Scottish Cup News 2007/08

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A day to remember

The day after the night before and what a night. It's up sharp, two paracetamol and waken up Captain Chaos (John Junior), then down for breakfast. After breakfast it's down town for a look around the shops and displays in sunny Dumfries and a full 10/10 for all the shops and stores in the town centre. Everyone has some sort of display and 'Good Luck' messages to the team and it was very much appreciated.

It has been great to see the whole town rally behind the football club with such style and fervour.
Director Craig Paterson informs us all that we have a Civic Reception across from the hotel in the new DG1 Centre. We all head over to hear the Provost thanking us for our efforts and for bringing Queen of the South and Dumfries to the attention of the world. Sounds weird!

But, as we were told by Sky every country in the world watches the Scottish Cup Final. It runs into a 100 million or more. Honestly that's what he said and the Queens' support will now deservedly be mentioned with great reverence around the globe. Phenomenal that's the only word to describe our fantastic support.

After the civic reception it was on to the Open-Top Bus for an amazing tour around the town centre. At every corner there just seemed to be more and more people at every turn all decked out in Queens' hats, scarfs and football tops with the flags waving.

It was a magnificent site as we neared the ground. Everyone started following the bus and describing it to all my friends was: 'It was like watching the last day of the Open Championship on the 18th green with all the crowd coming up the fairway'. It was amazing to witness and I couldn't help but burst with pride at seeing all the amazing Queens' fans and as if that wasn't enough when we finally got to the ground the stadium was absolutely jam-packed and filled to the rafters.

The colour and the sight was amazing and we were introduced one-by-one and when I myself was introduced and walked on to the park with everyone cheering, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Then along with the rest of the staff, directors and players, not forgetting our families (in my case, Jeanne, John and Lisa) we walked around the stadium applauding our magnificent supporters for all the help they'd given us in this historic season.

For Queens' first-ever Scottish Cup Final, fourth place in the league, most goals scored in a season in recent years--the list goes on and on. And a massive thank-you to everyone at the club! But what about that Eric Moffat in the office--worked like a trojan to get all the jobs done behind the scenes and the tickets sold along with Ewan and the rest of the volunteers, then goes off on holiday and misses all the best bits.

Don't worry Eric we will do it all again next year just for you, so don't book you holiday until June next year.

Outside Palmerston I had a chat with three top guys named 'Gogs', Colin and 'Sturie'. We chat about the season past and look forward to the forthcoming adventure in the UEFA Cup.

The UEFA Cup, here we go again! Kerso's Diary straight from the San Siro or even Villa Park. Yahoo! So thanks lads for the chat you are three top blokes and I look forward to seeing you next season for our new adventures with the Doonhamers.

C'Mon You Queens!!!

Bill Goldie
Our favourite physio recalls one of the best days in his life!

No more sleeps, no more time to think. This was Cup Final day! Yahoo, Yippee. Cometh the day, cometh the hour, but most importantly cometh the man, woman and children, almost 16,000 from Dumfries to be precise.

And what a cauldron of noise and colour they make as they hit hallowed Hampden. It was a sight that, during the warm up, brought a lump to my throat. And for the next 90 odd minutes what a noise they made.
For me that's what made the final. I will let you into a secret, as usually what is said in the dressing room stays in the dressing room. The manager mentioned the supporters in his half-time team talk saying "See all those thousands of people, they are here to see Queens. We haven't shown them the real Queens yet, so let's get out and give them something to shout and talk about. Let's get a goal back and see where that takes us."

We were out and ready a full five minutes before Rangers. We meant business and were ready to sweat blood to get back into this final. Which we duly did with a 'Tosher' special--the less said about the part of his body he scored with the better.

Then for me the goal of the game! A colossal header from our skipper big JT. What a roar erupted from the Queens' end. They then sounded like a 100,000 as they roared the boys on.

2-2! Game on!

We were now in the ascendancy, we had them rocking for a good 10 minutes, but despite a couple of half chances we failed to score. And as fate would have it Rangers netted to make it 3-2 and that's the way it finished. So near but yet so far!

What a game and what an adventure. Thanks again to all our magnificent supporters. Each and every one of you were a credit to our club and you deserved every bit of praise that came your way. As our slogan goes, 'Yer hame team's yer ain team'.

After the game we have 10 minutes with our families and then it's off down the road to Dumfries. On the bus everybody is to say the least hyper. I share a table and seats with Stephen Grindlay, Craig Reid and Ryan McCann. Big 'Shay' comes to life and is giving it, 'Oh the me and Shay Given' patter. 'Aye we were top mates at Newcastle United'. Course it begins to wear off after the 200th time of hearing it. Only joking, the big guy is 'top man'.

We share a few beers and blether all the way back to Dumfries. Having said that it was hard to hear each other talk with big Sean shouting for a beer every two minutes and the regular card sharks John O'Neill, Eric Paton and Neil 'Bilko' Scally disputing every hand they play.

We arrive at the Cairndale Hotel where they have a red carpet waiting for us, ala the Oscars style. What a nice touch and the staff all line up with once again our fanatical supporters to cheer us off the bus.

We are re-united with our families and all head to the hall for a great night of drinking, dancing and savouring every second of this great adventure that was Queen of the South's great cup run.

To Queens supporters everywhere - thank you - Up the Doonhamers!

As usual, whenever we arrive at a game with Queens the first person I see at Hampden is Bill Goldie. This man gets everywhere and does a magnificent job behind the scenes. So cheers Bill for playing your part in a never-to-beforgotten season.

When we reached our dressing room we were met by the 3 musketeers. Yes, you've guessed it--Kevin McCormack our top groundsman ( you know I can honestly say I have never seen big Kevin without a smile on his face, must be Isla spoiling him with all that top grub she feeds him) Number two Ian Black, our kit man, what a great first season for 'Blacko'. My last sight on leaving Hampden was Ian dismantling everything with Queen of the South on it for his unbelievable memorabilia collection.He has a four bedroom house with three of the bedrooms full of Queen of the South memorabilia. He's a great guy and along with Kevin has us turned out neat and tidy at every game.

Bon Voyage to Jamesy Batey and I hope you are a great success in Australia. Oz won't know what's hit it.

The last instalment of this Cup Final is of course the Open Top Bus around Dumfries.

Speak to you all soon

Cheers Kerso

Bill Goldie
Thanks 28th May 2008
On behalf of John Paterson and myself can i thank the following volunteers who gave up their own free time to help staff both the Club shop and the Loreburne Centre Outlet in the week of the Cup Final your efforts were greatly appreciated.

Tommy Abell, Donald Bethel, Martin Buchan, Angela Crofts, Lois Crofts, Finlay Currie, Louise Currie, John Graham, Stuart Gillespie, David Linden, Maureen Lithgow, Carole McArthur, Colin Paterson, Karen Paterson, Jayne Pringle and Karen Wright.

Graham Crofts
Hello Santa, make the Scottish Cup Final something special.

Friday we stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow which was fantastic. Thanks again to the Chairman and the Board of Directors for looking after us so well as always.

After training, as in the semi-final, we had a look around Hampden. Then we headed off to the hotel, but on the way myself and 'Burnsy' made a detour to Newton Mearns to meet up with the 'Football Legend' that is Billy McNeill--the first ever British captain to hold aloft the European Cup. What a great guy!

It was all set up by Roger Hannah of the 'Sun' and, as usual, Kenny Ramsay was buzzing about in the background with his camera at the ready. Billy gave 'Burnsy' lots of advice on how to approach the big day at Hampden. After spending an hour in the great man's company, to say we were like' two kids with the freedom of the toyshop' was an under statement. We headed off to the hotel on 'cloud nine'. What a great man.

Once settled into the hotel we had a team meeting then dinner, followed by the quiz which was won by 'Jon-Jo', 'Tosher', Neil MacFarlane and Andy Aitken who, funnily enough' were the same four guys who won the quiz before the semi final with Aberdeen.

Is this an omen or what? I say it is! So it's a glass of wine with director big Craig Paterson. Craig insists we must have rose wine the same as we drank before the semi final. This superstitious lark is begining to grab everyone.

Soon we are joined by the Chairman, directors Billy Hewitson and Allan the 'Legend' Ball along with the Doc. We have a great time together watching all the Sky coverage of Dumfries and the town in the build up to the Final. It's surreal watching Sky Sports and when it's Queens on TV we are all buzzing in anticipation of the big day.

