitongo saying that some St Mirren fans were glad to see the back of him due to his excessive salary. Jose countered this by saying that he was offered more by Queens to play the last 8 games but he stayed at Saints to help fight against relegation. Bad decision Jose!
1st May 2002 David Martin
Congratulations and all that for a richly deserved success at long last. Couldn't make the game on saturday as I had to be in Paris (on business, or believe me I would have got out of it!). Enjoyed wearing my Queens shirt in pavement cafes on the champs elyssee much to the bemusement of the local PSG fans who have of course only heard of our "friends" from Glasgow....I have finally completed their education!!
1st May 2002 Iain Crosbie
I would like to echo a previous correspondent - Gary McEwan- is there any chance at all of QOS paying the the SFL some dosh to be able to release a video of this season of seasons? It could be a money spinner for the club while the euphoria lasts (I'll take six!)
1st May 2002 Michell Kenny
Congratulations on your promotion and being champions, good luck for neat season. Will be keeping an eye out for u here down under.
1st May 2002 Gary Swan
Well done boys - it makes all those years standing on the terraceas a wee boy very worthwhile. And why dont we have 6500 fans in the ground every week?
1st May 2002 Colin Paterson
Congratulations to everyone at the club and I am sure for the first time in a long time we REALLY will look forward to next season and First Division football.

Let's hope we can achieve eighth place and avoid relegation and that most of the 6,158 crowd that were at the Morton game turn up on wet November afternoons when we are playing Arbroath.
1st May 2002 Angus McDonald
Congratulations on winning the Championship. Everyone at Brechin will miss a trip to Palmerston. P.S. Any chance of getting George O'Boyle back?

Possibly Angus, he was released earlier today
30th April 2002 Alex James
I congradulate Queens on a great season. I saw the beginning of the year and hope they do well in the first div. I still wear the gold medal my father got the last time they won in 1950 - 51. I hope to get over again next year and see them play. Once again good luck.
30th April 2002 Ewan Lithgow
re Alex Bomphray

That match between Dunfermline and Falkirk in 1979 which you refer to Alex was, until Saturday anyway, only the third highest Second Division crowd since 1975 reconstruction. Unfortunately we only replace it in third with Saturday's 6158.

The two bigger crowds were:

2 - Morton v Dumbarton, 6th May 1995, 6242

1 - Kilmarnock v Cowdenbeath, 5th May 1990, 8149

As you can see, we were just marginally (84) short of second but still almost 2000 short of Killie's record.
30th April 2002 Neil Mackay
just to say well done to barry donald. u left the sinking ship with captain b*ne leading the charge and well done to you. ive always been a big admirer of you and your sorely missed down ochilview.
30th April 2002 Sean Crilley
Being a 16 yr old Queens fan from Carlisle, it was nice to walk into school on Monday with my head held high!!! From now on, when my mates claim that Carlisle United are a bigger club I can refer to the 6,158 attendance!!!

However, my celebrations were somewhat spoiled by ant-Carlisle songs - come on lads we will NEVER play Carlisle in a competitive match and when it is your home town it becomes quite disheartening to see fellow fans slagging them off.

Am I mistaken or is Stranraer our rivals? I don't want people writing in saying that Stranraer is miles away because irrespective of where it is, they are our closest competitive rivals along with Ayr United. Carlisle maybe nearer but it is in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY if you have all forgot.

Come on Queens and Come on Carlisle.
30th April 2002 Wacek Kaczmarczyk
I took a lot of stick from friends and colleagues end of last season when I said that the Avec kit we had was awful. Peter Weatherson could hardly get one leg in front of the other cause the shorts were too tight. We looked a right old washed out bunch on a rainy day. Alas, a change to a designer Italian brand, FILA ( probably come out of Tyne & Wear I suspect )and bingo, how did we look this season ? Marvellous. Like the kit we played with style and panache, colour and cut, and we oozed with sophistication.