Also staying at the hotel were the Celtic double-winning team of 1998 who were holding a re-union function ahead of Sunday's game for Phil O'Donnell. All at Queens wish them well!

I would need a calculator to tell you how many Celtic supporters and ex-players came up to me saying 'I hope you win tomorrow, half of Scotland are behind you'.

I head to bed where it's a quick phone call to Jeanne, checking all the family have arrived safely from all over Europe. She assures me they have so I nod off to sleep and dream of Queens' lifting the cup.

What they all had to say 26th May 2008
After our valiant cup battle against Rangers on Saturday, here's what folk had to say.

Chairman, Davie Rae described it as a fabulous weekend which was enjoyed by all but admitted, "In the first half of the game itself we didn't do too well but after the interval I thought we were absolutely brilliant in that opening 20 minutes and scored two wonderful goals. Although we lost 3-2, our players gave their all and I was so proud of them. On the Sunday in both the town and at the ground it was magnificent with the town centre itself just a mass of blue and white. It was our first ever Scottish Cup Final in our 89-year-old history and we ran the mighty Glasgow Rangers so close. As long as I live I'll never forget it".

Manager, Gordon Chisholm confessed, "We were a bit rusty in the first half. Rangers complained about playing too many games in the run-up but we didn't have enough in May. When we pulled back to two all I thought we just might nick it--but it wasn't to be. I was bitterly disappointed, but the lads did well and the town of Dumfries did us proud with such a tremendous welcome home".

Skipper, Jim Thomson insisted, "Scoring that equalising goal will live with me forever. Indeed, the whole of the second half made me so proud of all the boys but in the end we fell that wee bit short and it hurt. Sunday itself was just amazing!. It's estimated that about 16,000 turned out for the homecoming and that's astonishing". Added our other marksman, Stevie Tosh. So that's that then! In the end we came so close but we just didn't have enough to go on and beat Rangers. What an amazing journey though--what an experience".

Rangers themselves knew full well they'd been in a game and in the tunnel just after the presentation ceremony Ally McCoist still had a tight grip of the coveted trophy and puffed, "That was a bit too close for comfort".

The fans also had their say and Travel Club Chairman, Ross Corbett sighed, "It was a 'roller-coaster' ride of emotions. Feeling really low at half-time at 2-0 down but up in the clouds when big Jim's header hit the back of the net for the equaliser. I was born in Dumfries and really proud to be a 'Doonhamer' at this very special time". And Jim McCormick added, "Even though we lost I wasn't too downhearted. If we'd got to extra-time I'm convinced we would have won. Sunday was another day I'll never forget with about 5000 turning up at Palmerston for 'welcome home' party and not even a match being played".

Steve Johnstone, another Queens' fan of long-standing, got chatting to a Glasgow 'bobby' while standing in the chip shop queue and he told him, "I've been to dozens of games at Hampden but this is one of the best. It's been so easy with no trouble whatsoever".

Provost Jack Groom stated, "It was a wonderful occasion! It is a time of my life that I'll remember forever and it's been an honour to have been Provost at this special moment. I was also pleased that the people of Dumfries and Galloway turned out in their thousands for the open-top bus journey to Palmerston and for the crowds who followed them there. I think this is the best Queens' team we have had and I only hope that the fans will snap up the season tickets when they go on sale to shoe their appreciation.

The media were also full of praise. Said Willie Johnston of the BBC, "The performance, especially in the second half, was fantastic and Jim Thomson's equaliser must rate as my best moment in my 35 years of watching Queen of the South. Bruce McKenzie of Radio South-West Sound added, "The whole weekend filled me with pride just to be from Dumfries and Galloway. The match, the Queen' fans and the welcome home was really wonderful and it was great to be part of it".

Local pubs were literally 'heaving' when the hoards arrived back in town and on Sunday as well. Allan Houliston of the Hole i' the Wa' enthused, "I proud of all those Queens' fans who follow their side home and away. My pub was packed to the door and it's the best night we've had since the Scotland v Italy match at Hampden".

Jayne Brown, 'mine-host' at the Globe agreed with her fellow publican and said, "I was up at the game and it was wonderful. All the fans were jumping and bouncing up-and-down and you'd have thought they'd just won the pools. It was like Guid Nychburris all over again--a great atmosphere. Added the proprietrix of the Howff, Maureen McKerrow, "We had a super day out and met friends we hadn't seen for years. We even met a man from Australia who'd flown all the way here just for the game. Our Globe Inn supporters were singing and dancing in the close right up to 5.00 pm on Sunday and what a time they were having".

Lynn Chambers head teacher at Loreburn (one of the many schools visited by the cameras) admitted, I didn't manage up to the match but watched it on TV. I was 'gutted' at half-time but they came back well in the second half and put up a brave fight". Young Jack Denholm a pupil at the same school missed out when the live GMTV broadcast was called off but he was up at Hampden and smiled, "I liked the big crowd and I liked Jim Thomson. He's my favourite player and I met him when he was up at Heston Rovers to see us".

And to made it an even better week-end to savour--there were no trouble and no arrests. Chief Inspector, Mickey Collins, praised the fans for their excellent conduct throughout and remarked, "I was invited up to Hampden by the Match Commander which I deemed a real honour. He was full of praise for both sets of fans and reported no trouble whatsoever. What a difference from Manchester! When I got back home I was informed that there had been a lot of good natured celebrations to mark our great performance, but to our knowledge, no arrests over the entire weekend. That speaks volumns for Dumfries so well done to you all".

Bill Goldie
Internet Fan Club Player of the Season 26th May 2008
Whilst Jim Thomson took first place following the voting for the Man of the Match in the Scottish Cup Final a solid second place from Sean O'Connor ensured that he retained his position at the top of the Internet Fan Club Player of the Season League Table. Over 100,000 individual votes were cast over the course of this season and every single competetive game was taken into account. It's a remarkably consistent effort from Sean who has led the league table from mid-August.

Previous winners of the award have been, Neil Scally - 2006-07, Richie Barnard - 2005-06, Jim Thomson - 2004-05, Steve Bowey - 2003-04, Alan Gray - 2002-03, Andy Aitken - 2001-02, Peter Weatherson - 2000-01 and winner of the first ever IFC Player of the Season Warren Hawke in 1999-00.

All of the individual votes have been added to the Latest Report section and the Player of the Season League Table has also been completed. Thanks for voting.

Sean takes on De Marcus Beasley in the Scottish Cup Final
Our heroes are welcomed home. 25th May 2008
Beaten but not in any way disgraced! That one sentence sums up yesterday's brave effort by our boys in blue at Hampden.

Last night the players and club officials celebrated the achievement at the Cairndale Hotel with their wives and families and this afternoon the townsfolk turned out in great numbers to welcome their heroes home.

Thousands lined the streets of Dumfries as the open-top bus with the players aboard made its way from DG1 to Palmerston where the 'second biggest' crown of the season, around 5000, packed the ground and cheered each and every one of them as they were announced onto the park.

Manager, Gordon Chisholm, couldn't believe the tremendous welcome and said, "It was like we'd actually won the Cup. I don't know what it would have been like if we had".

One stelwart Queens' man (close to tears) remarked, "Today's been the best day of my whole life".

Bill Goldie

A sea of blue follows the team bus down Buccleuch Street

Chis gives the fans a wave

Crowds swarmed to Palmerston

The man himself Davie Rae

The crowd show their appreciation

Big Jim takes the applause
KERSO'S QUIZ 23rd May 2008
1. After a 5 year absense who last week secured a return to the football league, and who did they beat in the Conference play off final?

2. Who finished 2nd bottom of the 4 English Divisions?

3. Leeds United currently in the English 1st Division were in the semi-finals of the Champions League only 6 years ago. But who defeated them?

4. Ronaldo has scored 42 goals this season for Man United, a total bettered only by 2 other United players in the last 40 years. Name them both?

5. If you are eating Char Sui in a Chinese restraunt what would you be eating?

6. Name the top 3 players with the most appearences in the European Cup/ Champions League?

7. Apart from Celtic and Rangers name the 5 clubs to have won the Scottish Cup in the last 20 years?

8. Which Premiership ground is actually situated on an island?

9. Name the only English player to play in 2 European Cup Finals for a foreign club?

10. Where in the body would you find the saddle and the anvil?

11. Name the 5 African countries that took part in the 2002 World Cup Finals?

12. Which city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics?

13. Who was the first non British player to win the Scottish 'Player of The Year' Award?

14. Which player scored in the 2001 and 2002 FA cup finals?

15. Which star who played part of his career in Scotland is currently in 4th position of record appearances in UEFA competitions?

16.Who was the youngest golfer to compete in the 2002 Ryder Cup?

17.Why did Myles Byrne cost Ian Woosnam the 2001 British Open?

18. Who did Zinedine Zedane replace as the world's most expensive footballer?

19. Who was the first foreigner to score a hat-trick in the Premiership?

20. What is a Natatorium used for in the Olympics?

21. On what piece of equipment do competitors perform a manoevre called 'The Thomas Flairs'?

22. In the 2002 Commonwealth Games which Man City player carried the flag for Bermuda.?

The players have now finished it and off to the final sleep--so now it's over to you, the punters.

Pre-match 23rd May 2008
We are a band (The Dangleberries) - Pipes, Drums, Guitars, Vocals etc based in Castle Douglas and have been asked by "The Ferry" @ Anderson Quay (home of the Tartan Army) to play for Queens Fans only tomorrow morning (details below). It's all been a bit short notice, but they have about 150 tickets or so away already (it holds about 600 to 700). The gig is a "family friendly" one so children are welcome.


  • Gig is at The Ferry - Anderson Quay.
  • Ticket Contact Number is (01698) 360085 - Lesley or Nicola
  • Doors open at 10.30am - pies will be served
  • Bar opens @ 11.00am
  • Dangleberries play 1st Set at 11.45am and 2nd Set around 1.00pm
  • Gig finishes at 1.45pm to allow fans (and some of the band who have tickets time to get up to Hampden)

  • Shop update 22nd May 2008
    The club shop will be open for a final night on Friday from 6 to 8pm for the sale of the last few remaining items of Cup Final kit. We still have a few XL adults shirts and a number of childs Road to Hampden T Shirts.

    Please note that the trailer in Dumfries High Street is operated by our on line merchandisers and will be retailing their own items of clothing. Queen of the South FC do receive commision on any item bought from this merchandiser.

    Graham Crofts
    KERSO'S DIARY 22nd May 2008
    It's the Final Countdown!

    3 sleeps to go, amazing to say the least.

    Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions. we had a great day at training and it's the sharpest we have looked this week with the gaffer and coaches bringing the players to their peak at just the right time.

    Some of the inter-play between Tosher and Burnsy was superb with Dobbs in absolutely scintillating form with some of his finishes being world class. This guy could play at any level. Having said that we are glad he's a 'Doonhamer' next season.

    After training we had a visit from 'Pudsey', the rep from under armour. The company who make the tee-shirts and vests for all the top players from Henry to Drogba and Lampard. You name it, they all wear it to help re-hydrate the body during training and games. To that list you can now add Harris, McQuilken, O'Connor and all the rest of the Queens lads. Theres a lot to be said for getting to a major cup final.

    After training myself, the manager, Kenny B and Peter Latchford walked up to the funeral of Scottish Legend Tommy Burns and what a fantastic send off in every respect. We will all miss you mate!.

    Then it was home for a quick tea, kiss Jeanne and Lisa goodbye and off to the Scotland U'21 game at Rugby Park with KB. Met up with some old friends Owen Coyle, Sandy Stewart, John Blackely, John Brownlie and ex-Queens' manager Mike Jackson who sends his best wishes to all at Palmerston.

    My own personal Scottish Cup week started in earnest at 5am at Glasgow Airport as I picked up my sister Patricia and her husband Chris from Cyprus. We havent seen for 4 years so we had lots of catching up to do. So thanks lads for getting to the Scottish Cup Final.

    Mind you I would not be saying that after listening to my sister talking non-stop for a few days.. Still there's another squad on the way up from Swindon and Oxford on Friday, so there's going to be a healthy support for Queens come Saturday.

    Till then, adios all you loyal 'Doonhamers'.

    PS tomorrow I will give you a run-down on the staff and players and all their little idiosyncrasies and the like--just for a bit of fun you understand.

    Till then, Queens Forever

    Live broadcast cancelled 22nd May 2008
    Due to unforeseen circumstances the live GMTV broadcast from the Whitesands early tomorrow morning has been cancelled. GMTV however will still be filming in the town this afternoon and evening and apologise to all concerned about the let-down.

    Bill Goldie
    Pre Cup Final Meeting Today 22nd May 2008
    Officials from Queen of the South and Glasgow Rangers attended a pre-Cup Final meeting hosted by the SFA today at Hampden Park.

    With the stadium approaching a capacity crowd - and to ensure a successful occasion - it is important that we all focus on the safety and well-being of those attending the game. For this reason both clubs were requested to advise the following:

  • In order that everyone can find their seats in comfort we would encourage supporters to arrive early at the stadium.
  • For those travelling to the game by road, it is vital that they adhere to the routes specified by Strathclyde Police on this site yesterday.
  • Everyone is requested to respect their fellow supporters and - aside from obvious times of excitement - please remain seated at all times during the game.
  • Please remember that the stadium is non-smoking at all times.

    As previously announced by the club, any Glasgow Rangers supporters attending the game who are seated amongst Queen of the South supporters will be removed from the stadium.

    The stadium will open for the general public at 1:30 pm on Saturday.

    Let's all have a great day, enjoy this memorable occasion and make sure that we all represent Dumfries and Galloway in a positive manner!

    Colin Rutherford
  • Super Supplements 21st May 2008
    Both our local publishers will have special 'Cup-Final' supplements this week. The 'Standard' and it's sister paper, the 'Galloway News' boasts a 12-page insert featuring interviews with Chairman David Rae, Manager Gordon Chisholm, skipper Jim Thomson and Jamie McQuilken.

    The 'Courier' and the other papers in their group have an 8-page supplement with articles on the manager, Jim Thomson, Stevie Tosh and a story on Eastriggs Supporters Club, It also contains a song-sheet.

    Bill Goldie
    Window competition 21st May 2008
    Winner of the Queen of the South 'Best Dressed Window' competition was Annandale Financial Services in Buccleuch Street, Dumfries. Runner-up was Georgetown Library. Judges were provost, Jack Groom; manager's wife, Lynn Chisholm and our commercial manageress, Margaret Heuchan. The only disappointment was that some of the well dressed windows didn't post an official entry.

    Here are a selection of the best with thanks to Margaret Elliot at Altered Images Photography.

    Bill Goldie
    The Road to Hampden 21st May 2008

    SATURDAY 24TH MAY 2006


    The drivers of all supporters' coaches, irrespective of size and including minibuses, must adhere to the following police instructions.


    M74 Northbound: Exit the M74 at Junction 1 (Fullarton). Turn right onto Fullarton Road, then left onto London Road and continue past Celtic Park to the crossroads junction of London Road at Dunn Street. Turn left onto Dunn Street. Continue on Dunn Street, at the junction with Main Street turn left onto Main Street and continue onto Shawfield Drive, turn right onto Rutherglen Road, turn left onto Polmadie Road where your coach will be directed to park.

    M80 Southbound: Continue onto the A80 and onto M73 Junction 3 at (Mollinsburn). Thereafter continue to Junction 1, and join the M74 and follow the above route.

    M8 Eastbound: Continue on the M8 to Junction 8 (Baillieston) and join the M73 southbound. Thereafter take the offside lane to join the M74 and follow the above route.

    A8 Westbound: Continue onto the M8 to Junction 8 (Baillieston) and join the M73 southbound. Thereafter take the offside lane to join the M74 and follow the above route.


    Queen of the South supporters using private vehicles will have facilities to park within Polmadie playing fields, Polmadie Road, Glasgow (on payment of a small fee).

    M74 Northbound: To avoid congestion on Rutherglen Main Street. Exit the M74 at Junction 1 (Fullarton). Turn right onto Fullarton Road, then left onto London Road and continue past Celtic Park to the crossroads junction of London Road at Dunn Street. Turn left onto Dunn Street. Continue on Dunn Street, at the junction with Main Street turn left onto Main Street and continue onto Shawfield Drive, turn left onto Rutherglen Road, and continue on Glasgow Road to the junction with Burnhill Street. Turn right into Burnhill Street and continue onto Prospecthill Road to Aikenhead Road, turn right onto Aitkenhead Rd, turn right onto Hamilton Street, turn right onto Polmadie Road and continue into the Polmadie Road car park. Where you will be directed to park (on payment of a small fee).


    After the match, all supporters' coaches should follow the reverse of the routes shown above.

    Supporters using private vehicles should follow the reverse of the routes shown above.