Away from home in our stunning yellow and blue stripes we have been awesome. I have to keep telling folk who dont go to the away games that its a completely different atmosphere to Palmerston. Those who were at Cappielow and Forfar recently will back me up on that. Our fans away from home deserve a huge credit. They have been worth a goal of a start. We always outnumber the home support. Long may it continue.

A word of thanks to Kenny Crichton and the lads in the Sun Lounge on Sunday afternoon for letting me hold up the Championship Trophy. It's a pity there was no one standing at the bus stop to see me !! Were they King Prawns that Derek Anderson was munching ? Get down the Nith Hotel for a meal. The portions are huge.
30th April 2002 Jim O'Fee
Ref Alex Bomphrays question on Palmerston attendances. In 1976 we had 11,000 for a Wednesday night cup replay against Ayr Utd - we won 5-4 after extra time.

In the next round we drew Rangers at Palmerston and 19,500 (you could hardly breathe) saw us get stuffed 5-1.

I've been a follower since the mid 60s . Biggest crowd I can remember at a league game was 7000 against Airdrie (as far as I remember they stayed off the pitch that day). That one was 1-1 - Jock Dempster scoring from a ludicrous angle.

Anyone else remember these games?
30th April 2002 Craig
Hello, congratulations to all at Queens after a long but very successful season. It would be nice to see as many fans at every game next year getting behind the team to steer them into the SPL!

Come on the South!
30th April 2002 Callum Watson
What a brilliant day Saturday was. Definitely my best ever QOS game, although they have been few and far between over the past 18 years since moving down South. Made the journey from Hants with three others well worth while. I'll be back more often next season for more of the same!

Vague memories of hugging Messrs Aitken and Weatherson in the Venue at around 1.00am!!
30th April 2002 Andrew Cook
Very well done to Queens last Saturday. A great day was had by all . Great to see Palmerston packed to the rafters and fulfilling the potential support the team has deserved all these years.

I live and work in Luxembourg so had to come home to Dumfries to see such a historic occasion but was not disappointed in the slightest by my efforts.

Well done to Andy Aitken in a great season who will be a future captain I am sure.
30th April 2002 Alan Jardine
Congrats on winning the title , a great season and a great squad. Having missed the last game due to serving in Oman, is there any video footage of the game ?. If there is nothing produced by the club I would apreciate anyone getting in touch who has a copy of the match. Please contact :
30th April 2002 Phil Vivian
From an AFC Bournemouth season ticket-holder, congratulations to QotS on the team's success and special congratulations to John O'Neill. I'm sure that I'm not alone among Cherries' fans in taking pleasure in seeing that John has won the SPFA's divisional Player of the Year award. Not sure that the female supporters down here on the south coast gave his physique the same close scrutiny though! Good luck for 2002-03.
30th April 2002 Richard Isaacs
Just returned from a rugby tour in Bulgaria to see the amazing attendance at the promotion party on Saturday - more than 6,000 more than anywhere else in Div 2. I believe we even got a mention on Radio Five Live about it being the biggest crowd at Palmerston for 40 years. This is a great achievement by everyone at the club - well done Queens. We have been starved of success for too long - lets make sure it is not another 51 years before the next trophy comes.
30th April 2002 Alex Wilson
Help please! I'm getting reports of the PA system failing again on Saturday, on the Glasgow street end, and the new stand. Could you please send in reports to describe what the failure was like, when it started to happen, were there other noises coming out of the PA? (I've heard there was a "beep-beep-beep" noise coming out of the speakers which apparently coincided with the emergency doors opening in the new stand). The trouble is the PA was working fine in the old stand, so I want as many descriptions as possible to try and track down the fault before next season in case it's an intermittent fault.
30th April 2002 David Main
Well done to Queens and all who contributed to such a great season. Magnificent support on Saturday, you are all welcome back.

Went to my first game in 1966 and have been waiting ever since for the first trophy. I have withstood all manner of mocking from supporters of other teams, now its my turn to enjoy.