    Under no circumstances will QUEEN OF THE SOUTH coaches be allowed to travel west from the Polmadie area on Rutherglen Road towards Caledonia Road.

    Strathclyde Police would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and pleasant day at the National Stadium. We ask for your patience and co-operation by following the above routes, which may be subject to police control and have been specifically chosen with your safety in mind.

    Further information can be obtained by contacting the Strathclyde Police web site

    Call to fans 20th May 2008
    As many Queens fans as possible are asked to attend the following events DRESSED IN QUEENS TOPS E.T.C. for the cup final build up. This Friday 23rd May 6:00-8:30am down the Whitesands across from the Royal Bank Of Scotland for live GMTV. Also Friday 23rd May 5:40pm in the Palmerston Lounge Bar which will be shown live on SKY SPORTS. The local businnesses have shown their support during the build up this time its the fans chance to shine.

    Ross Corbett
    Remember. 20th May 2008
    Remember--to get your QOS kit on for the New Bazaar at 6.00pm on Thursday night and also at 6.00am at the Royal Bank, Whitesands early on Friday morning.

    Bill Goldie
    Whisky comp. 20th May 2008
    For all you whisky fans - for editorial reasons, the Daily Record will be running the Highland Park whisky promotion tommorrow on Wednesday the 21st May now instead of today as planned.

    Jamie Rutherford
    Dedicated song 20th May 2008

    First of all, congratulations on getting to the final! All the best!

    I'm attaching a song that I recorded in 2004 called QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. I always used to say it wasn't a football song, but right now I reckon it should be and I've been dedicating it to you guys at gigs lately.

    I'll tell you a wee bit about myself, coz I do have some connections with your part of the world.

    My band, Andy Lang and The Well will be playing at Wickerman Festival this year for the 3rd time.(We were called The Zealots when we recorded QOS, but we dropped the name). This year we're launching our new album THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, in the acoustic village at Wickerman on Sat 26th July.

    I was also a member of the first team of songwriters to be enlisted by the Burnsong Project, which was set up by Dumfries and Galloway Arts Assoc.

    They set us up for a week in a hotel in Lockerbie in 2005 to explore the art of songwriting and how to teach it.

    We worked with scool kids and a youth project in the area during that week.

    You can find out more through or

    Anyway, I want to wish you every success at Hampden and if the song is of any use to you in your prearations/celebrations, please feel free to use it.

    Best of luck and best wishes

    Andy Lang

    Click here to download Andy's song.
    Not many left! 19th May 2008
    We have been able to secure a reasonable number of additional replica Cup Final strips and will have them available from the usual outlets and the Loreburn Centre. The sizes we have in stock are, XXL, XL, L, M and Youths with a limited number of Child size tops also available.

    John Paterson
    KERSO'S DIARY 19th May 2008
    It's the Final Countdown!

    Now only five days to go to the biggest game in Queen of the South's history, where for the first time ever, the most loyal supporters in Scotland--no make that the world, will get the chance to cheers their team on in their first ever Scottish Cup Final. They don't come any bigger than the Scottish Cup Final, mind you, having said that, the UEFA Cup beckons next season, so who knows!.

    Anyway I digress!. Let's concentrate on this week's game first. We have the small matter of the Scottish Cup Final. I will say that again just in case you think we are dreaming--the SCOTTISH CUP FINAL!!

    Today we had a great training session with the manager concentrating on mainly passing and touch. After some runs we had a game to finish. Young v Old. The victors turned out to be the Auld Yins with a narrow 3-2 win with goals coming from Andy Aitken, Jamie McQuilken and John O'Neill.

    After the game it was back to the dressing room for the main Scottish Cup Final press conference which consisted of five TV cameras, 20 photographers and 30 reporters. And players and staff alike took to it like 'ducks to water'.

    It's great for Queens to be recognised as the Full Time Scottish First Division Club that we now are. Let's just hope that from all the publicity lots of people will get to hear about Queens and we'll get lots more fans from all over the world as Saturday's game will be shown live on BBC1 and Sky Sports. So everyone will get to hear the fantasticQueens' fans in full voice--music to our ears!.

    So everybody--only five more sleeps to go--roll on Saturday!.


    Tune in to West Sound 19th May 2008
    Enjoyable interviews on Radio West Sound today with Colin Rutherford, Allan Ball and skipper Jim Thomson all talking about the club and the Cup Final. Coming up tomorrow is Chairman, Davie Rae on the 9.15am slot and following on are Gordon Chisholm, Sean O'Connor, Andy Aitken, Neil MacFarlane plus a host of others airing their views. Tune in at approx. 9.15am, 1.15pm and 3.15pm for the next four days then all you 'home-birds' can soak up the action with a special edition of 'Super Scoreboard' come Saturday.

    Bill Goldie
    Whisky Competition 19th May 2008

    Highland Park single malt has launched an exclusive Queen of the South bottling to toast the team's spectacular progress to the Scottish Cup final for the first time in their 89 year history.

    To celebrate this outstanding result, Queen of the South and Highland Park are giving Daily Record readers the chance to win the last remaining bottle of this special edition whisky.

    Highland Park launched 89 Queen of the South special edition bottles - one for every year since the club was founded in 1919 - filled with Highland Park 19 year old single malt (RRP £99). 88 of the 89 limited edition bottles were sold out within hours of being released.

    To be in with a chance of winning the last remaining bottle, all you need to do is buy your copy of the Daily Record on Tuesday 19th May 2008.

    Jamie Rutherford
    KERSO'S DIARY 18th May 2008
    It's the Final Countdown

    One week, no make that seven days, and like everyone connected with Queens, from the Board to the staff, players and supporters it can't come quickly enough. It's like waiting and counting the sleeps until Christmas Day, only more exciting.

    As normal, it's still all go at training as the manager and coaches keep the lad's fitness and sharpness at a maximum. We played Hearts last Wednesday at their superb training complex in Riccarton. We won 1-0 thanks to a superb Scott Robertson header. We had a barrow-load of chances and on a better day 'Budgie', 'Dobbs' and big Sean coud have scored six among them. So let's hope they are saving them up for the final in six day's time.

    Can I just finish by mentioning the passing of Tommy Burns. I was fortunate to have grown up with Tommy, going to and playing for St Mary's School and Boys Guild teams. He really was a passionate guy about his football and contrary to what some people may think, he had a fantastic senseof humour and was 'quick on the draw' with a quip or a put down. My deepest sympathy goes out to Rosemary, the kids and family. He truly was a great guy and will be sadly missed by myself and thousands of others.

    Thanks for all the great times!

    Forthcoming Attractions 18th May 2008
    Dumfries is 'the place to be' from now until the Cup Final. Everyone's talking about the 'big match' and no fewer than six TV camera crews will descend on our Royal Burgh this coming week.

    Already two from BBC have been filming. On Monday a unit from Glasgow arrived at Palmerston and this will feature our Chairman, David Rae conducting them on a guided tour of the stadium, meeting up with George Blount (at 92, our second oldest fan) and Tony Telfer who celebrates his 46th birthday on the very day of the game. It also includes Neil MacFarlane giving an interview sitting in Rabbie Burns' chair in the Globe (Howff) Inn.

    This programme will be shown in early afternoon on the day of the final. So, set your video recorders!

    Local journalist and broadcaster, Willie Johnstone, has his own special preview and this will be shown on 'Reporting Scotland' (after the main News) throughout next week with various shots and interviews in and around the town. He meets up with club historian, Ian Black, and it also features a 'Day in the Life' of our charismatic Chairman. Understandably, Davie is in great demand and tomorrow Sky cameras will be out and about to 'put the finishing touches' to a profile on him.

    But Tuesday is when the real action kicks off. Stephen Jardine (son of the late Bill Jardine, a former club Chairman) will be filming at the ground for his own weekly show on STV and on Wednesday two camera crews from London are due to arrive. 'Sportsound' will be visiting a local school, filming at Palmerston and in the town centre while 'Football Focus' will be meeting up with the Provost (who's now had blue and white bunting hung along the High Street) and Queens' players Andy Aitken and Neil MacFarlane in some of the town's famous 'watering holes. They even hope to visit the Burgh Museum if time permits.

    Come Thursday and the 'big guns' arrive, Sky and GMTV, who both have ambitious plans. A party atmosphere is required outside the 'New Bazaar' around 6.00 pm and we ask as many Queens' fans as possible to turn out in the team's colours for the cameras. The Chairman himself and the Provost are coming along to join in the fun and plenty of Davie Rae wigs will be on show.

    GMTV will be 'going live' between 6.00 and 8.30am on Friday morning with a link to their studio and added attractions will be a pipe band, ballboys, mascots and 'Dougie Doonhamer' himself, so once more we ask all fans to turn up in force--again in club colours.

    Sky themselves will take over for the rest of the day and will be there to wave our local players off as they leave Glasgow. They'll be filming all over the town and also at Palmerston itself and meeting up with our oldest fan, 93-year-old Sam Campbell. They'll be judging a painting competition at a local school, visiting pubs and filming some of the best decorated shops. They be talking to loads of fans, who by then will be on a real 'high', before heading for Hampden to film the match itself.

    A top journalist, Mihir Bose, will also be in town that Friday for BBC's 'Today' programme which will be broadcast on the morning of the final. He'll be interviewing David Rae, Sam Campbell and our Provost, Jack Groom.

    Just before kick-off on Saturday, at around 2.00pm, Sky will also be discussing the match with David Rae and Ranger's supremo Martin Bain.

    Bill Goldie
    The Cup Final Season in Verse 17th May 2008
    Poet in Residence to Queen of the South, Bill Halfpenny, has had his verse from this season captured in a special edition booklet available now from the usual outlets. Priced at just £2.50 plus £1.50 P&P it is an enjoyable read and also includes photographs of the games that the poems anticipate.

    John Paterson
    Scottish Cup Finalist youngsters boosted by paintballers. 17th May 2008
    To celebrate the achievement of Queen of the South in getting to the Scottish Cup Final this week, Prozone Paintball and Flatline Laser Park at the Broom Leisure complex in Annan are launching a scheme to raise funds for the football club's youth development programme. Prozone and Flatline are pledging 10% of the game fees from all paintball and laser games this summer that are booked by Queens fans.

    Fans simply need to quote "Queen of the South" when making their paintball or laser park booking at Broom Leisure, and all qualified games played before 30th September this year will generate a donation to the young footballers fund.

    John Wright, Queen of the South fan and co-owner of Prozone Paintball and Flatline Laser Park said "We are all proud of the Queens achievement in the Scottish cup this year and we thought this would be a great way to say congratulations and raise funds for the youngsters who are the local football stars of the future."

    Prozone Paintball is situated between Newbie and Annan, and the venue is the only one in the UK to feature genuine MOD secret bunkers in their play zones. Many companies use it for staff or customer entertainment days, and it is also great for stag parties and other events.

    For players under 12 and for complete family fun, the site also houses Flatline Laser Park, the latest outdoor craze for families with younger children.

    Co-director, Carole Lloyd said "Paintball is ideal for older teenagers and adults, whilst Flatline Laser is more suitable width='100%' for families and younger people. It is a great way to celebrate kids' birthdays and special occasions. We all wish Queen of the South a great day on Saturday and we are very proud of our local team."

    All our fans will have a few spare Saturdays before the new season starts up again in July. Why not visit the Broom Leisure complex in Annan, and support the Queens at the same time!

    For more information on Prozone Paintball and Flatline Laser, telephone 01461 700209, or visit

    The Prozone boys

    Jamie Rutherford
    Cup Final Shirts 17th May 2008
    Please note that the CHILD and YOUTH sizes of cup final replica strips have not been received as yet. We hope to have them in the Club Shop and ready to distribute on Tuesday night. Only pre-ordered shirts in all other sizes are ready for collection.
    QoS v Rangers 17th May 2008

    Andy Penn
    Wrong week 16th May 2008
    Please disregard the dates published in tonight's 'Courier' regarding the visit of Sky and GMTV. It is next Thursday and Friday they are coming not this weekend! What was stated on the 'Website' was "And on the Friday just prior to the big day itself both Sky TV and GMTV will be in town to hear what the locals have to say".

    Bill Goldie
    Tony the trooper 16th May 2008
    One Queen of the South fan who'll be looking forward to the Scottish Cup Final more than most is Tony Telfer who is celebrating his 46th birthday that very same day. He has supported the 'Doonhamers' faithfully for 40 years and has been a season ticket holder for most of that time.

    But what makes this story even more remarkable is the fact that Tony is confined to a wheelchair, having been involved in a road accident at the early age of three. He was paralyzed up one side of his body but soldiered on bravely for a very long time and it was only a couple of years ago that he became wheelchair bound.

    His younger brother, Garry, actually played for Queens in the 1980s which made Tony very proud. However he keeps very much involved with club activities by helping out in the laundry room at Palmerston on a regular basis.

    Tony helping out in the laundry room

    Bill Goldie
    Photo - Angus McDougal Photography - 07 850 790 251
    Highland Park 16th May 2008
    Thanks to the many Queens fans and Highland Park collectors out there, I am pleased to announce that the limited edition Cup Final bottle of Highland Park was completely sold out within 24 hours of going on sale.

    To sell this volume so quickly reflects the quality of both the Highland Park and Queen of the South brands, and I am delighted for the club to have entered into such a rewarding partnership.

    Keep your eyes peeled though, as there may be the chance to win the last bottle in the build up to our big day at Hampden.

    Jamie Rutherford
    KERSO'S DIARY 15th May 2008
    The Final Countdown - 11 Days to go

    Another great day's training by the gaffer and Kenny. It was followed by an even better game which finished up two-all with goals by Bob Harris and 'Budgie Stewart' for the young ones and replies by Andy Aitken and Sean O'Connor for the 'oldies'.

    After training it was a press day for the Sunday papers with a total of 15 reporters and 8 photographers coming along with the usual suspects being interviewed namely--Sean O'Connor, Neil MacFarlane and Stevie Tosh. Honestly this boy was made for TV. So I warn you now Grant Stott and Andy Walker-- beware this boy is primed up for your jobs--he's a natural for TV and Radio.

    Along with the interviews, photographs of players were taken with the famous old cup . I was asked if I wanted my photograph with the trophy but replied, "No, it's OK, for after a week on Saturday I'll be able to get my photograph taken with it any time over the next year when Queens bring the Scottish Cup back to Palmerston".

    We played Hearts in a 'closed-door' game yesterday, so report of that will follow.


    Travel Club News 15th May 2008
    For the build up for the Scottish cup final GMTV will be on air live on Friday 23rd from 6-8:30am opposite the Royal Bank of Scotland on the Whitesands.I have orgasnised for the Corberry Park pipers,Dougie the Doonhamer and all the Queens ball boys and girls to attend.We also need as many Queens fans young and old as possible to attend dressed in Queens colours if possible there will be interviews e.t.c

    Ross Corbett
    Cup Final Merchandise 14th May 2008
    With delivery of Final Shirts expected on Friday 16th May would all those who have pre ordered merchandise please note that orders can only be collected from The Club Shop at Palmerston from Saturday 17th May (opening hours 10am to 4pm).

    Shirts will be on sale at the outlet in the Loreburn Centre from Saturday 17th opening 10am. Once again please note that we are unable to accept credit card sales at the Loreburne Centre.

    Graham Crofts
    It's a sell out 14th May 2008
    All of the tickets allocated to Queen of the South for the Scottish Cup Final on May 24th at Hampden Park have been sold. The last ticket was sold today at lunchtime.

    Ewan Lithgow
    KERSO'S DIARY 13th May 2008
    It's the final countdown--only 12 days to go!

    As usual the boys are chirpy as the final comes ever closer. Today was a very tough training session with plenty of running ordered by the gaffer. There was a game to finish which finished goal less. Don't know if that was down to good goalkeeping by Shay and Jamie or the players were just too tired to get any shots on target. At the end of last week we got our Cup Final suits thanks to Colin at Barbours and our Director, Craig Paterson. Thanks must go to them for their patience with 25 guys all trying on suits, shirts and shoes. Honest to God they are worse than women. Today was quite a quiet start but there's fireworks to come, so keep reading.

    Once a 'Doonhamer' always a 'Doonhamer'!

    Ticket Sales Announcement 13th May 2008
    Demand for Scottish Cup Final tickets has been phenomenal this week.

    We received an initial allocation of 11,224 tickets, followed by a second batch of 2,779 (Sorry for the earlier typo where we had 3,779). The third and final batch of 1,473 tickets was received at Palmerston tonight. Orders have been taken today for almost 1,000 of these tickets which will be completed by volunteer staff this evening before the remainder go on general sale tomorrow. As a result only somewhere in the region of 400 - 500 tickets will reach general sale tomorrow.