JC now has a hard job to take us a stage further, and I know some players will not make the 'cut', but thanks to each and every player who contributed last season, it was great.
29th April 2002 Stephen Redpath
The support for this club is amazing. Last week Partick Thistle attracted just over 6,500 for their championship party to see them lift the 1st division championship and go into the premier league. Queens attracted 6,158 (almost capacity), with the ground almost full at 2.40pm, for our championship party.

For a club completely starved of success, we have shown the true feeling for this club by the numbers who did turn out. Not everyone will be back every week, but if the club shows the same sort of desire for success as has been shown this season we'll do well. We have nothing to fear.
29th April 2002 Ian Raffel
There have been many tributes paid to the players and management (and quite right too!) in the past couple of weeks. Now is the fans' turn. It was incredible to see the attendance from Saturday on Ceefax. I know that there were many who went for the occasion who can't normally go (this described me at the Hamilton promotion game), but it's still a wonderful achievement to have that many at the ground. Well done to everyone for creating what must have been a unique atmosphere. Hope to see you again soon next season!
29th April 2002 Chloe White
well played at the weekend queens, may this form continue!

it has come to my attention that the message board seems to be almost all male. i would just like to say there IS a strong contingent of female supporters and we want some RECOGNITION!!

just cause we don't play the pipes, but i must say the piper is very good and shows great support hopefully he'll be here next season.
29th April 2002 Alan Crawford
Well done to all involved from the ball boys(person's) to the tea lady's.
I wish I could have been there, lets keep the momentum going and do well in DIV 1.
It's great to see and read all the letters on the Notice board.

Go Queen's
29th April 2002 Andrew Coltart
Sensational results.Fantastic for Queens, great for the Fans and all doonhamers. Enjoy the celebration. We're all very proud
29th April 2002 Gordon Robison
Congratulations and thanks to Team and Town for making our wee party very very welcome on Saturday. Five of us made the 330 mile journey from Berkshire to enjoy the occasion and were not disappointed. One comment - there seems to be a small number of fans who appear to believe that those of us who cannot attend every game are somehow less deserving 'glory hunters'. I am sure, like me, far away fans served our dues when we did living in Dumfriesshire, and wanted to be there on Saturday to genuinely congratulate the club on a great achievement. I was three months old when Queens won the last championship and have followed every result since with the same pain/gain as any supporter. Good Luck next year and we will be back up when we can.
29th April 2002 Alec Graham
Well done Alan Gray. As a Workington fan I'm really pleased for him. Last season he was our supporters Player of the Year and it's great to hear he's won an award with Queens as well. Good luck Q o S for your Division 1 campaign.
29th April 2002 Morecambe WBA
well done up there. your attendance on saturday certainly made me look twice at the paper. have enjoyed reading all the messages on here. exiled albion fan still high on our promotion.lets hope we both do well. I may even make a trip up to dumfries next season. good luck
29th April 2002 Euan Coulthard
I would like to say a big thank you and well done to Connely and the boys and especially Ronnie Bradford whom have all done excellently to gain promotion and the championship! Big Ronnie is a hero!!
29th April 2002 Stephen Moffat
Every report ive read has claimed that weatherston got the 4th goal. i was pretty sure that sean o'connor had got it (no 14). could someone clear this up?

Don't believe what you read in the papers but do believe what you read on this website, see the match report.
29th April 2002 Robin & Euan Maxwell
Another special day at Palmerston,great crowd,four goals,J.T lifting the trophy,a few beers at the marks to the Doonhamers Travel Club on another excellent night.

I would personally like to thank Jon Crawford who did a magnificent P.R. job when Euan was getting autographs from the rest of the players and then came up and spoke to us just before we left.Well done Jon you are an ambassador to the club and are now a hero to a young doonhamer.

Once again congratulations to every body for the last few weeks and roll on August.

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