    Arrangements for General Sale

    The general sale will begin at 10am on Wednesday morning. Given the lack of tickets available it will be strictly one ticket per person in the queue and one ticket per phone application.

    Eric Moffat
    Highland Park 13th May 2008

    Highland Park single malt is to launch an exclusive Queen of the South bottling to toast the team's spectacular progress to the Scottish Cup final for the first time in their 89 year history.

    The Scottish first division club will play against Rangers at Hampden Park for the final on 24 May. Thrilled fans cheering them on will include supporters from Highland Park single malt Scotch whisky.

    Marking this outstanding occasion, Orkney based Highland Park is launching 89 Queen of the South special edition bottles - one for every year since the club was founded in 1919 - filled with Highland Park 19 year old single malt.

    Ken Grier, Director of Highland Park, says: "I've been a Queen of the South fan since childhood and being able to celebrate this and their 1919 start with a 19 year old whisky is just fantastic. We look forward to toasting success at the final!"

    Gordon Chisholm, Manager of Queen of the South, commented: "By earning a place in the final we've changed our 89 year long history and what better way to celebrate the past, present and future than with a dram of Highland Park 19 year old."

    Each of the 89 70cl Highland Park Queen of the South bottles are sealed in a beautifully crafted wooden box.

    Fans can buy this limited edition through the Highland Park website (RRP £99 + £10 post and packaging) or by calling direct on 0845 6501798.

    For further information please visit

    Jamie Rutherford
    Mascot Competition Winners 12th May 2008
    The winners of the Queen of the South Competition to choose 3 Junior Blues to be Match Mascots at Hampden are as follows:

    Nicholas Fitzpatrick, Moffat

    Scott Glen, Parkgate

    Neil Anderson, Courance

    Many thanks to the hundreds of Junior Blues who entered the competition and good luck to the three boys. I'm sure they will have a great time representing Queen of the South FC at Hampden Park for the Final.

    Margaret Heuchan
    DVD info 11th May 2008
    It has come to my attention that some people are not experiencing the Hampden Heroes DVD at full quality. The footage was created directly off of Sky TV's HD masters, and so to see the images at their best quality you will need to change your TV or DVD player to widescreen setting (or letterbox) should it not do so automatically.

    If you have any issues, please pop into Domino on the Whitesands and the technical staff can help you out.

    Jamie Rutherford
    New chant 11th May 2008
    I noticed at the cup final the lack of chants we had to get the crowd going
    So I wrote a little ditty myself to rouse the fans
    Please post it on our page and give us time to learn it for the final

    It's to the tune of "The Entertainer" (Felix cat food tune)

    "Tell all of the Gers that you know
    That we're winnin' the cup and they're no'!
    We've got Dobbie and Reid
    Jim Thomson's the heid
    And they've only got Nacho Novo!!!"

    That's it, short but sweet!

    Thanks, Mark Irving
    Early refreshments 9th May 2008
    The semi-final early opening of The Caven Arms, (Jamie MacDonald's Cup Final sponsor), in Buccleuch Street was so successful that they are going to open early again on Cup Final day the 24th May, this time 8am. From this time we will be serving bacon rolls and sausage rolls along with alcohol or hot drinks. We have a special beer on called 'Palmerston Pride', available on draught or in bottles, which has been brewed at Castle Douglas by Sulwath Brewery to celebrate Queens great cup run. the railway line 8th May 2008
    Queen of The South Football Club, in conjunction with First Scotrail, has arranged for an 8 car Special Train to operate between Dumfries and Glasgow Central, fans will then travel on scheduled services between Glasgow Central and Mount Florida.

    Outward Service Details: Return Service Details:

    Depart Dumfries 09:35 Depart Glasgow Central 18:32*
    Arrive Glasgow Central 11:11 Arrive Dumfries 20:19*

    Note: In the event of extra time/penalties the following times apply-

    *Depart Glasgow Central 19:37 Arrive Dumfries 21:19

    Cost of through ticket to Mount Florida using this special service is £14.50, tickets are on sale now. Subject to availability, seat guaranteed.

    Tickets are valid for the special service only and adult only fares apply.
    Tickets are subject to availability, are non-refundable and no further discounts are available.

    Please note that alcohol is prohibited on this service.

    Queuing systems will be in place at Dumfries and Glasgow Central and additional staff will be present at both locations to provide customer assistance.

    Jamie Rutherford
    A good workout 8th May 2008
    Queens played the first of their 'closed-door' training matches against St Mirren this afternoon and it was described by Gordon Chisholm as "A good result". He added, "They fielded a mixture of First Team men and 'trialists' but it proved a really good work-out and we're grateful to Saints for their help. In fact, I'm pleasantly surprised at all the assistance we've had from other clubs as well, in our preparations for our first-ever Scottish Cup Final.

    "I feel they've been an awful lot of criticism in the press this week regarding 'lack of help' in Scottish football, but we certainly can't complain.

    "We play Hearts next week and we'll probably try and slip in one more before the big day just to ensure our fitness levels are up to scratch".

    On a different subject Gordon insisted, "After studying the Scotland Under-21 squad for their next internation I was very surprised that Robert Harris wasn't considered. There's lads in there that I've hardy heard of while wee Bob has has a superb season. However, if he hangs on in there I'm certain his time will come".

    Bill Goldie
    A busy time ahead 8th May 2008
    A BBC TV crew will be in town on Monday first as a build-up to the Cup Final. They'll be talking to fans and club officials as they queue for tickets at Palmerston and filming in the town centre.

    And, on the Friday just prior to the big day itself both Sky TV and GMTV will be in town to hear what the locals have to say. The latter insist they'll be filming from 6.30am. onwards. So be prepared all you 'early birds'. Places to be visited if time permits are local hostelries including the Hole i' the Wa', the Globe Inn (Howff) and the New Bazaar. They'll be interviews with the Provost, the local MP, shopkeepers and the Queens' fans themselves, to get their feeling on the match.

    Palmerston itself will feature prominently and they'll be looking for interviews with the Chairman and our local players before they head north.

    Bill Goldie
    Official Queen of the South Cup Final Merchandise 7th May 2008
    The following will be available

    Cup Final Replica Shirt - Adults £40 Childs £35 (expected delivery date 17th May)
    Cup Final Polo Shirts - £22
    Road to Hampden T-Shirts - £12 (sizes ranging from 3/4 years to XXL)
    Cup Final Scarves - £10
    Queen of the South Tartan Scarves - £14
    QoS printed scarf - £10
    QoS Bar scarves - £9
    Cup Final Enamel Badge - £3 (3 different designs)
    Road to Hampden Cup Final Enamel Badge - £4
    Cup Final Flags - £4
    Jester Hats - £5
    Baseball Caps - £8
    Bronx Caps - £8
    Stadium Horns - £2 & £3
    Road to Hampden Mugs - £6

    Club Shop

    Merchandise is available at the Club Shop, Palmerston Park during the following periods

    Saturday 10th May & Sunday 11th May -- 10am to 4pm
    Monday 12th to Friday 16th May -- 12 noon to 4pm
    Monday 19th May to Friday 23rd May -- 6pm to 8pm

    In conjunction with The Loreburne Centre we are pleased to confirm that the Club will operate a shop unit within the Centre during the following periods

    Saturday 17th May to Friday 23rd May -- 10am to 4pm

    Please note that we cannot offer credit card facilities at the Loreburne Centre outlet or at the Club shop in evenings

    Telephone orders can be made for all merchandise via The Club Shop at Palmerston Park

    Official Outlets

    Official Queen of the South Merchandise is also only available from the following outlets

    Andersons Kilt Hire
    Dumfries Tourist Information Centre

    Castle Douglas
    Lows Newsagent

    Johnstones Sports

    Sports & Trophy Centre

    Nith Valley Embroidery

    On line Merchandise

    Our partners, Official Merchandising, have a range of QoS Cup Final merchandise available on line via this web site.

    They will also have an outlet at Hampden Park on Cup Final Day stocking their range of QoS Merchandise and will also be present in Dumfries on Sunday 25th May for the homecoming parade when a new post final T-shirt will be available.

    Graham Crofts
    Good Luck 7th May 2008

    Daryl Finlay (11) and Habib Ullah (11) from Laurieknowe Primary School visited Palmerston today and presented a Good Luck card to the Club Secretary, Eric Moffat. Over 300 pupils in the school had signed the card wishing the team all the best for the Scottish Cup Final.
    The Road to Hampden 7th May 2008

    SATURDAY 24TH MAY 2006


    The drivers of all supporters' coaches, irrespective of size and including minibuses, must adhere to the following police instructions.


    M74 Northbound: Exit the M74 at Junction 1 (Fullarton). Turn right onto Fullarton Road, then left onto London Road and continue past Celtic Park to the crossroads junction of London Road at Dunn Street. Turn left onto Dunn Street. Continue on Dunn Street, at the junction with Main Street turn left onto Main Street and continue onto Shawfield Drive, turn right onto Rutherglen Road, turn left onto Polmadie Road where your coach will be directed to park.

    M80 Southbound: Continue onto the A80 and onto M73 Junction 3 at (Mollinsburn). Thereafter continue to Junction 1, and join the M74 and follow the above route.

    M8 Eastbound: Continue on the M8 to Junction 8 (Baillieston) and join the M73 southbound. Thereafter take the offside lane to join the M74 and follow the above route.

    A8 Westbound: Continue onto the M8 to Junction 8 (Baillieston) and join the M73 southbound. Thereafter take the offside lane to join the M74 and follow the above route.


    Queen of the South supporters using private vehicles will have facilities to park within Polmadie playing fields, Polmadie Road, Glasgow (on payment of a small fee).

    M74 Northbound: Exit the M74 at Junction 1 (Fullarton). Turn right onto Fullarton Road, then left onto London Road and continue past Celtic Park to the crossroads junction of London Road at Dunn Street. Continue on Dunn Street, at the junction with Main Street turn left onto Main Street and continue onto Shawfield Drive, turn right into Rutherglen Road then left into Polmadie Road and continue to Polmadie playing fields where you will be directed to park (on payment of a small fee).


    After the match, all supporters' coaches should follow the reverse of the routes shown above.

    Supporters using private vehicles should follow the reverse of the routes shown above.

    Strathclyde Police would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and pleasant day at the National Stadium. We ask for your patience and co-operation by following the above routes, which may be subject to police control and have been specifically chosen with your safety in mind.

    Further information can be obtained by contacting the Strathclyde Police web site

    Club Shop 2nd May 2008
    The Queens Club Shop will be providing an outlet in the Loreburne Centre from Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd May. All of our Cup Final merchandise will be available. We would also advise that the 'Official Merchandise' advertised on the site will be available on Cup Final day at Hampden, however we are also producing unique goods for sale in Dumfries. Details of the opening hours of the Loreburne Centre unit and the Club Shop at Palmerston will be posted next week.

    John Paterson
    Celebrations 2nd May 2008
    Win or lose at Hampden on the 24th of May it is expected that the Queens' players will be returning to Dumfries, staying overnight in an hotel and touring the town the next day in an open-deck bus to say 'a big thank-you' to all the fans for their support.

    Bill Goldie
    KERSO'S DIARY 1st May 2008
    Up early for training session at 10am. It's the usual suspects leading the charge Bob Harris and Jamma. Training was finished off with a fantastic game of end-to-end football which ended with who else - 'Dobbs' - scoring the winner to get a victory for the young ones.

    Back to hotel for lunch then and hour with the press boys for pictures. We then head to the golf course where it is glorious sunshine.

    I've got 'Budgie' Stewart as my caddy and driver with 'Dobbs' driving the buggy for Scott Robertson. This time big 'Scotty' is unstoppable and cruises to the title with some awesome golf. Tell you what, this boy is ready for the PGA tour!

    The highlight of the round is when 'Burnsy' was about to putt. This buggy comes rolling by from nowhere with 'Dobbs' flying through the air pretending to shoot everyone on the green, ala James Bond style!

    I tell you the boy is mad but great fun around the place.

    At night we watch the Chelsea v Liverpool game which was exciting from start to finish with the congratulations going to Avram Grant - will that man ever smile?

    During the adverts up comes the Sky Super May programmes with a bit about all the Cup Finals and you've guessed - the biggest roar goes up when the Queen of the South v Rangers advert goes on.

    After the game we head to bed for what the gaffer has described as the hardest training session of the week.!

    And the boys were not dissappointed

    It was a hard session with two 15 minute hill runs, a 35 minute possesion game, followed by some passing drills and some crossing and finishing.

    It was all finished off with some quick feet. In this heat it was a great effort from the lads.

    Today it was my turn for the press interviews and photos. - What a life ! Even just talking about the Cup Final brings goosebumps. My abiding memory of the semi-final was on the bus going to Hampden and those magnificent Queens fans lining the way. I had a lump in my throat and, don't tell my wife Jeanne, but I also had a tear in my eye.

    The look of hope and expectation on everyone's faces. We just knew we couldn't let them down.

    For me that is a memory that will live with me forever.

    Today's golf was optional so I think myself, the gaffer, Kenny and Peter are going to the port to search for presents for our wives and families.

    What to buy the wife, - now thats what you call real pressure HaHa!

    Its the Rangers v Fiorentina game tonight so we are all going to watch the game and hope we can get a Scottish team into the European Final.

    We fly home tomorrow lunchtime and I for one am ready for it. Its nice to get away - but even nicer to get back home.

    So its adios sunny Marbella and hello raining Glasgow.

    So from me its over and out from Spain


    Clarification 1st May 2008
    Scottish Cup Final
    24th May 2008
    Sale of Tickets
    Clarification Statement

    A number of queries have been raised so far with regard to ticket sales arrangements. Please find clarification as follows:

    1 - Any one person may bring along all of their methods of qualifying for tickets and those of all friends and family they wish to sit with at the same time. All the individuals do not need to be in attendance at point of purchase. In this way people will be able to buy groups of tickets together. A person may attend on the day available for their highest priority category.

    In other words, a season ticket holder may bring with them, other season tickets, vouchers, cup semi final tickets for any number of others and purchase a large group together so long as there is sufficient entitlement in total for the number they wish to buy and all tickets are fully paid for at that point. A season ticket holder can do all this on the Saturday May 10th. A voucher holder with no season tickets or shares can collect all vouchers and semi final tickets for a group and do the same but cannot apply before Sunday May 11th. A supporter with only semi final tickets can collect as many of them as they have and buy on a one for one basis together on Monday May 12th.

    2 - Obviously we cannot verify the existence of a voucher or semi final ticket over the telephone. All people unable to attend Palmerston in person who wish to make an application for tickets based on vouchers or semi final tickets should make a postal application and accompany it with an open cheque payable to Queen of the South FC with the words "Not more than £xx" written along the top and initialed. The financial figure for "£xx"is the total cost of the tickets they wish to apply for. If it is not possible to accommodate people in the category that they wish then lesser value tickets may be sent instead and the value of the cheque reduced accordingly by our staff.

    If you wish to do this please post to The Ticket Office, Queen of the South FC, Palmerston Park, Terregles Street, Dumfries DG2 9BA

    Please note that tickets sent through the post are entirely at the purchaser's risk. We are informed by the SFA that no tickets lost in the post can be replaced. There remains the option of 'Guaranteed Next Day Delivery' at a cost of £5.

    3 - In the family section, one adult may take up to four children and one child may be accompanied by up to four adults. If your group ratio is any more than that you cannot purchase tickets in the family section. A person qualifies as a "child" for this section if they are aged 16 years old or under.

    Eric Moffat
    Club Secretary
    KERSO'S DIARY 30th April 2008
    YAHOO! Thats it started again. We all roll up to Glasgow Airport at 5am on Monday morning only to be met with the Sky camera crew and Dave Tanner eagerly getting interviews with other people coming up and taking our photos. Tell you what you could get used to this fame thing. Roll on Europe!

    No second thoughts, lets just keep focused on the Scottish Cup.

    Before anyone wonders, yes its happened....... ..............the gaffer has new trainers - thank God as hids old pair were loweringthe fashion of the club. Still thats him on the right track. We are joined on the trip by our two old friends Paul Hughes and Kenny Ramsay from the SUN newspaper, along with Craig and Chris from the Daily Record.

    We had a good flight out with some light-hearted banter. We even had the pilot make a happy birthday announcement for Burnsy from his dad 'Gordon Chisholm'. Paul revels in the banter and always gives as good as he gets.

    We are also joined by Directors Craig Paterson and Billy Hewitson and the 'Top Doc' Guy Beaumont.

    After an hour on the bus we arrive at our hotel in Benhavis. Its stunning, a good 30 minutes drive from Marbella into the hills. It's picture postcard and caters for football clubs all year round. Recent guests here have been Birminghan City, Notts Forest, Derby County and FC Copenhagen to name but a few. The facilities are 5 star and will be a great help in the build up to the Cup Final.

    I sat beside Scott Robertson and Stephen Dobbie on the plane so a bit of shut eye was out of the question. When I did manage to doze off I was woken by 'Dobb' screaming YAK in my ear.

    Anyway, I must go now as we are training at 5pm. The Gaffer and Kenny are hard task masters. PS anyone got an oxygen mask handy HA-HA

    Monday Night
    Watched West Brom draw with Southampton, then back to the hotel for a bit of banter and some' mickey taking'.

    Everyone up at 8.30 am for breakfast followed by training at 10.00 am. Then head back to the hotel for lunch followed by a day of golf at the Atalaya Park.

    On the 1st hole Tosher chips in for a birdie. All through the day all we got from Tosher was 'Did you chip in at the 1st - No it must have been me then'!

    Still I was paired with Scott Robertson against 'Burnsy' and 'Gilly' in an Ayrshire 'Battle Royal' with yours truly and big 'Scottie' sending the two Cumnock boys home with their 'tails between their legs' after a 3 and 2 victory.

    The overall winner was Eric Paton who shot a 3 over par, followed by Scott Robertson and Neil MacFarlane, but as the saying goes--a great day was had by all.

    We were joined by the press boys Paul, Kenny, Craig and Chris to watch the Man United v Barcelona game. Congratulations to Sir Alex and his players for reaching the Champions League Final.

    As usual we all started dreaming. Just think we could get Man United in a couple of years. Well as they say you can't help someone dreaming.!

    QUEENS V MANCHESTER UNITED at a packed Palmerston - now there's a 'mouth-watering' prospect.

    PS The staff and all the players would like to thanks all Queens' fans for their support on Saturday. Sorry for the result but we will make it up to you in the SCOTTISH CUP FINAL


    Queens are on the Rise 30th April 2008
    Queens fan Simon Davidson has written and recorded a superb anthem for the Scottish Cup experience. You can listen to it here at or download it from the 'Multimedia' section of this website.

    Thanks Simon, it's a piece of music that captures the moment really well.
    Beeb want you 29th April 2008
    Would you like to be in the TV trailer to promote the BBC's coverage of the Scottish Cup Final?

    We are looking for family members or groups of friends who are eager Queens supporters and who would like to be interviewed on camera talking about their excitement of the upcoming final.

    We are holding auditions this Wednesday (30th) in the Green Room of Palmerston Park from 4pm till 8pm.

    If you are successful you would have to be available on the 11th May and be able to travel to Hampden Park where the filming will take place.

    If you are interested or you'd like more information please contact Julie by phone (0141 422 7594) or email (
    Prize Draw Cup Final Bonus 29th April 2008
    £1000 OF EXTRA PRIZES!
    To celebrate Queen of the South reaching
    the Final of the Scottish Cup

    Queen of the South Prize Draw will announce

    one extra prizewinner of £100* each day for 5 days

    from Monday 19th May - Fri 23rd May, 2008 and

    the Prize on Saturday 24th May, 2008 will be £1,000

    Join now for your chance to win!!

    Phone Margaret on 01556 504569 for your nearest agent!
    *The 5 extra weekday prizes of £100 from 19th May to 23rd May will be announced alongwith the £50 and £25 prizes, and there will be one prize announced on Saturday, 24th May of £1000 instead of the £500 prize. Announcements will be made on Southwest Sound at around 11.45am, in the Dumfries & Galloway Standard, Galloway News and
    Cup Final Online Merchandise 28th April 2008
    [Cup Shop]
    A new facility for fans has been set up specifically for the Scottish Cup Final merchandising. More items will be added in the next few days so check back regulalry via the new link on the front page.
    Cup Final Ticket Sales 28th April 2008

    Scottish Cup Final
    24 May 2008
    Sale of Tickets
    Queen of the South fans will initially be housed in Sections I1, I2, I3, I4, I5 and I6 in the BT Scotland South Stand, and then in Sections F6, F7, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8 in the East Stand at Hampden Park. When this area is sold out limited additional tickets may be made available.

    Prices will be:
    South Stand £35
    East Stand £28

    Family Section in the East Stand
    Adults £24
    Children £10 (maximum of 4 per adult).

    Tickets will go on sale as follows:

    Season Ticket Holders and Shareholders:
    Saturday 10 May 2008 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Voucher Holders, Season Ticket Holders and Shareholders
    Sunday 11 May from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Semi Final Ticket Holders
    Monday 12 May 2008 from 10a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Semi Final Ticket Holders and Accredited Coaches
    Tuesday 13 May 2008 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    General Sale
    Wednesday 14 May from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. And then until tickets are sold from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

    Tickets may be purchased from the Club Office at Palmerston in person, by post with a cheque or by telephone with use of credit/debit card. There will be a £1 per ticket charge for persons using a credit/debit card.

    Tickets ordered by post or telephone will be posted out by first class post at the purchaser's risk. No refunds or replacements will be given for missing tickets. There is also the option of 'Guaranteed Next Day Delivery' at a cost of £5. A signature is required on delivery.

    Any person who has organised a coach to the game and has not yet done so should contact the Club Office asap to register details of their coach and become an accredited coach (organiser, operator, size etc).

    Organisers' of coaches should collect names and addresses of passengers along with their ticket requirements and place an order before Sunday 11th May. Tickets will be available for collection on exchange for payment from the Club Office on Tuesday 13th May 2008 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

    Sale of Tickets will be limited to:

    Season Ticket Holders and Shareholders - 5
    Voucher Holders - 2
    Semi Final Ticket Holders - 1


    Eric Moffat
    Club Secretary
    Cup Final Badges 27th April 2008
    Coming soon some this very special edition Cup Final Badge:

    John Paterson
    Final strip unveiled 25th April 2008
    Coming soon the special edition Cup Final strip from Club Shop at £40 for adult sizes and £35 for children's sizes. Due to uncollected pre-orders of the semi-final shirts we now require paymnet with all pre-orders:

    John Paterson
    Watch this space 25th April 2008
    Coming soon a special edition Cup Final watch from Gems and the Club Shop at £25:

    John Paterson
    Hospitality 24th April 2008
    Home Alone! 24th April 2008
    Need Childcare for the big day? Heading for Hampden but can't leave the kids at home? Then phone up Angela Douglas who's been a registered childminder for 10 years. She runs her own business from her home in Dumfries in a safe and secure home environment and can take up to eight children at any one time. Ages can range from six months to ten years. The ground floor of her property at Kingholm Road has been converted to a fully functional play area with a wide range of toys available and she operates under the name, 'Tots Paradise'.

    Open from 8 am to 8 pm cost is £4 per hour. Snacks and juice are provided throughout the day but packed lunches must be brought by the individual. It will operate on a 'First come, first served' basis.

    On Saturday 24th May her assistant and herself are offering a special service for parents who are hoping to make it to Hampden but may not have a reliable source of childcare. Angela is registered with Care Commission and her premises are inspected annually. If required her Care Commission number will be made available.

    Telephone 01387 263821

    Bill Goldie
    Cup Final Badges 22nd April 2008
    Coming soon some special edition Cup Final Badges:

    John Paterson
    Cup Final T Shirt 21st April 2008
    Coming soon a special edition Cup Final T Shirt:

    John Paterson
    Cup Final Scarf 21st April 2008
    Coming soon a special edition Cup Final Scarf:

    John Paterson
    It's Rangers in the Final! 20th April 2008
    Davie Rae got the final he so much prayed for--Queen of the South v Glasgow Rangers. But what a nail-biting end it must have been for him with Rangers just scrapping through 4-3 in a penalty shoot-out. It wasn't the classic our tie against Aberdeen was, but it's 'worth it's weight in gold' and, amazingly takes us into Europe. None of us would ever have imagined anything like that when we were travelling back down the road after losing 1-0 to East Fife in the opening round of the CIS Cup back in August.

    Said a delighted David Rae, "It's absolutely fantastic. St Johnstone did well and ran them close but I always felt when it went to a penalty 'shoot-out' Rangers would have the edge with their experience and professionism. And, that's exactly what I said to our manager last night!.

    "But you never know in football. We'll be massive underdogs--but underdogs have won before and they can win again. It all depends on how we perform on the day!. I'm sure it will be a 'full-house' at Hampden for the final as we'll take a good few thousand more than we did to the semi-final. No matter what the score it will be a historic day for us all--so let's enjoy it".

    Bill Goldie

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